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From Mark Steyn The Shadow over our heads: “…Herr Sellner’s speech is plainer-spoken, yet temperate and sobering. It is also withering about the state of free speech in a land that did much to spread the concept around the globe and is now in the forefront of destroying it. As evidence of that, a fourth person was deported from Britain merely because a copy of this speech was found in his luggage. So I reproduce it here because I think our UK readers should be interested to hear what an allegedly conservative government will not allow them to hear. Perhaps one day it will be as famous as, say, Martin Luther King’s letter from Birmingham Jail. Or perhaps the enablers and appeasers of Islamic supremacism will do such a thorough job that no trace of Herr Sellner’s existence will remain in Austria or anywhere else in Europe:

Dear Friends, dear Britons, dear lovers of free speech.

I assume you all are lovers of free speech because you have come to Speakers’ Corner.

You might not understand all the fuss happening today around this speech. Honestly, I don’t understand it either.

My name is Martin Sellner. I am an Austrian patriot, and at the moment, I’m sitting in a detention cell in Colnbrook Bypass near Heathrow. My smartphone was taken and my girlfriend Brittany was separated from me. I currently don’t know where she is. We will be deported on Sunday.

Five minutes ago, they unlocked our cells and my fellow inmates are gathering in the prison wing. They are mostly illegals and eastern European criminals.

What brought me into this situation? What was my crime?

My crime was that I wanted to be here with you, to speak at Speakers’ Corner.

But let’s start with the beginning. I was invited by UKIP to present my movement at an event last Autumn. I represent Generation Identity — a patriotic European youth movement that is raising awareness about mass immigration and Islamisation.

Far-left people call us right-wing, people who want to shut free speech down call us “fascist,” and folks who hate their own culture call us “racist.”

In reality, we are just a group of young patriots fed up with the system, the mainstream press and lying politicians. We use peaceful activism to make our voices heard, and contrary to our friends on the radical left, who are probably swarming you right now, we never wear masks.

From Paris to Rome, from Vienna to London, we fight peacefully but without compromise for our freedom, our homelands, and our identity!

This is what I wanted to speak about in Autumn. But the conference was cancelled due to threats from the radical left. The venue would not take the risk. So they rescheduled it for March, this time keeping the venue secret — but again the terror of the left prevailed, and the venue dropped out.

But this time I did not want to let them win! It was about principles! (Also, our flights were already booked.)

My last refuge was Speakers’ Corner. I remembered my mother telling me about that special place when I was a child. It seemed almost magical to me. A place where everyone, without exception, could just stand on a box and start to speak to those who wanted to listen. I have always loved this tradition of Speakers’ Corner, which seemed very British to me.

But I came only to see that this tradition — the tradition of freedom of speech in the United Kingdom — is dead.

Your Country is blocking you from challenging ideas from the outside. This is a disgrace to our democracy!

I should be speaking in a neat, warm conference room right now, and you should be sitting in comfortable chairs. Instead, I’m in my cell and you are on the street in a standoff with the enemies of freedom of speech.

And this is very telling! Today there is a war going on for our freedom of speech. This war is being fought on the streets, by you!

Every man and woman showing her face today, standing shoulder to shoulder, is standing up against a new totalitarianism that has been growing for far too long. You can be proud of yourself. You might not even agree with me on every point — you are simply giving a statement that I should have the right to speak my mind freely.

I would love to be among you now. They prevented me from it. They locked up the speaker, but I know that the speech will find a way through the iron bars. It will find a way to you and you are going to hear what you government so desperately wants to protect you from.

Those words which they consider more harmful to you than rape gangs or terrorists who are let into your country again and again.

I’m going to tell you something nobody has told you before. It’s the biggest, most obvious secret of our media our politicians and our powerholders: People of Britain, you are being replaced.

There has always been immigration in your history. People coming in, assimilating.

But what’s happening today is different: You are being replaced by massive Muslim immigration.

You see it everywhere: in London, in Manchester, but also already in the little countryside towns. A big replacement is going on.

And let me tell you: your politicians have no plan, no vision and no idea how to deal with the problems that come along. Problems like you have seen in Telford, Rotherham, and on Westminster Bridge.

All across Europe, there is a shadow hanging over our heads. The French are whispering about in the Metro, the Germans murmuring about it when they feel unwatched, Italians look left and right, and if nobody is listening they tell you: “I don’t feel at home anymore in my street. We are becoming foreigners in our own country.”

And again and again I hear: “We are not allowed to talk about it.”

And that’s the bizarre drama of the “Strange death of Europe.” We are being replaced, conquered by radical Islam, and we are not allowed to talk about it!

Dear Britons, defenders of free speech. Out of my cell in Colnbrook, I want to ask you something. Be honest and raise your hands.

Who among of you has ever been in the following situation: You grab a beer after work, or you are visiting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time, or you meet other children’s parents at school — and suddenly the conversation moves to politics: radical Islam, immigration.

Who of you in this very moment was faced with the decision between speaking his mind and facing problems, or complying and staying silent?

Raise your hands and be honest.

I will not be able to see the results, but every single hand is too much. This amount of fear should not exist in a society. Speech that has social costs and severe consequences is no longer free. It has a price — and our Government and the Antifa are working everyday to raise that price.

No freedom of speech means no democracy. In front of our very eyes this country is becoming a tyranny, shutting all debates about immigration down, until demographics solves the issue by replacement. People of the UK. I might be in a cell right now, but you all are in a cell. It’s the prison of fear and silence your government and the PC tyranny has locked you in since the days of your childhood.

I ask you, I command you, break free!

Patriots of the UK: come out of the closet. Make your dissent visible by visible acts of resistance that inspire others. I know for certain that millions in the UK think like me. Those millions should be on the street now.

We need a coming out of the silent majority, or Britain is lost. We need a free, open and honest debate about immigration, Islam and demographics, so we can sort these problems out together.

And I know that the force is still in you. With your Brexit vote you stunned the world! The will and the life of the British nation is not broken.

Initially, I asked if freedom of speech is dead in the UK. You, every one of you who came today, is a living sign that the tradition of the UK is not dead! You are the livley tradition of your nation, saving its face before history.

People of the UK — remember who you are! Remember your glorious past, you are sons and daughters of knights, kings, explorers, philosophers and artists. Who is the sovereign in this country?

Is it big money?

The mainstream media?

The politicians?

It’s you — the people. You, the silent and invisible majority who said NO during Brexit. You can say NO again — no to Islamisation, no to mass immigration, and no to the great replacement.

And YES to your identity — yes to your security, yes to your heritage and the future for your children.

And all this is impossible without to freedom of speech.

I know, if these words will find their way to the UK and even to Speakers’ Corner, it will be victory for our cause.

If they did, and if you are hearing them now, I tell you: go further on that winning street. Don’t be afraid because we have an ally that is unbeatable: Truth.

The battle, our battle for freedom of speech, has just begun, and Speakers’ Corner will become a symbolic place in that struggle.

When you go home know I want you to bring the spirit of Speakers’ Corner with you.

Every single person who raised his hand because he could relate to this moment of fear, when he did not dare to speak his mind.

Promise me: Next time I will overcome my inner fear. Next time I will speak up!

~by Martin Sellner

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No pain no gain – but unfortunately unnecessary pain when the obvious dangers are ignored. Politicians suffer no pain – you do.

21st March, 1941 : The Italian General Gariboldi takes over as the new Governor of Libya and Commander-in-Chief of the Italian forces in North Africa, in place of General Graziani, who asked Mussolini on 8th February to replace him.

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No pain no gain – but unfortunately unnecessary pain when the obvious dangers are ignored. Politicians suffer no pain – you do.

19th March, 1941 : Admiral Weichold, representative of the German navy at the Italian supreme command headquarters in Rome, sends a letter to the Chief of Staff of the Italian navy, Admiral Arturo Riccardi, suggesting that the Italians should attack in force in the eastern Mediterranean; he has learnt that in the British naval base at Alexandria only one battleship, the Valiant, is war-ready.

The Germans issue what amounts to an ultimatum to Yugoslavia, giving them only five days to decide about the demands made by Hitler to Prince Paul on 4th March.

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“By the Hoof of the Wild Goat”

…from the quills of the dead white poets

Rudyard Kipling (1865 – 1936)

    By the Hoof of the Wild Goat uptossed
    From the cliff where she lay in the Sun
    Fell the Stone
    To the Tarn where the daylight is lost,
    So she fell from the light of the Sun
    And alone!

    Now the fall was ordained from the first
    With the Goat and the Cliff and the Tarn,
    But the Stone
    Knows only her life is accursed
    As she sinks from the light of the Sun
    And alone!

    Oh Thou Who hast builded the World,
    Oh Thou Who hast lighted the Sun,
    Oh Thou Who hast darkened the Tarn,
    Judge Thou
    The sin of the Stone that was hurled
    By the goat from the light of the Sun,
    As she sinks in the mire of the Tarn,
    Even now--even now--even now!
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No pain no gain – but unfortunately unnecessary pain when the obvious dangers are ignored. Politicians suffer no pain – you do.

17th March, 1941 : General Cunningham’s troops (11th and 12th East African Divisions and South African 1st Division) cross the Ethiopian border from British Somaliland and reach Jijiga, recently evacuated by the Italians.

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No pain no gain – but unfortunately unnecessary pain when the obvious dangers are ignored. Politicians suffer no pain – you do.

13th March, 1941 : Fierce fighting continues between the attacking Italians and the defending Greeks, involving 32 Italian infantry regiments and 34 Greek regiments. The Italians are making for Klisura. They do not succeed in breaking the Greek line, and the fighting goes on to the end of the month. But the intention of the Italian command is less to gain territory than to wear down the enemy.

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…from the quills of the dead white poets

Samuel Johnson (1709 – 1784)

Has heaven reserv’d, in pity to the poor,

No pathless waste, or undiscover’d shore?

No secret island in the boundless main?

No peaceful desert yet unclaim’d by Spain?

Quick let us rise, the happy seats explore,

And bear oppression’s insolence no more.

This mournful truth is everywhere confess’d,


But here more slow, where all are slaves to gold,

Where looks are merchadise, and slave are sold;

Where won by bribes, by flatteries implor’d

The groom retails the favours of his lord.

But hark! Th’ affrighted crowd’s tumulous cries

Roll through the street, and thunder to the skies:

Rais’d from some pleasing dream of wealth and pow’r,

Some pompous palace, or some blissful bow’r;

Aghast you start, and scarce with aching sight

Sustain th’ approaching fire tremendoust light;

Swift from puruing horrors take your way,

And leave your little ALL to flames a prey;

Then thro’ the word a wretched vagrant roam,

For where can starving merit find a home?

In vain your mournful narrative disclose,

While all neglect, and most insult your woes.

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10th March, 1959 : As people rush with ever-increasing fervour to furnish living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms on the ‘never-never’, the hire purchase system came under attack today in the House of Representatives. Hire purchase advances have risen at six time the rate of bank advances in the last five years. Opposition leader Dr Evatt warned of the “trend to financial anarchy” that allows the new firms to charge interest rates of eight to ten percent. “Surely,” Dr Evatt appealed, “this is establishing a distorted and almost mad economy.”

[ So far so good in our lucky country-


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Science Unlimited



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No pain no gain – but unfortunately unnecessary pain when the obvious dangers are ignored. Politicians suffer no pain – you do.

7th March, 1941 : The first contingents of the British expeditionary force to Greece land at the port of Piraeus and at Volos. The land force consists of, not the 100,000 troops promised, but of four divisions (57,000 men), two of them armoured.

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No pain no gain – but unfortunately unnecessary pain when the obvious dangers are ignored. Politicians suffer no pain – you do.

6th March, 1941 : German military authorities in Holland condemn to death 18 members of the underground resistance movement – the first victims of Dutch resistance to the German invaders.

The Admiralty announces that German official communiques claim to have destroyed 19 more battleships, 6 more aircraft carriers, 40 more cruisers, and 13 more submarines than the Royal Navy had at the outbreak of war.

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The Dalliance of the Eagles

…from the quills of the dead white poets

Walt Whitman (1819 – 1892)

Skirting the river road, (my forenoon walk, my rest,)

Skyward in air a sudden muffled sound, the dalliance of the eagles,

The rushing amorous contact high in space together,

The clinching interlocking claws, a living, fierce, gyrating wheel,

Four beating wings, two beaks, a swirling mass tight grappling,

In tumbling turning clustering loops, straight downward falling,

Till o’er the river pois’d, the twain yet one, a moment’s lull,

A motionless still balance in the air, then parting, talons loosing,

Upward again on slow-firm pinion slanting, their separate diverse flight,

she hers, he his, pursuing.

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3rd March, 1919 : Although Russia is still gripped by civil war, the Bolshevik leaders today established the Comintern, an official vehicle for world revolution. The Comintern, the abbreviation for Communist International, was formed by Vladimir Lenin and other leading Bolsheviks, and it can be expected to be an important element of Soviet foreign policy in the future.


Lenin, who appears to have recovered fairly well from the attempt on his life by Fanya Dora-Kaplan, is arguing that security of his regime depends on being surrounded by friendly governments, so he advocates sparking revolutions throughout Europe.

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No pain no gain – but unfortunately unnecessary pain when the obvious dangers are ignored. Politicians suffer no pain – you do.

2nd March, 1941 : Mussolini arrives in Albania to inspect the troops fighting there.

In preparation for an attack on Greece, troops of the German 12th Army begin to cross the Danube into Bulgaria. Under the command of General von List, the 12th Army is made up of five army corps (IV,XI,XIV,XVIII and XXX); the 1st armoured group, consisting of three divisions (5th, 9th and 11th; under von Kleist; the 2nd armoured division, attached to XI corps; and 8th Airborne Corps commanded by General Wolfram von Richthofen.

Germans admit their occupation of Bulgaria.

The British mission returns from Ankara to Athens. The talks in Turkey have not achieved an anti-Axis coalition.

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Not a Liberal

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

There are mysteries of the Australian commentariat which stops a casual observer in his tracks. That the left prefers the Liberal Party to be led by the ALP Trojan horse is obvious and not surprising. However, when the conservatives-lite criticise Turnbull’s actions for damage they do to the Liberal Party and conservatives generally they seem not realising that these are neither mistakes, nor incompetence. They are deliberate and devious.

Turnbull is not a Liberal, nor he is a liberal in Australian sense, only perhaps in American sense, and even that is doubtful. All his actions, from the way back, from his Goldman Sachs times, prove that. Turnbull, like Merkel and other Soros puppets (Trudeau, Macron, May etc), have no integrity and no ideological convictions. Merkel manipulated her party, Christian Democrats, into an unholy alliance with Social Democrats so that she can stay in power longer and continue destruction of democratic Europe.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, comments by absolute majority of readers on the so called conservative blogs are far more intelligent. They do not believe Turnbull is inept; he is out to destroy the joint and, so far, succeeding.

See also Fog of Chaos: Turn! Bull – 09-04-16 and Turn! Bull! Turn! – 30-06-16.We knew a long time ago.


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Big Birds teaching

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

Recently we suffered the predictable campaign around the date of arrival of Captain Cook to Australia, officially the Australia Day, celebrating the Beginning of the End of Stone Age here - Activistas call it the Invasion Day and the Aborigines could not care less. Every fortnight they celebrate the Welfare Day. No prize for guessing what our totally dishonest media wish to glorify.

In order to divide the society the Left invents ‘traditions’, unimaginatively copying those of North America Indians, often also invented by the activistas there. Any decent aborigine ought to be insulted by the baseless inventions like ‘living in harmony with the nature’ and such like.

When Captain Cook arrived some Aboriginal tribes could not make fire, though most knew how to preserve it. Fire, when accidentally or by larceny acquired, was put in charge of some elderly woman. If the fire went out, she was disciplined by clubbing to death.bird.yellow

Indiscriminate arson of bushland by Aborigines, in order to make hunting less of the effort, is now called “fire stick agriculture”; and is praised by the apologists as an example of native wisdom. However, now it seems that deliberate spreading of fires is not limited to humans:

Probably we will never find out who learnt from whom.


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27th February, 1959 : Claiming that Southern Rhodesia was faced with an imminent outbreak of violence instigated by African political agitators, Sir Edgar Whitehead, the colony’s British Premier, today declared a state of emergency and ordered the detention of suspected troublemakers. By tonight 435 people had been rounded up – 88%, according to the police, of those whose names were on their lists.

But one of the key figures in the African nationalist movement, Mr Joshua Nkomo, is out of the country, having left for Ghana to attend an All Africa Peoples Conference.

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Malicious fog of BBC

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

Twice in the morning and once in the evening my local classical music station, 4MBS, re-broadcasts BBC World News. The short news used to be informative, timely and only marginally biased. They are still short.

Then Trump won the election and the Left decided that democracy is no good. Anybody reading history knows that the left would get to such an ideological position openly later, when in power, but the grass-roots movement, of which Trump is a current symbol, forced them to drop the mask.

Now any socialist or socialism-leaning murderer or a pipsqueak academic with something nasty to say about Trump is welcome on BBC. Newsreaders’ voices mellow and the female ones are practically sliding off the chair when they mention Fidel, Che and other mass killers. Politically correct propaganda suggests that ideas such as globalization, anthropogenic global warming, arrant feminism and homosexuality are glorious.

For some time now I have regarded it as a mark of senility when the so-called conservative writers refer to The Economist or BBC as ‘reliable, independent’. They live in the distant past.


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26th February, 1927 : Two thousand British troops, supported by artillery, moved into defensive positions around the borders of the Shanghai international settlement. A critical stage has now been reached in the civil war, in which the Nationalists are battling it out with the Peking Government for the control of China. Marshal Sun Chuang-fang’s defeated Peking army is now retreating towards Shanghai, having been overrun by the nationalist forces of General Chiang Kai-Shek.

Major-General John Duncan arrives tomorrow with Colonel Viscount Gort. He will find the British already in line. Alongside them are Italian units and 300 French. The Royal navy has 22 vessels in Chinese waters.

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No pain no gain – but unfortunately unnecessary pain when the obvious dangers are ignored. Politicians suffer no pain – you do.

26th February, 1941 : A pro-British plot for a coup d’etat in Bulgaria is thwarted. Increasing moves in Bulgaria towards full alignment with Germany.

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