Greeks can do it, French can do it – why not Australians?


Yes, Fog of Chaos is also taking long, undeserved holidays, unfortunately, unlike the others, unpaid … See you next month.

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QueenMary 1936-196731st August, 1936 : Britain’s superliner, the Queen Mary, having crossed the Atlantic in record time, yesterday regained the Blue Riband for Britain. Her time of three days, 23 hours and 57 minutes to the Bishop Rock, Scilly Isles, from the Ambrose Light, New York, was three hours and 31 minutes faster than the previous record set by the French liner, Normandie, last June.

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To Motorists

…from the quills of the dead white poets

Rudyard Kipling (1865 – 1936)

Since ye distemper and defile1930_Bugatti_Coupe_De_Ville
Sweet Here by the measured mile,
Nor aught on jocund highways heed
Except the evidence of speed;
And bear about your dreadful task
Faces beshrouded 'neath a mask;
Great goblin eyes and glue hands
And souls enslaved to gears and bands;
Here shall no graver curse be said
Than, though y'are quick, that ye are dead!
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28th August, 1936 : Nearly 7,000 queued at Olympia to see the first-ever talking pictures on television. They were transmitted from the BBC’s new studios ten miles away at Alexandra Palace. Hitherto the BBC has been able to produce only silent pictures. Leslie Mitchell, the BBC’s only male announcer, made his television debut. Although he is a confident broadcaster, he seemed ill at ease in head and shoulder view. He was staring into space and the perspiration on his face from the heat in the studio was all too evident. The make-up artist had done her best but to the viewers he appeared to have a black eye.

Excerpts from new films were shown. There was a superb rendering by Paul Robeson of Ol’ Man River from Showboat, and a moving scenes from Rembrandt starring Charles Laughton and Gertrude Lawrence.

Several of the new sets, which are expected to cost about 100 guineas, were on view in all shapes and sizes. The biggest one was 22 by 18 inches but most were ten by eight inches. Most depend on a cathode ray tube, shaped like a flask, which faces the viewer. In one HMV model the tube is vertical and the image is projected through a mirror.

[ Some do it with mirrors … ]

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mauretania25th August, 1924 : The Mauretania has set a new record for crossing the Atlantic at the ripe old age of 17 years. The Cunard liner completed the official 3,198-mile crossing in five days one hour and thirty-five minutes at an average speed of about 30 miles an hour, beating her previous record made 14 years ago before her conversion to oil-fired boilers. So confident was her Master in her performance that his estimate of arriving in Cherbourg was only three minutes out.

[ The Mauretania’s previous record was achieved with an average speed of 23.69 knots (43.87 km/h). Of some interest to the rusted-on socialists could be the fact that in 1923, when a major re-fitting was begun in Southampton and where Mauretania’s turbines were dismantled, the halfway through the overhaul the shipyard workers went on strike and the work was halted. Cunard had the ship towed to Cherbourg, France where the work was completed. ]

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24th August, 1975 : Indonesia is poised to launch a large-scale military campaign in East Timor where Portugal admits it has lost administrative control and the colony is in a state of civil war. President Suharto’s Government, in a secret message to Lisbon, is believed to have asked Portugal to back Indonesian intervention. Indonesia, which has repeatedly said it has no territorial claims over East Timor, has pointed out that it could not tolerate the territory becoming a centre of unrest on its borders. A message from the Indonesian Foreign Minister, Adam Malik, to the Portuguese Government, said Indonesian forces were ready to move in and stop the killing in the battle between conservative and left-wing independence groups. It is understood that Indonesia is seeking Australian “understanding” of its position and if it decides to intervene, Australia will be advised, if not consulted. Australian military equipment provided under defence aid to Indonesia would not be used. It is understood that the Australian Government has indicated to Indonesia that intervention is not yet warranted.

[ Australian Prime Minister Whitlam was sacked three months later. That could be the explanation for the fact that, to the best of my knowledge, nothing serious had been written about his disgraceful (disgraceful for Australia, but not to the socialists) conduct vis a vis Indonesia and East Timor. One possible excuse is that writing about Whitlam’s despicable actions is a life-long task. ]

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The Evening Star

from the quills of dead white poets

Edgar Allan Poe (1809 – 1849)

'Twas noontide of summer,
  And mid-time of night;
And stars, in their orbits,
  Shone pale, thro' the light
Of the brighter, cold moon,
  'Mid planets her slaves,
Herself in the Heavens,
  Her beam on the waves.
    I gazed awhile
    On her cold smile;
Too cold- too cold for me-
  There pass'd, as a shroud,
  A fleecy cloud,
And I turned away to thee,
  Proud Evening Star,
  In thy glory afar,
And dearer thy beam shall be;
  For joy to my heart
  Is the proud part
Thou bearest in Heaven at night,
  And more I admire
  Thy distant fire,
Than that colder, lowly light.
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nuffield.morris22nd August, 1963 : Britain’s most successful car tycoon has died, aged 84. Lord Nuffield made a second career giving away the £27 million he had earned in the first. Born William Morris, he started in business as an apprentice cycle mechanic. His greatest gift was to set up the Nuffield Foundation and endow it with £10 million of ordinary stock in his Morris Motors. When car sales slumped after World War I, he achieved his most striking coup by cutting his prices by £100. He soon made a fortune with mid-price family cars. He became a baronet in 1929, and then a peer. He gave up his directorships ten years ago.

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That President Americans are so proud of


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19th August, 1960 : A Soviet court today sentenced Francis Gary Powers, the American U-2 pilot, to ten years detention for flying a spy mission over the Soviet Union. Powers, who was shot down near Sverdlovsk, the Soviet armaments centre in the Urals, will spend three years in prison and the rest in a labour camp. Powers, pleading guilty at the three-day trial, said he was sorry and had acted on orders from the Central Intelligence Agency. His high-flying reconnaissance aircraft was shot down by a ground-to-air missile after flying over Soviet missile sites and arms factories from a US base in Pakistan. The flight led to the collapse of the summit in Paris between President Eisenhower and Premier Khrushchev, and the cancellation of the President’s planned visit to the Soviet Union.

[ Conspiracy theories and human sufering (Power and his family) aside, the result was probably beneficial to the mankind. Canny apparatchik Khrushchev would have ran rings round Carter-like Eisenhower. ]

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18th August, 1968 : One of Nigeria’s most dashing commanders, Colonel Benjamin Adenkule, known as The Scorpion, is directing what is expected to be ben.adenkulethe final assault on Biafra. Federal troops were reported to be within 15 miles of the rebel stronghold of Aba and the main road to the north, which is used as an airstrip and is the only link with the outside world. Radio Biafra says “major offensives” have been launched on all sectors. It claimed that over 2,000 men, women and children had been massacred, but General Gowon, the Federal leader, says “my boys” are behaving correctly.

shekau[ Today Mr Abubakar Shekau, a leader of Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati wal-Jihad (“People Committed to the Propagation of the Prophet’s Teachings and Jihad”) is also claiming his boys are behaving correctly, in accordance with the teaching of Islam. He does not want to take over Nigeria for himself and his Kanuri tribe, but simply to make it a part of global caliphate. His horde, also known as Boko Haram (books, i.e. western education forbidden,) is not to be confused (yet) with the similar movement in Western universities.

And just in case the name Adenkule does not mean much to you: Adekunle was a key champion of the food blockade to Biafra. In a wartime interview he had with Randolph Baumann of Stern Magazine in Igweocha (published on August 18, 1968), he stated -

ADEKUNLE: In the section of the front that I rule—and that is the whole south front from Lagos to the border of Kamerun—I do not want to see the Red Cross, Caritas Aid, World Church delegation, Pope, Missionary, or UN delegation.

STERN: Does that mean that the many thousands of tons of food that are stored in Lagos will never get to the refugee camps in your section of the country?

ADEKUNLE: You are a sharp one, my friend. That’s exactly what I am saying.

STERN: But you said yourself that most of the refugees in the part you captured are not Ibos.
ADEKUNLE: But there could be Ibos among them. I want to avoid feeding a single Ibo as long as this whole people have not given up yet.

STERN: Do you sometimes feel sympathy for the Ibos?

ADEKUNLE: I have learned a word from the British, which is “sorry”! That’s how I want to respond to your question. I did not want this war but I want to win this war. Therefore I have to kill the Ibos. Sorry! The End.

And he was the goodie; the hero to his people, just as Shekau will be, and soon will be undoubtedly also to the cowardly Western media.]

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Obama the Merciful


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Over hill over dale

from the quills of dead white poets

William Shakespeare ( 1564 – 1616 )


Over hill, over dale,

Through bush, through briar,

Over park, over pale,

Through blood, through fire,

I do wander everywhere,

Swifter than the moone’s sphere;

And I serve the fairy queen,

To dew her orbs upon the green.

The cowslips tall her pensioners be:

In their gold coats spots you see;

Those be rubies, fairy favours,

In those freckles live their savour:

I must go seek some dewdrops here,

And hang a pearl in every cowslip’s ear.

Farewell, thou lob of spirits; I’ll be gone:

Our queen and all her elves come here anon.

From “Midsummer Night Dream”

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Australians of the Years Past

from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

Prior to the Goodes affair, I had practically no knowledge of the Australian of the Year caper, beside being aware of its existence. I turned to Wikipedia, which on this subject is even more Left than usual, and found:

The Australian of the Year is an award conferred on an Australian citizen by the National Australia Day Council, a not-for-profit Australian Government–owned social enterprise.

Since 1960 the award for the Australian of the Year has been awarded as part of the celebrations surrounding Australia Day (26 January)…

…The award offers an insight into Australian identity, reflecting the nation’s evolving relationship with world, the role of sport in Australian culture, the impact of multiculturalism, and the special status of Australia’s Indigenous people. It has also provoked spirited debate about the fields of endeavour that are most worthy of public recognition. In this way the awards have advanced a national conversation. David Marr: “Money and power aren’t the point here. The rich have no place on the list. Raw success isn’t enough. There has to be something more, some sense of distinction that lifts a candidate out of the ruck of the famous.”

Anybody who ever heard David Marr sneering or read some of his pamphleteering knows what sort of distinction the Marrs of this world are looking for.

Currently, the selection committees refer to three main criteria when considering nominees:

  • Demonstrated excellence in their field;
  • Significant contribution to the Australian community and nation; and
  • An inspirational role model for the Australian community. “

All of that should be obvious, but the application of those criteria seems to be erratic.


Tim Flannery


Scientist; global warming activist


Lee Kernaghan OAM




Mick Dodson AM


Indigenous leader


Patrick McGorry AO




Simon McKeon AO


Philanthropist businessman


Geoffrey Rush


Australian actor and film producer


Ita Buttrose AOOBE


Australian journalist and businesswoman, founding editor of Cleo


Adam Goodes


Australian rules footballer and indigenous community leader


Rosie Batty

c. 1962

Domestic violence campaigner

For example, Flannery is the excellent warm-monger, but a scientist? Perhaps many, many grants ago. Had anybody critically looked on his doomsday predictions?

Country singer Kernagan has not been in the news so he probably never said anything derogatory of Australia, and his songs, at least to my knowledge, are normal and patriotic.

harbourMick Dodson is a relatively sensible Aboriginal advocate. “To many indigenous Australians, in fact, most indigenous Australians, it really reflects the day [Australia Day] in which our world came crashing down. I’m sensitive to that, I understand that… but I think Australia is mature enough now to have a conversation about that, and let’s get on with it, like we usually do.” Fine, though I have to point out that when the white people arrived here some Aboriginal tribes did not know how to make a fire. No wonder that their world crashed. Wouldn’t yours?

So that my contempt for just about all psychiatrists remains hidden, I resort to Wikipedia – Irish-born Dr McGorry “has advocated for early intervention with young people who are at risk of psychosis, but who are not currently psychotic, including the use of anti-psychotic medication. His views have been criticised by a number of people, including Allen Frances the Chair of the DSM-IV Taskforce, on the basis that most at-risk young people will not become psychotic and pre-emptive treatment may be risky. … A trial of the anti-psychotic medication quetiapine, led by McGorry, attracted criticism on ethical grounds and was discontinued… More recently, McGorry has begun investigating the use of lower risk treatments such as fish oil…

McGorry has advocated to the Australian government to create a national network of early psychosis intervention centres, based on claims that early treatment may improve long-term outcomes. Some critics have argued that he has exaggerated the evidence for early intervention and that long-term benefits and economic savings have not been established. He has been accused of having a conflict of interest in using his position on a government advisory committee to advocate for programs that he founded…”

Hmm. Fish oil? Snake oil?

McKeon advocates the governmental action on climate change… say no more.

I know nothing about Rush, male actors leave me cold; the limelight-hogger and soft-porn publisher Buttrose does not need a comment and Batty? OK, but a pity that she can not bring herself to fulminate also on the female-on-male domestic violence.

Are we to be inspired by the proponents and the beneficiaries of the chimera that government bureaucrats gorging on taxpayers’ money are the solution of all problems, even imaginary problems? Are we to be inspired by the second-rate human beings who don’t feel like Australians, despise Australians or want to bring Australia to her knees?

Sorry to say, only two, perhaps three of the above would pass my muster. By all means, check the whole list and see how many of the recipients would pass yours, and fulfil the commissars’ criteria, especially the last two.

If we really have to have this aggrandising thing – then why don’t we recognise Australians of the Century? I mean the foster parents of and carers for the Aboriginal children, who were allegedly stolen by the government authorities from their loving parents simply because of their skin colour. I hope that no reader of Fog of Chaos believes in the Left fabricated myth of the Stolen Generation, a lucrative wagon jumped upon by greedy lawyers, assorted carpetbaggers and, of course, amoral academia.

Just a reminder; Andrew Bolt is still waiting for the names of ten children which would fit the definition:

The “stolen generations” were best defined by Professor Robert Manne: Children of “mixed-descent” rescued “not from harm … but from their Aboriginality” by authorities who wished “to help keep White Australia pure”.

Many activists put the number of these “stolen” children at 100,000 since 1910. Manne later estimated 25,000.

I’ve repeatedly challenged Manne and other activists to name just 10 such children. No one has managed. Manne tried three times, but produced cases that didn’t fit his own definition – even children evacuated in war-time from areas threatened by Japanese bombing.”

It is high time to put end to the myth, apologise to the fosters parents and carers Australia-Day1for the insidious and despicable slur and, most importantly, save the current generation of neglected Aboriginal children. A recognition of the efforts of those who saved the last one could be a start.


P.S. Just in case of a technical objection – not only an individual can get it – the music group The Seekers became the Australians of the Year in 1967.

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Un- Australian of the Year

from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

Unfortunately, and increasingly often, I am provoked by somebody’s stupidity to react, i.e. typical passive-aggressive behaviour, as the unkind souls with flimsy internet knowledge of psychology would say. (I’m not aggressive at all; passive yes, mostly.) Whose stupidity provoked me this time you may well ask? The field is so wast.

Well, some footy goody, i.e. somebody who manages to touch that misshapen thing more often than the others genetically intellectually challenged and steroidaly brawn enhanced, was for that reason last year called the Australian of the Year, following which he started blaming white Australians for his plight. [Adam Goodes’ lecture lets us all down] Then there was some incident at the so called game and his behaviour made the news. If not for that, I would have remained in the blissful ignorance of both subjects.

The player was a half Aborigine and a half Irish (simplifying his parentage somewhat) and the loud spectator a thirteen years old white girl. The dark-skinned adult (by age) got terribly insulted by something she said (Ape!), stopped the game, pointed her out and she was escorted out by security guard and interrogated for about two hours. As others pointed out, had she been a murder suspect, she would be treated better. A parent or other responsible adult would have to be present and her name would be suppressed. Our feministas, those who did not join in vicious attacks on her, remained silent. Their so conscientious struggle for women’s and children’s rights is selective and does not extent to a female child.

As we know, sport commentators are virtue personified, PC virtue that is. Imagine for a moment what would happen if the girl was an Aboriginal and the player white. Firstly, it is extremely unlikely that a player would react at all. Secondly, had he pointed her out, the security would do nothing. No news there at all, no opportunity to foment racial discord such as in USA, which our progies so sorely miss here.

However, as it was, first the sport journalists and then the whole politically correct media inflated the next-to-nothing into a horrendous racist incident. The girl’s tears had not yet dried when the usual coterie of progies decided it is another proof that all Australians are racist, all except them, naturally.

Then there was another incident involving that Australian of the Year and his “traditional” Aboriginal war dance, which comprised of throwing imaginary spears at the white spectators, who apparently insulted his aboriginessnes by booing his un-sportsman-like cheating during the game. [Adam Goodes isn’’t booed for the colour of his skin. He is booed for acting like a pillock] I always suspected the wuss Irish sense of humour; they love to dish it out, but can’t take it.

Occasionally in my writings I use the expression IQ of retarded amoeba. I think it would be better to use IQ of a sport commentator.

The totally false history of “traditional Aboriginal war dances” was invented on the spot, to be followed soon by more detailed, “peer-reviewed” academic fabrications. As I have written elsewhere, our progies do not mix with Aborigines, only with their derivatives in academia and politics, and thus have to rely on what their betters in USA establishment write (and invent) about North American Indians. The Main Sewer Media uniformly declared that the rude, aggressive and racist behaviour was perfectly justifiable, because, a surprise, wait for it – white Australians are racist. [Crying ‘Racism’ for a free kick]

The Australian Football League governs the sport and increasingly tries to politicise it. Beside unqualified defence of that player and blaming the spectators, who after all, pay the officials’ salaries and make even an average player a millionaire in a few years, it come up with the idea of an strictly indi.roundAboriginal competition. Mind boggles – apartheid anyone? Different tribes against each other as in good old, pre-invasion times? You obviously could not follow the white invaders’ constructs like NSW, Queensland or Perth… And the selection for those indigenous football tribes? DNA checks? Oops. Or can anybody who feels (sorry, identifies as) that weekend as an Aborigine play?

identity-afl-legend-discovers-aboriginal-heritageThe chairman of the Sydney Swans, the club Goodes plays for, said last week the booing of Goodes was “100 per cent racist”. Strange that the other Aboriginal players (about 10% of AFL lists) do not get booed.

I had practicaly no knowledge of the Australian of the Year caper, beside being aware of its existence. I turned to Wikipedia, which on this subject is even more Left than usual, and found: (to be continued tomorrow)


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No end to human stupidity?



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12th August, 1971 : In four days of violence in Belfast 5,000 Catholics and 2,000 Protestants have had their homes burnt to the ground. In new terror tactics gunmen shot their way into homes, sprinkled the furniture with petrol and set it alight. Some owners were forced into the streets with only the clothes they wore and a loaf of bread and a bottle of milk. The homeless are being cared for at 18 halls and schools in the city. Many have taken to the countryside in search of a bed. Others have gone south by train and are being accommodated in camps.

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confrontation-cartoon11th August, 1966 : Three years of bush warfare between Indonesia and Malaysia came to an end today, with the increasingly powerless President Sukarno apparently the only person unhappy about the outcome. The Indonesian President hardly spoke in Djakarta today as the two countries agreed to “normalise relations”. He churlishly failed to see his Malaysian guest, the Vice-President Tun Abdul Razak, to the doors of his palace, and had no gift to present to him after accepting a silver tea-set.

Sukarno has lost a lot of prestige in this war, which was fought sporadically in jungle battles. He is also in a weak position following the attempted coup put down by the army last October. Army leaders had been carrying out secret talks with Kuala Lumpur for some time, and operations against Malaysia were abandoned several months ago. The Army can no longer be bothered with Sukarno’s anti-imperialist rhetoric, and senior officers seems more concerned with building up their own power base.

[ One would wish that our so-called political leaders and foreign affairs “experts” managed to read at least some history. ]

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Cecil the Dentist

from the quill of the Antisthenes the Younger

I thought I would leave that animal in peace, but amongst the vile pile on the internet I noticed someone accusing that dentist of cowardice. Cowardice? A lion, you and your bow and arrows? Not surprisingly, the accuser was a female, at least it so appeared from the name and style. Of course, “it’ could be a trans-gender, a half-gender or a hit-and-miss gender human being, whose animal expertise was painlessly and odourlessly acquired from Attenborough’s deceptive, touchy-feely TV panegyrics, and the hunting one from Disney’s Bambi.

As opposed to the media-overwhelming emotional outpourings (yet another example of the mob mentality skilfully manipulated by the feministas, even more skilfully manipulated by the Left), the information about the actual hunt is scarce and contradictory. It seems that the lion was killed outside its bureaucrat-designated area, Hwange National Park, by an arrow shot by a US dollars paying hunter. It was then shot again by the hunter’s local guide, this time with a rifle, as normal and understandable precaution.

putin.tigerWhat would the reaction be if the hunter was not a white American dentist, but a black murderer, or a lesbian, or a rock singer, or an ex-KGB officer, or a journalist, or a Chinese diplomat, or any combination thereof? No news, no fury, no tears over the animal, protected or not; just like the minimal, and mostly approbative, media notice of the oh-so-manly hunting exploits of comrade Putin.

Another darling of the Left, comrade Robert Mugabe, a black person, does not take the whitey’s fads seriously:

Robert Mugabe isn’t known for his subdued taste, and his million-dollar birthday was just as extravagant as people have come to expect …

His guests were fed a young elephant, and two buffaloes, two sables and five impalas were also donated to the president by a local landowner. He also threw in a lion and a crocodile to be stuffed as an extra gift for Mugabe. On top of this, 40 cows were offered to the president by two members of his government. A second elephant is going to be shot and given to the Victoria Falls community.

Even ordinary Africans can’t comprehend:

Zimbabwean Goodwell Nzou was studying at his US university when messages began arriving about the death of someone or something named Cecil:

When I turned on the news and discovered that the messages were about a lion killed by an American dentist, the village boy inside me instinctively cheered: One lion fewer to menace families like mine.

My excitement was doused when I realized that the lion killer was being painted as the villain. I faced the starkest cultural contradiction I’d experienced during my five years studying in the United States.

Did all those Americans signing petitions understand that lions actually kill people?

They don’t. There are reasons why not and why seriously racist Left media ignore it. Firstly, the people killed by lions are genuine black Africans, not phonies like Obama. Secondly, African tourism travel agencies and safaris operators would not like such news and could withdraw their advertising. After all, the Americans are prone to cancel their Patagonian tours upon seeing the news of a Nicaraguan earthquake.

The logic and the contemporary journalism are like Kipling’s East and West. Never the twain shall meet. One wonders how many twiterates would get excited had they known that lions are non-vegetarian. In fact, according to Wikipedia: “Lions prefer to scavenge when the opportunity presents itself with carrion providing more than 50% of their diet – expert scavengers obtaining over 50 percent of their food by scavenging as opportunity allows.

This propensity to scavenge could explain the affinity many journalists feel, though their real (mammal) idol is undoubtedly a hyena. Otherwise it is a vulture.

De mortuis nihil nisi bonum but in tourist parks’ the carrion is provided by the staff. The lion quite likely was not behaving as a lion, but as a Hollywood version of it, thus becoming a favourite of the mindless western flu-in-fly-outs, who can not handle the truth and for whom a real wild animal represents an indictment of their own docility.

Otherwise, have you noticed that people most clamouring to suppress hunting (a solid source of income to African people) are the same people rallying against the coal? Even a child ought to be able to joint the dots and see the real racists.

Or is this day-dream befuddled sentimentality just a modern Anglo-Saxon/Celtic thing? Some placebo to assuage the faint pains caused by the abandonment of morality and of the principles of the western civilisation? The Africans, Asians, South American, Slavs (I’m generalising, of course) do not seem to suffer from it. Islamic Horde strategists must be wetting themselves with joy for having the wisdom to pick up on us, a wuss society as not known since the last years of the Roman Empire. While the Planned Parenthood murders are ignored #LionsLivesMatter.

The final thought: The average adult lion weighs about 200 kg. How many kittens and puppies, by weight, are gassed by PETA/ assorted animal protection societies, including “Royal” ones, every day?

PS. Some good news: Harare – Zimbabwe has lifted a hastily-imposed countrywide ban on lion, leopard and elephant hunting in the wake of Cecil the lion’s death,  though it remains in force in a limited area… the Zimbabwe authorities also appear to have banned all hunting of “collared iconic animals”.

I am very much against hunting collared animals, especially the iconic ones, but, but.. When 200 kg of man-eating animal is coming at you at 60 km per hour, how do you ask it to lift its mane to show its collar?


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Two suns are cooling

from the quills of dead white poets

Marina Tsvetaeva 1892 -1941


Two suns are cooling - O save me, God!
The first - in heavens, the second - in heart.
Will I have an excuse for that? -
Both suns made me fully mad!
No pain from the beams - they're lost!
Hotter sun will be frozen first.

Translated by Yevgeny Bonver, April 1994
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