20th February, 1947 : Lord Louis Mountbatten has been appointed Viceroy of India to preside over the transfer of responsibility for that huge Dominion to the Indian people. He replaces Field Marshal Lord Wavell, appointed to the post during the war and who has been compensated by the award of earldom. There was a dramatic scene in the House of Commons when the Prime Minister, Mr Attlee, refused repeated demands by Mr Churchill, the Leader of the Opposition, that he should disclose “the differences, divergences or disagreements” between the Viceroy and the Government, which had led to Lord Wavell’s dismissal.

Churchill, conspicuously dressed in a heavy black overcoat, was at his most pugnacious “In all the history of Parliament,” he growled, “such a matter has never been denied discussion.” In spite of his efforts, Attlee would not be drawn.

[ More than customary number of rumours and controversies surround Lord Mountbatten eg Gay Influence ]

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…from the quills of the dead white poets

František Gellner (1881 -1914)


Letní vzduch venku zavoněl prudce.

U otevřeného okénka

složila znaveně do klína ruce

malá, hubená švadlenka.

Před sebe v prázdno se zadívala

a naslouchala nápěvu,

jejž na strunách srdce vyluzovala

touha pro duše úlevu.

A švadlenka tiše řekla si: „Brání

nějaká vysoká ohrada

bytostem lidským se sejít: a za ní

tisíce životů uvadá.“

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Let them starve


…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

The misanthropic Left has achieved another victory; as usual, under false pretences.

The world’s biggest marine park is to be created in the Antarctic Ocean, covering a massive 1.55 million sq km, after a “momentous” agreement was finally reached by 24 countries and the EU. … The Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources said the Ross Sea marine park would be protected from commercial fishing for 35 years.”

In itself it seems to be sensible and commendable; and the mainstream media presented it as such. A trained denizen of Western countries would say – what could be wrong with that? as her capacity for critical thinking is a long time lost.

I would be the first one to agree that seas should not be exploited to extinction of marine life, however non-PC maritime scientists, themselves almost extinct, know that a year or two long, strictly enforced moratorium on fishing a specific species is or would be usually enough. Alas, even amoeba is more intelligent than the scientists of the Al Gore era.

Unless laws and treaties are but a wishful thinking committed to paper they have to have a realistic chance of being enforced. No intention to enforce anything, not to mention the capacity to enforce. Thus Communist China can happily sign anything, knowing that the high faluting words on a paper stained with quail eggs and mao-tai are not binding on Celestial Kingdom, only on gwailos. Who will enforce the treaty against China? China, which creates strategic islands where-ever it wants?

fish.slimyOnly stupid Western governments will forbid its citizens to fish and thus increase the population’s reliance on seafood farmed in Asia. Asian seafood farming is, by and large, foetid, writhing eco horror, but when Asians do it it doesn’t count. It would be racist to say so. A white operator would be jailed and the animal rights mafia would scream.

There is no danger that the self-important and self-described “elites” will suffer. If seafood costs more they will compensate by stealing more from the “deplorables”. And if people don’t have enough to eat – so what? The reduction of the population is important*. Of course, “let them starve” will never be “a meme” like the famous one “let them eat cake”. If you wonder why not, note that it is predominantly the left ideology enhancing memes which are ad nauseam repeated by journalising hacks. For one thing, “let them starve” does not enhance the progress of poisoning peoples’ minds against freedom, capitalism and democracy, like the other memes.

Eg even perfunctory library or internet search of “we had to destroy the village in order to save it” and “what is good for General Motors is good for America” would show that the original meaning was different, practically opposite to that created by unintelligent or plainly deceitful propagandists.

Cui bono? Surely you have worked it out by now.



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why-is-pluto-not-a-planet18th February, 1930 : A new planet, orbiting beyond Neptune, has been discovered by the American astronomer Clyde Tombaugh. It has been named Pluto. Astronomers have searched for such a planet for many years, as it could explain irregularities in the orbit of Uranus.

Tombaugh started work a year ago comparing pictures of the same part of the sky taken at different times, in the hope of detecting an object moving against the fixed background of the stars. He compared thousands of pictures, each showing tens or hundreds of thousands of stars, before he was eventually successful.

[ Today his discovery would be another proof of anthropogenic global warming and the necessity of global government. ]

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17th February, 1934 : There is fear for the future of Austria tonight, following the ruthless crushing of the uprising by the Social Democrats. Hundreds of demonstrators were killed and wounded in Vienna when the Army used machine guns and field guns to clear the streets. The Government has declared a state of emergency. The Socialist Mayor of Vienna, Karl Seitz, has been arrested along with a number of other leading members of the Social Democrats and it is expected that the Party will be proscribed.

The Government’s handling of the situation is causing much unease. Already, some foreign newspapers have been cconfiscated and reports are circulating that Hitler may annex Austria. Many Jews are fleeing the country.

[ Social Democrats love democracy when the voting goes their way. If not, they resort to violence. ]

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16th February, 1923 : The French fashion queen Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel has decrFlorence Marly Sealed 1948eed that even sweaters can be chic. Coco, as she is universally known, has been a leader in the trend towards a new freedom in clothes. Her boyish lines, light fabric, low heels and bobbed hair create a look that appeals to the new woman of the Twenties. Miss Chanel’s sway is so great that sweaters are expected to be greeted enthusiastically by the public.

[ No wonder ]

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15th February, 1918 : A Royal Commission inquiring into the management of the Australian Defence Departments has found reckless spending and fundamental defects which it says should be immediately remedied. The Commissioners, three business experts, estimated that the departments were carrying £2,000,000 worth of excess military stock – one third of the total value of defence stores. They said a serious blunder had been made in the purchase of more than 1,000 wagons which were unsuitable and very few were used. Poor records of stores purchased made assessment difficult, but the undue accumulation of supplies was straining storage space.

[ A Royal Commission into traitors in charge of Australia’s defence spending, better known as expensive disarmament, is well overdue.

UPDATE – Military financing is a gold mine for some: “James Brydges, who amassed a fortune out of the office of Paymaster of the Forces in the reign of Queen Anne, possessed four large houses in or near London which he could fill with pictures. Paintings by Rubens, Paolo Veronese and Van Dyck could still be picked cheaply – in fact Brydges could afford to give away Van Dycks as presents – but he hankered after Michaelangelos and Raphaels as well.”]

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14th February, 1907 : A record number of suffragettes – 57 – plus two men appeared in court today following bitter clashes with the police last night. The struggles between the women and officers, many on horseback, last for more than five hours and marked the most ferocious battle yet in women’s war for the vote. The trouble happened after a decision by what the movement calls “its parliament”, which has been set up in Caxton Hall, to present a resolution to its male counterpart in Westminster.

In court the first defendant, Christabel Pankhurst, said they wanted a peaceful march. She claimed that disturbance was the fault of the authorities who had instructed the police to use strong measures. Miss Pankhurst added: “The women who asked for votes were in danger of their lives. We do not come here in any way to excuse our conduct. We feel yesterday was a great day for our movement”.

[ As one can see, feminists’ dishonesty has very long history. See also may memories  and Pankhurts on bomb charges ]

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13th February, 1945 : The Big Three – Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin – last night announced decisions of far-reaching importance to the future of the world. They have agreed on how Germany will be finally smashed, divided and punished. They have planned the invasion of mainland Japan. And they have carved out their own post-war zones of influence across the globe. All this was done at Yalta in the Crimea, where the leaders have conferred secretly for the past eight days. Their communique about imposing unconditional surrender on Germany stated that Britain, America, France and Russia will occupy separate zones when the fighting is over. A Central Control Commission will have its HQ in Berlin.yalta

Following recent Soviet military successes, Stalin arrived at Yalta in a strong bargaining position. This is reflected in decisions about proposed frontier changes in Russia’s favour at Poland’s expense, and in tacit Anglo-US acceptance of Soviet supremacy over Eastern Europe.

[ A lot was written about Soviet victory at Yalta. Much later, treacherous Kissinger got his inspiration from feeble Roosevelt. ]

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To Rich Givers

…from the quills of the dead white poets

Walt Whitman (1819 – 1892)


What you give me I cheerfully accept,

A little sustenance, a hut and garden, a little money, as I rendezvous with my poems,

A traveler’s lodging and breakfast as I journey through the States, -

why should I be ashamed to own such gifts? Why to advertise for them?

For I myself am not one who bestows nothing upon man and woman,

For I bestow upon any man or woman the entrance to all the gifts of the universe.

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11th February, 1932 : Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World has been the talking point. His chilly vision of the future seemed to many readers too far-fetched for words. Babies fertilised in laboratory bottles? “Sleep-learning” through whispering microphones to condition the young to be obedient citizens? With sterilisation, sexual promiscuity is practically a duty, to discourage that unruly emotion, love. The talkies have become a sensual experience – The Feelies – and people have discovered a mildly exhilarating drug without after effects, Soma, which is much in use at parties. Whatever next?

The more this painless, trouble free world is described, the more repellent it sounds, since it suppresses all man’s capacity for independent thought and feeling. It is a sombre warning.

[ The warning ignored and the book serves only as an inspiration for Soros and suchlike. ]

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Some people…


still read newspapers and watch TV. Is there no limit to human gullibility?

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10th February, 1913 : In a snow-covered tent in the desolation of the Antarctic waste today, a relief party found the bodies of Captain Robert Falcon Scott and two of his companions, Dr Wilson and Lieutenant Bowers. A diary left by Scott confirmed the deaths of two more explorers, Petty Officer Evans and Captain Oates, on their attempted return from the South Pole in atrocious weather conditions.

The tragic diary tells of Evan’s death from concussion after a fall on Beardmore Glacier early on in the northward journey and of the heroic end chosen by Oates. Oates, desperately ill and crippled by frostbite, had been begging the rest of the party to leave him in his sleeping bag. Finally, he walked from the tent into a blizzard, telling the others: “I am just going outside and may be some time”. He was never seen again.

Three survivors were trapped with almost no fuel or food in their tent by a blizzard and died there just eleven miles away from a food depot and probable survival.

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sunset-7-BeautifulFreePictures.com9th February, 1922 : When told by someone ill-disposed to women politicians that he and his children were dying of neglect, the husband of Western Australia MLA Edith Cowan – Australia’s first woman MP – assured him that he and the children were fine. But for those who believe women do not make suitable MPs, Mrs Cowan had more news today. She had ignored offers to skip late-night sittings and borne up better than the men MPs. After all, she said, she had done many with her family.

[ Merkel, May, Gillard, Wong play it safe – they have no children. Edith Cowan is apparently a feminist hero in Western Australia and recently The Quadrant mentioned her, not particularly favourably. Ms Cowan was the ardent opponent of death penalty. Her father was hanged for murder of his wife. ]

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Mexican stand-off (wall)


from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

I do not have any strong opinion on the proposed Trump’s wall. Trojan walls were not much of help against deviousness of the enemy; and against naivete and avarice of the “defenders”. The Maginot line‘s only benefits was to improve the France’s unemployment rate and the contractors’ profit. The Melita fence shows that any such fixture has to be seriously guarded. More difficult to get through, more profit for the people smugglers, more money for the bribes and thus greater temptation for the border guardians.

Those technicalities aside, one has to wonder why the Mexican politicians, drug lords and assorted leftists Pied Pipers object?

I accept that it is a human right to leave your country but by no stretch of imagination could this mean a right to reside in any country which takes your fancy.

If the skilled, enterprising, high work ethic people are leaving, as we are told , wouldn’t they be of the greater benefit to Mexico? If only a half of what is written about Mexico’s economy and political system is true, such people ought to be in great demand.

If the illegal arrivals are mostly criminals, the opposition to Trump’s wall would be logical. After all, the rulers of another basket case country nearby, Castro brothers, were deliberately releasing criminals and sending them, also under humanitarian pretence, to USA. The more criminals and drug pushers flood United States, the sooner its capitalist system collapses.

Mexican politicians, presiding over dysfunctional society, should be ashamed that they can’t look after their own people and should not to draw the world’s attention to their incompetency. But what are you writing, Antisthenes? Main stream media made heroes out of them – for sort of grand standing up to Trump, just as they make heroes of Muslim rapists in Europe.

Will Trump avoid another Alamo? Not without the serious help by the American people.


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8th February, 1926 : A buried Mayan city has been discovered in the jungle of Yucatan, near the Caribbean coast. The find was reported by an American archaeological expedition that has been exploring the jungles. The city, believed to be named Muyil, was once part of an important trade route between Mayan cities in north Yucatan and Central America. The explorers say they found 12 buildings and six temples in fair condition. The discovery verifies persistent rumours of a lost Mayan city in the jungle.

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7th February, 1957 : Bill Haley and his Comets, who arrived at Southampton on the Queen Elizabeth to a heroes’ welcome this week, last night gained another rapturous reception for their first London concert at the Dominion Theatre. An audience of 3,000 hooted, sang, and clapped in time to the beat through Rock Around the Clock, Rip It Up, Rockin’ through the Rye, and the latest in his repertoire, Don’t Knock the Rock. Haley, whose record sales have reached 22 million, explains the wildfire success of rock and roll as follows: “Its appeal is its simplicity.”

[ But compared to the modern “music” almost sophisticated ]

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6th February, 1927 : A boy violinist in short trousers caused a sensation in Paris tonight with his effortless playing. Yehudi Menuhin performed the Symphonie Espagnole written by Lalo for the Spanish virtuoso, Sarasate, in 1875. Ten year-old Menuhin, of Russian-Jewish parentage, has been astounding audiences since he was seven.

[ If only … ]

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…from the quills of the dead white poets


Karel Toman (18771946)

Kam došli jste kdo? V záři hvězd

Pod cizím nebem bloudili jsme spolu,

snílkové z jiných dob.

Vzpomínám. Střecha má drahá mi jest

jak rodná země,

jež dává rytmus mému srdci.

Je na konci všech cest

buď domov, nemocnice, vězení,

anebo hrob.

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