The Break

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

aus.road.rooAgain we are coming to the time of the year when the heavy responsibility of saving the world for … for what? See you in August.


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Amerika Amerika


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Turn! Bull! Turn!

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

The current leader of Australia, the leader by the grace of spineless, venal cowards infesting his party, is being taken seriously by media and even by some normal people. Pathetically unable to say yes or no, but capable of endless waffling so admired by the Left media, he shows that parliamentarians and party apparatchiks have more in common with each other than with their constituents; and that there is nothing we can do about it.

Some Australian journalist stated, in Turnbull’s defence, that he being so rich can’t be a socialist*. How the meanings of terms got confused! Goldman Sachs, Turnbull’s ‘Alma mater’, practices redistribution of wealth on a small scale, from small people to the big ones; and it is almost superfluous to mention Soros, the ugly face of the Big Money. The governments, even those pretending to be conservative, steal from small, productive people wholesale.

As I mentioned in “Turn!Bull!” the Left can’t lose the forthcoming election – either ALP wins, or LibNats will. Voters may recall Howard’s firearms laws and Abbott’s abysmal failure on Australian Broadcasting Corporation and the freedom of speech. Liberals have been lame conservatives for ages and if Turnbull wins they will be so perpetually. The Big Money may wish LibNats to win to keep Turnbull in charge in order to turn even more to the left, thus creating a cosy duopoly, like Coles and Woolworths in market place, with the minors just snapping at the heels to create the image of competition.

If Liberals lose badly they could, conceivably, get rid of the socialist/globalist Trojan Horse Turbull, and, possibly, turn to the original conservative principles. Only joking. Liberals a conservative party? Not in my lifetime.


*/ What experts look for is change from truth-telling to deception, but not one specific change. So they need a baseline, a sense of what people look and talk like when their guard is down and they are telling the truth.

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29th June, 1940 : Japan’s Prime Minister Arita has declared that, while constructing a “new order” in East Asia and a “co-prosperity” sphere, Japan was paying serious attention to the development of the war in Europe and its “repercussions in various quarters, including the South Seas”. Arita said: “The destiny of these regions is a matter of grave concern to Japan in view of her mission and responsibility as a stabilising force in East Asia.”

When the rhetoric is stripped away these statements are interpreted by diplomatic observers as meaning that Japan is readying itself for war. The “new order” objectives are seen as being little different from the “new order” being imposed by Hitler in Europe.

[ Today similar statements by the Government of Communism China are interpreted as meaning that China is peaceful. ]

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Brexit only if Soros approves


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27th June, 1942 : According to a report from a Polish underground group, which has just reached Jewish leaders in London, over 700,000 Jews have been murdered by the Nazis in Poland alone. In Rumania the death toll is 125,000, and in Holland, Belgium and France, Jews are being executed in large numbers daily. In all, over a million Jews have been killed, making this one of the worst massacres ever.

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Where the bee sucks…

...from the quills of the dead white poets

William Shakespeare (15641616)

Where the bee sucks, there suck I:
In a cowslip’s bell I lie;
There I couch when owls do cry.
On the bat’s back I do fly
After summer merrily.
Merrily, merrily I live now
Under the blossom that hangs on the bough.
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landwehr.flag24th June, 1915 : Fortunes change rapidly in the great campaign of the Eastern Front and the Austrians have retaken Lemberg, the capital of Galicia, which they lost to Russians last year. According to a communique issued in Vienna, General Boehm-Ermolli entered the town with the troops of the Second Army. The Russian retreat was accomplished by men of the Vienna Landwehr who, in some bloody fighting, captured the town of Rzezna and rendered Lemberg untenable. While the Russians are playing down the significance of this debacle, there can be no doubt that it will boost the morale of the Austro-Hungarians.

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22nd June, 1916 : In the name of all Arabs, Hussein, Grand Sherif of Mecca and descendant of the Prophet Mohammed, has proclaimed a revolt against the Ottoman Empire. Supported by the tribes of Arabia this powerful leader declared war on Turkey with the aim of realising Arab independence. Already the Sherif’s forces in Arabia scored notable victories. Mecca is firmly in his hands and so is Jeddah, the Red Sea port and gateway for Moslem pilgrims. There the Arab forces took 1,400 Turkish soldiers and 45 officers prisoner.

These victories have been achieved with British help, both military and financial, and when Hussein declared Arab independence he made clear that this was what he had been promised. A military mission which is led by a brilliant 28-years old Arabist, Captain T E Lawrence, is in Arabia advising Feistal, who is the third son of the Sherif.

[ One hundred years later T E Lawrence, or British diplomacy does not have much to be proud of. ]

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Orlando horror

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

From Mark Steyn:

As we’ve had cause to note with previous bloodbaths, whoever the actual dead are, the real victims are always Muslims. This New York Times headline is an especially choice example:

Orlando Killings Rob Young New York Muslims of a Cherished Holiday Respite”

In Australia, the Islam apologist-in-chief, Valeed Aly has not yet organised a candlelight vigil for those poor Muslim victims. Is he leaving that to their ABC?

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20th June, 1936 : Four RAF planes went into action machine gunning a group of 70 Palestinian Arabs who had ambushed British troops. They made sorties at low level against the marauders. Three were hit by Arab ground fire but returned safely to base. Last week RAF were also used to ward off an Arab attack on a Jewish colony on Mount Gilead.

In today’s fighting, first serious clash between the Arabs and the British Army in the Palestine troubles, an army convoy was attacked near Tulkarm, north-west of Nablus. The planes intervened after a call for reinforcements brought troops with tanks and armoured cars racing to the spot. In an engagement lasting seven hours the marauders lost ten dead. Two British soldiers were killed.

[ And eighty years later? Do you see any progress? ]

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Quicksand Years

…from the quills of the dead white poets

Walt Whitman (1819 – 1892)


Quicksand years that whirl me I know not whither,

Your schemes, politics, fail, lines give way, substances mock and elude me,

Only the scheme I sing, the great and strong-posses’d soul, eludes not,

One’s-self must never give way – that is the final substance -

that out of all is sure,

Out of politics, triumphs, battles, life, what at last finally remains?

When shows break up what but One’s-Self is sure?

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18th June, 1935 : The Nationalist Government of China today caved in to a Japanese ultimatum, following Japan’s bloodless victory in Manchuria, now Manchukuo. It agreed to the removal of a division of their troops from the north and the replacement of Government officials by ones chosen by the Japanese. Furthermore General Sung Chehyuan, Governor of Chahar and one of the few Chinese commanders who successfully resisted Japanese in 1933, is to be dismissed.

The ultimatum was provoked by the arrest of three Japanese secret service agents, described by Tokyo as “civilian officials”. Japan used this incident as a pretext to install “friendly” administrators in Peking and Tientsin, claiming that native Chinese civil servants were hostile. The changes demanded in the north use the same technique, which was successful in establishing the puppet empire of Manchukuo.

[ Chinese have learned and now are using the same technique to establish a puppet government in Australia, and the media, already suborned, are silent.]

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They shoot gorillas, don’t they?

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

When I first heard of that incident in some American zoo, the immediate flash through my mind was – let’s hope it was an albino gorilla and a black child. And the shooter at least Hispanic, if not full size LGBTII. Then we would not heard another word, except from the plaintiffs lawyers’ cabal.

Of course, that was not the case. The manipulators and their simple followers use every opportunity to foment racial hatred, inventing, in the passing, yet another reason not to vote Trump.

While America is a good, shining example of more and more stupid society, the rest of the West is not much better. Imagine, in Australia, a crocodile shot to protect a white, not aboriginal, child. The reaction of the Twits and main stream media would be same.

On the subject of human stupidity and mass hysteria – while observing a semi-feral cat recently I recalled an old saying: If you build a better mouse trap the world will beat a path to your door. It goes back in 19th century and is apparently a misquotation of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s statement:

If a man has good corn or wood, or boards, or pigs, to sell, or can make better chairs or knives, crucibles or church organs, than anybody else, you will find a broad hard-beaten road to his house, though it be in the woods.”

cat.mouseMany took it seriously and US Patent Office had issued about 4,400 patents for “better” mouse traps. But who would bother today? Only an naïve optimist, not realising we live in “progressive” times. A patent may be obtained, but marketing? Firstly the Animal Rights groups and vegetarians would object just for the sake of it. The so-called anti-racists would insist that the device traps and kills only the white mice. The feminists, additionally would demand that only male white mice be targeted. The pro-choice abortionists would prefer that traps kill mice in utero and that the surviving “mother” mice be given official recognition for their morality and heroism.

Thus the trap would have to work exclusively on white, heterosexual male mice, which are probably endangered anyway – no profit there. And if the white, heterosexual male mice behave like the white, heterosexual humans they will blindly walk into any trap whatsoever.


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'29 Bentley 4.5 litre16th June, 1929 : The British successes at the Le Mans 24-hour sports car endurance race, which have blossomed so dramatically since the Great War, reached triumphant climax this year with giant Bentleys taking the first four places. The Grand Prix d’Endurance was won by a 6-cylinder Bentley, driven by Captain Woolf Barnato and H R S Birkin, covering a record 1,765 miles in the 24 hours, some 70 miles more than the second Bentley and a full 200 miles more than the first non-British car to finish, a French-entered Stutz.

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14th June, 1914 : The original story of Noah and the Flood was written down on early Babylonian tablets, according to an Oxford University professor. Like the Book of Genesis the tablets name a gardener, “Nuhu”, as the one who saved animal and human life. They also blame Noah for the loss of eternal life. It was Noah, not Adam, who ate from the tree of life in the Garden of Eden in the Babylonian story.

The professor has studied more than50 of the tablets, which were unearthed at Nippur and are housed now in the University of Pennsylvania Museum.

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The Hyaenas


…from the quills of the dead white poets

Rudyard Kipling (1865 – 1936)

After the burial-parties leave
  And the baffled kites have fled;
The wise hyaenas come out at eve
  To take account of our dead.

How he died and why he died
  Troubles them not a whit.
They snout the bushes and stones aside
  And dig till they come to it.

They are only resolute they shall eat
  That they and their mates may thrive,
And they know that the dead are safer meat
  Than the weakest thing alive.

(For a goat may butt, and a worm may sting,
  And a child will sometimes stand;
But a poor dead soldier of the King
  Can never lift a hand.)

They whoop and halloo and scatter the dirt
  Until their tushes white
Take good hold of the army shirt,
  And tug the corpse to light,

And the pitiful face is shewn again
  For an instant ere they close;
But it is not discovered to living men --
  Only to God and to those

Who, being soulless, are free from shame,
  Whatever meat they may find.
Nor do they defile the dead man's name --
  That is reserved for his kind.


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king.Alexander11th June, 1903 : Queen Draga of Serbia (aged 38) and King Alexander (aged 26) were murdered in their bedroom early this morning. A group of disaffected army officers, led by Colonel Misches and Colonel Mashin, a brother of the Queen’s first husband, forced their way into the Royal Palace in Belgrade, shooting down the King’s bodyguards. They burst into the royal bedroom where they discovered the royal couple hiding in a cupboard.

One reason for assassination is the King’s plan to move the War School from Belgrade. Another is that, three years ago, there was much scandal when the King married Draga Mashin, who had a shady past.

[ Now the free, independent and so democratic Americans are poised to elect Hilary Clinton as their Queen, the shadier past the better. ]

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The deaf called the deaf

...from the quills of the dead white poets

Aleksandr Pushkin (1799 – 1837)

The deaf once called the deaf to the deaf judge – right now;
The first deaf cried: “He’s spoiled my own cow!” –For goodness’ sake,” to that another blared,This plot belonged still to my late granddad!” To stop a sin,” decided the judge witty,The pal’s to marry her, though the wench is guilty.”
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Lost souls

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

I am not aware of too many photography jokes, but I recall the classic one of a lens cover. It even featured, I believe, in one of the Crocodile Dundee movies, and given the creative impotency of the Hollywood film factories, it will undoubtedly appear again.

Primitive people, primitive in the eye of the beholder, supposedly believe that photographing people take their soul away. One would not be surprised if that was one of the many fabrications and fantasies by archetypal anthropologist Margaret Mead, embraced and embellished by the desk and computer bound academics. It is certain however, that many cultures had, and some still have, the prohibition against “graven” and other images. The Taliban boys, those diligent students of peaceful Islam, spring to mind.

The enlightened West seemingly never had such scruples; perhaps we never had any soul to lose though Goethe’s Faust worries “Two souls, alas! within my bossom throne;”. But that was a long time ago. A few people, mostly theologians, wrote about that. Today they sound quaint. Even the current socialist Pope ignores the basic tenets of the religion he is supposed to lead.

No wonder then that our “culture” is the plague of “selfies” and that the whores (of all sexes) of the Cathedral are flaunting their vacuousness and amorality at the Oscar and Cannes circuses of silver screen emptiness. The uneducated masses emulate the even less educated, and the speed of the down spiral increases.


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