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From Spengler’s Are the American people as corrupt as the Clintons?

“What kind of people are we Americans, that we allow these kleptocrat’s hirelings to persist in public life? The answer, I fear, is that we have become corrupt ourselves. I’ve seen enough corruption in the Third World to know that it requires the consent of the governed.” …

…”Corruption in Third World kleptocracies starts at the top but trickles down to the grass roots. Every bill-collector for the public utility takes bribes not to turn off the gas or electricity–it’s cheaper to pay a bribe than to pay the bill. Every secretary in a government office takes a tip to give you the form you need to fill out to hand to the boss who will take another mordida, or bite. Everyone hustles, everyone has a scam. The people at the bottom look up in envy and contempt at the billionaire thieves who run their country, but live their lives in emulation of them; if they were tough or smart enough, they would steal billions, too. We Americans used to be better than at. I don’t think we are any longer.

As Schweizer reports, America’s favorite power couple made millions from Kazakhstan dictator Nurslatan Nazarbayev. In 2005 Bill came to the homeland of Borat with Canadian penny-stock speculator Frank Giustra. Giustra’s  shell company UrAsia Energy, a paper entity with no track record, beat out bigger competition to scupper Kazakhstan”s uranium mining concession. Bill endorsed Nazarbayev’s bid to head the Organization for Security and Cooperation Europe. a human rights organization founded by the 1975 Helsinki Accords, despite Nazarbeayev’s execrable human rights record. Senator Hillary Clinton lifted her previous objection to Kazakhstan’s chairmanship of the organization. “…

Scamming the government or scamming the banks is so commonplace that we take fraud for granted. Why shouldn’t we? The financial industry has no qualms about it. Researchers from the University of Notre Dame’s business school (courtesy of Dealbreaker)  interviewed 1,200 respondents in the U.S. and UK and found that

More than one-third (34%) of those earning $500,000 or more annually have witnessed or have first hand knowledge of wrongdoing in the workplace

23% of respondents believe it is likely that fellow employees have engaged in illegal or unethical activity in order to gain an edge, nearly double the 12% that reported as such in 2012.

-One in 10 respondents has signed or been asked to sign a confidentiality agreement that would prohibit reporting illegal or unethical activities to the authorities.

-This figure surges to 25% for those respondents earning $500,000 or more annually.

After the biggest scam in U.S. financial history, the Obama administration has put exactly zero bankers in jail. Of course, it has levied tens of billions of dollars of fines on the banks, which is to say on the shareholders of the banks, who are mainly pension funds and life insurance companies. In other words, the Obama Justice Department taxed the savings of ordinary people to punish the malfeasance of the bankers. The bankers who committed the crimes walked away with their bonuses except in a small number of cases.” …

…”Democracy exists to give people the kind of government they deserve. If the American people do not have the moral fibre to extirpate corruption on the Clinton scale, they will deserve what’s coming to them.”


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…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger


Some may have missed the cheerful news that the US Supreme Court is considering a case Coal v. IQ. Well, it is not really called that. It is Michigan v. EPA; Michigan and another twenty states against the federal Environmental Gestapo a.k.a. Environmental Protection Agency.


The agency naturally wants to regulate everything, but in this particular case it is mercury, arsenic etc emitted by power stations. The new rule would add $9.6 billion p.a. to the cost of electricity production. EPA claims that would be out-weighted by the resulting health benefits of almost $6 million p.a. That figure was reached on an assumption that “lots of pregnant women in subsistence fishing populations will eat vast amounts of mercury-tainted fish and thereby reduce their children’s IQs by 0.002 points each.”

This is the serious matter indeed – whole 0.002 points (With my limited IQ I can’t even comprehend such precision) at mere $9.6 billion! The case, of course, really is about yet another expansion of the Environmental Protection Agency’s powers and the corresponding reduction of those of the States. The way the US Supreme Court justices decide i.e. we can do anything, we not responsible to anyone and if you don’t like it, tough; the EPA bureaucrats will get what they want (in about August 2015) and America will slide even further to the economic oblivion. One could be excused for believing that at least some mothers of of those judges ate tons and tons of mercury-stuffed fish during their pregnancies.

Long, long time ago environmentalist were concerned about the environment. Now they are concerned primarily about power and then about the subversion of capitalist economy. They are succeeding. The future generations might call this century of self-destruction the EPA Era.



I know you know, but just in case – from Wikipedia: An eponym is a person or thing for whom something is named, or believed to be named, or the name itself. For example, Elizabeth I of England is the eponym of the Elizabethan era. Genericized trademarks such as aspirin, heroin and thermos may also become eponyms. The derivative adjectives eponymous and eponymic refer to the person or thing for whom something is named, as in “the eponymous founder of the Ford Motor Company”.

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18th May, 1987 : The American frigate Stark, patrolling the Gulf north of Bahrain, was today hit by two Exocet missiles fired by Iraqi Mirage jets. The surprise attack killed 28 sailors and crippled the ship. President Reagan at once launched a vigorous protest and demanded an immediate explanation from Baghdad. Apparently the aircraft had wrongly identified the frigate as Iranian; but questions are being asked about the warship’s state of radar watch readiness. The only warning came too late, from visual sighting by a sailor. Two missiles were fired from a distance of 12 miles, which led naval experts to conclude that two aircraft were involved. Only one Exocet exploded. The other warhead remained embedded in the superstructure as the Stark, abandoned by her crew of 200, was towed to Bahrain.

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I hear It was Charged against Me

…from the quills of the dead white poets

Walt Whitman (1819 – 1892)


I hear it was charged against me that I sought to destroy institutions,

But really I am neither for nor against institutions,

(What indeed have I in common with them? or what with the destruction of them?)

Only I will establish in the Mannahatta and in every city of these States inland and seaboard,

And in the fields and woods, and above every keel little or large that dents the water,

Without edifices or rules or trustees or any argument,

The institution of the dear love of comrades.

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How halal is his valley

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

The champion of the downtrodden, predominantly rural, Australians, Barnaby Joyce, is no more. Well, he is, in the sense that he exists, but now he is a champion of Islamic terrorists. He may try to deny it, but as a self-professed Roman Catholic he ought to remember Mathew 7:16 Ye shall know them by their fruit.

He does whatever he can to support them financially, specifically by forcing us to do so, under a fanciful pretext of saving Australian agriculture. His specious reasoning is bellow contempt. In normal times it would be called a treason; and the culprit, after a jury trial and conviction, would be beheaded. In today’s Australia it is reversed. Peaceful Muslims kill Australians and Al Armidali Joyce assists by supporting blackmail and protection racket called halal certification. He makes sure that those 2% of Muslims in Australia don’t have to eat kuffar ham and that all the remaining Australian consumers pay for the expansion of that religion in Australia and elsewhere by the usual, Koran sanctioned means.

When Mr Joyce was a senator for Queensland he used to sent me e-mails. Then he moved from Queensland to Armidale, NSW, and the self-agrandising propaganda ceased. It would cost him nothing, or next to nothing, to continue, but living in Queensland I could no longer vote for him, were I so minded. It shows what that ex-country accountant really thinks of his fellow citizens and potential supporters, those who do not donate to his electoral fraud, I mean fund.

bev.hillBarnaby Al Armidali Joyce claims to be a country boy. His carefully rehearsed country bumpkin bumbling manners a la Beverly Hillbilies fool many people, mainly journalists. Certainly he makes hay while the sun shines according to the country saying, though the saying is enthusiastically adopted by politicians everywhere, even if only grass is that they smoke. He is relatively young, born in Tamworth 48 years ago, and is obviously desperately trying to prove to his colleagues that he is as spineless as them and thus ready for more important ministry then agriculture, which is becoming sinotized anyway.

Despite his occasional “bolshie” or perhaps would-be Joh Bjelke Peterson’s rhetoric, and medially fabricated reputation as a “maverick”, the parliamentary voting record shows that Joyce had followed the party directives on 99% of occasions. The brave one percent maverick!

His voters ought to check his voting pattern in any case. It seems to me, that their “representative” is suspiciously too often “absent”. Well, with shearing, sowing, muesling, harvesting, milking, especially milking …there is no time for the parliamentary work. Just to reassure yourselves that I am not the only one disliking him please read Ron Pikes’ Barnaby Joyce’s damp squib.

I will not be repeating here a common witticism that he is a Member for Mecca, rather than a Member for New England, because today that sad joke applies to most of our so called “representatives”. They are loyal members for Shanghai, Mecca, Peking, Riyadh, Moscow, Goldman Sachs etc., thus ensuring for themselves the future lucrative consultancies and sine cure directorships.

Now to the less obvious part. Before elections the major parties hypocritically warn the voters: “Don’t waste you vote by voting for minor parties and independents.” As we know, Australia, beside the compulsory voting, also has a preferential voting system, (alternative transferable vote, ATV or alternative vote, AV) as opposed to the so called “first-past-the-post”(FPP) of most other countries. Many people dislike ATV, perhaps because the principle requires some thinking. I know because often I had difficulties in trying to explain it to sceptics. So let the expert explain it:

Think of it as an old-time political party conference where a nominee is chosen by having a series of ballots with the lowest scorer dropping off each time until someone gets the support of more than half the delegates. ATV is the same basic process only speeded up and done in one go. All the voters’ first preferences are counted. If no one scores over 50 per cent the lowest scoring candidate is dropped and the second preferences of those voting for him or her are distributed. If no one is still over the bar then the remaining lowest person is dropped. This continues until someone gets over 50 per cent and wins.

Notice that this voting system lets voters opt for small parties or independents without wasting their votes. It measures who people dislike, not just whom they like. (So a voter who does not care who wins but really wants to throw the bums out and make sure candidate X loses has only to ensure X gets ranked last on his ballot.)

The above comes from James Allan’s Democracy in Decline – Connor Court Publishing 2014. For a lawyer and academic he mostly makes sense. No harm in thinking about it.

Thus the next elections time Joyce’s voters* ought to recall Mathew 7:15 Beware of the false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.



*/ And not only the Joyce’s voters. Not so long ago a certain Chris Berg published in The Sunday Age an article “What exactly is the point of the Coalition government if it offers the same sort of tax increases as voters expect from Labor and the Greens? I increasingly feel that the words in (my) italics are superfluous.

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The progress

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

There are subjects which, at least for me, follow from each other. Yesterday we had here the article about hundreds and thousands “New Europeans” abandoning colonialist-free, independent Africa and today I noticed something about Communist China.

I know it is futile to write for the simple progies, who, having no knowledge of history, and, suffering from low IQ, are unable to think, their PhDs in feminine hygiene or the sexual habits colonially oppressed Haitians notwithstanding. They never stop to think why what they are so proud to call the socialism a.k.a progress, caused and causes so much misery to the very people they allegedly fight for, or to use the currently fashionable vernacular, “feel the pain” of.

rice.cookerI read that Chinese tourists, naturally not the ones from Republic of China, (in only one week in February this year 450,000 mainland Chinese came visiting) cart home from Japan the so called “four treasures” – rice cookers, vacuum flasks, ceramic knives and toilet seats. Yes, look at this again – rice cookers, vacuum flasks, ceramic knives and toilet seats. So after sixty six years of command economy the (rich) Chinese have to import toilet seats from WW II defeated Japan.

Beside the material achievements, the tourists admire Japan’s pristine environment and clean air; and I dare to say, wonder about the benefits or otherwise of one party rule.

Mainland China started its Marx-Engels decreed historically inevitable progress in 1949 and for most of that time could not produce enough rice to feed itself. One way or the other, the regime managed to kill est.65 million of its people. Progies in the media and academe either rejoiced or, those slightly more honest, looked away.

Simpletons in the West still march with posters “Socialism is the answer” and sing the Internationale.


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The future

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

There must be something wrong here – they flee from their liberators, of their own skin colour and religion to follow the cruel and incompetent colonialist oppressors to infidel, exploitative Europe? How does it fit the Marxist or, for that matter, even the basic, post-modernist narrative? The simple progies, unable to think for themselves, wouldn’t know and wouldn’t care. Their slightly more intelligent manipulators accuse anybody asking anything of racism.

I am writing about the people, variously described as asylum seekers, welfare seekers, economic refugees, Islamic invaders, undocumented arrivals, surreptitious migrants and sometimes even innocent refugees. One wonders what they call themselves? Lottery winners? An advance guard?

According to some sources, 570,800 of them registered in European Union in 2014 which doesn’t quite fit with January 13, 2015 the European Union Commission statement that said in 2014 “more than 276,000 migrants illegally entered the EU, which represents an increase of 155 percent compared to 2013>.” Obviously, politics, statistics and the truth, are at more than arm’s length.[Is Europe losing control of its borders?]

Spengler recently wrote about that proverbial frog in boiling water, i.e. Muslim migration, and he could be, possibly, right [Muslims, Europeans and boiled frog]. In the meantime UN and EU apparatchiks distract the subjugated population by demonising Hungary:
eu.migrant.floodBUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban denounced multiculturalism and liberalism Friday and vowed to fight a rising wave of migration that he said is threatening to turn his country into a “refugee camp.”

In his annual state of the nation speech, Orban called a multicultural society “a delusion” and defended his conservative government’s attempts to abandon “liberal social policies” that he accused of rejecting Christian culture.

“(A Hungarian) does not want to see throngs of people pouring into his country from other cultures who are incapable of adapting and are a threat to public safety, to his job and to his livelihood,” Orban said. …

How dare he think of his fellow citizens?

And, by the way – “Hungary has become an economic success story, which is slowly being recognized by Europe,” Orban said, noting the country’s 2014 estimated growth rate of 3.5 percent, one of Europe’s highest, and its low inflation and unemployment rates.”

I am afraid that the Swiss bankers and EU commissariat will soon put paid to that.

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pope.time13th May, 1981 : Pope John Paul II was shot by a Turkish gunman today, but after a five-hour operation surgeons said they hope he would make a full recovery. The Pope was driving in his white, open-top jeep-style vehicle through a crowd of 20,000 in St Peter’s Square. It was his weekly audience in which he blesses the crowds. He was hit by four bullets, two of which lodged in the lower intestine. Two women near him were also hit and one was seriously injured.

The gunman, who used a Browning 9mm pistol, was seized by police as the Pope’s jeep drove off at high speed. One witness said: “It was awful. There was blood on the Pope’s cassock.” Another said the gunman might have been drugged: “He had a crazy stare.” The police had to surround the assassin, Mehmet Ali Agca, aged 23, to stop his being lynched by the outraged crowd.

Agca, of Armenian extraction, escaped from a Turkish jail where he was being held for the murder of a Turkish newspaper editor.

[see also December memories 2013 NNUS 26th December, 1983]

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United Kingdom

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

United Kingdom, or, as Australians of old would say, the Mother Country, had her elections. Fancy that! Obviously the EU commissars were confident that nothing would change to threaten their agenda and sinecures, thus had not banned them (EU directives over-ride UK laws). A pseudo-conservative party won and the people lost, again, thanks to their terminal and probably incurable myopia. If the almost European Brits didn’t get it, what can a person who can read and write expect from ‘oi, oi, oi, aussies’?

Just prior to the date Tim Blair wrote:

You know, a Labour win may be a good result, for three reasons:

One: It would teach yet another right-wing party yet again not to shift from their cultural and philosophical base. It’s amusing to watch these parties re-learn the basics every four years or so.“ [Remaining two reasons here]

I’m very close to his thinking. Our LibNats habitually lie to its “cultural and philosophical base” and hope that enough people will chose them, ostensibly a lesser evil, over the obvious big one, thus keep them in their cushy, undemanding, lucrative positions.

Now we can expect the ABC and the progies battalions, never happy when people do not vote as directed, to became even more shrill in their attacks on wuss Abbott and his band of spineless wimps. After all, here as in Great Britain, the Left controls media, judiciary, what now passes for art, and education. Yet people do not obey and it thus could conceivably, happen here…

Some may wonder what is the point of attacking Abbott and LibNats, who are so close to ALP as to be almost indistinguishable – I am talking about deeds, not words. It makes sense. Firstly, the incessant harping and irrational bile will disgust and maybe frighten away from politics anybody who may be a real conservative. If they do this to one (almost) of their own, what they would do to me? (My advice – they wouldn’t dare to do it if you are indeed a real conservative.) Secondly, it is not about any ideology, it is about personal power. The Left also destroys their own for no other reason but power.

Finally, it is amusing to see how the crystal ball experts got it wrong again. They are paid and paid exceedingly well for the garbage they consistently produce, but have no shame. Notice I no longer waste time and effort looking for commas on my keyboard.


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11th May, 1983 : The Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, (ALP) yesterday told Parliament that Soviet spy Valeriy Ivanov was expelled partly because he “cultivated” a relationship with the former ALP National Secretary, David Combe. He said the Cabinet security sub-committee had decided that Combe had been, or appeared to have been, “compromised” by his association with the Ivanov, and Ministers had been banned from having contact with him in his present role as a Canberra lobbyist. Mr Hawke said there was no foundation for any suggestion that Combe “is, or ever was, in any sense, a Soviet spy”.

f37ccbb6_cHM6KzAwMDAwMDA1NWExYWI1NGE_96c96_ffffff00[ Of course not. Spies have to have training and some discipline. He was just a typical informer – a snitch. It is worth recalling that Australian Labor Party had not abandoned the Soviet informer when his “lobbying” career so inconveniently ended. Comrade Combe started a business of bottling cheap and otherwise unsaleable wine, labelling it with his name. The ALP branches throughout Australia were obediently
‘marketing’ same, mostly buying for themselves and the 1917 revolution celebrations. The Labor has not changed since.

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Hymn Before Action

…from the quills of the dead white poets

Rudyard Kipling (1865 – 1936)

The earth is full of anger,
The seas are dark with wrath,
The Nations in their harness
Go up against our path:
Ere yet we loose the legions --
Ere yet we draw the blade,
Jehovah of the Thunders,
Lord God of Battles, aid!

High lust and froward bearing,
Proud heart, rebellious brow --
Deaf ear and soul uncaring,
We seek Thy mercy now!
The sinner that forswore Thee,
The fool that passed Thee by,
Our times are known before Thee --
Lord, grant us strength to die!

For those who kneel beside us
At altars not Thine own,
Who lack the lights that guide us,
Lord, let their faith atone!
If wrong we did to call them,
By honour bound they came;
Let not Thy Wrath befall them,
But deal to us the blame.

From panic, pride, and terror
Revenge that knows no rein --
Light haste and lawless error,
Protect us yet again,
Cloke Thou our undeserving,
Make firm the shuddering breath,
In silence and unswerving
To taste Thy lesser death.

Ah, Mary pierced with sorrow,
Remember, reach and save
The soul that comes to-morrow
Before the God that gave!
Since each was born of woman,
For each at utter need --
True comrade and true foeman --
Madonna, intercede!

E'en now their vanguard gathers,
E'en now we face the fray --
As Thou didst help our fathers,
Help Thou our host to-day.
Fulfilled of signs and wonders,
In life, in death made clear --
Jehovah of the Thunders,
Lord God of Battles, hear!
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Perhaps a donkey?

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

Flicking through some TV news channel I noticed comrade Varoufakis getting out of the car on the way to yet another EU meeting where he was trying to explain why German taxpayers owe the Greek non-taxpayers living. I guess he would call it socialist justice, though some could call it chutzpah or blackmail.

Trabant.pulledHowever, what pre-emptively soiled panties Angela will finally decide is a matter between her and her Kremlin master; and her voters, who will have to grin, hail her and bear it. What attracted my attention was the vehicle – not sure whether it was Audi or BMW, but definitely not Trabant, as would be befitting the command economy advocate. Oops, that was Made in (that less nasty because Communist) Germany as well.

Shouldn’t he be seen in something made in Venezuela or Ghana? Cuba?


For the Greek motor industry see DIM ( ten produced).

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5th May, 1980 : The Special Air Service made a spectacular assault on the terrorist-occupied Iranian Embassy in Knighstbridge tonight, killing four of the five gunmen who took over the building six days ago and rescuing 19 hostages. The once elegant building, set on fire by the explosive charge used to blow in the armoured first-floor window, is now a gutted ruin. The assault became inevitable when the gunmen,the members of the Democratic Revolutionary Front for the Liberation of Arabistan, demanding the release of political prisoners in Iran, started to shoot the hostages. They killed Abbas Lavasani, the Iranian Press Attache, dumped his body on the steps and threatened to murder a hostage every thirty minutes.

iran.embassy.sasIt was then that the Counter-Revolutionary Warfare team of the SAS came “to the aid of the civil power”. Black-uniformed figures wearing balaclavas and carrying sub-machine guns appeared on the balcony of the Embassy; others abseiled from the roof to break in through the rear windows. Inside the building the terrorists opened fire on their hostages, killing one Iranian diplomat. The SAS men worked their way through the building, picking off the terrorists with short bursts of fire and bundling the hostages to safety. The only terrorist to survive was protected by women hostages who pleaded for his life.

[ No misogynist comments please ]

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To a Common Prostitute

…from the quills of the dead white poets

Walt Whitman (1819 – 1892)


Be composed – be at ease with me – I am Walt Whitman,

liberal and lusty as Nature,

pro.moneyNot till the sun excludes you do I exclude you,

Not till the waters refuse to glisten for you and the leaves to rustle for you,

do my words refuse to glisten and rustle for you.

My girl I appoint with you an appointment, and I charge you that you make preparation to be worthy to meet me,

And I charge you that you be patient and perfect till I come.

Till then I salute you with a significant look that you do not forget me.

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us and them

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Young

Obama astonishingly, correctly called the black skinned Baltimore rioters “thugs”, not as one would expect from him, “freedom fighters”. So far his spokesman maintains his boss had not misspoke. It would seem that many journalists had suspected their hearing, just as I did.

Naturally, the professional grievance mongers and civil war fomenters screeched. One suggested that if you call those “children who have been set aside, marginalized, who have not been engaged by us “thugs”, you may as well call them n*ggers. I guess you noticed that progie Ame*ans either can not spell “niggers”, or believe that replacing letters by asterisks makes a word less offensive. One could blame their ed**cation for their unintelligent zeal.

The progies, controling the media, will soon achieve that we will stop making a distinction and call all **** “African Americans”.


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Change exactly as planned

Obama’s policies at work:

baltimore.changeWhat the “oppressed’ need is a space for destruction – no, this is not a joke.

space.destroyIn some respect the Australian progies are ahead of their US masters. The space for destruction has been provided some years ago. It is called Alice Springs.


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sunset-7-BeautifulFreePictures.com27th April, 1915 : The worst fears of Germany and Austria have been realised. It is learned that Antonio Salandra, the Premier, has authorised the signing in London of a secret treaty with Britain, France and Russia; Italy will come in on the Allied side and her territorial claims against Austria will be satisfied. The Catholic Party wanted to stay neutral, Republicans were for the Allies and the Socialists split. A young radical, Benito Mussolini, started his own paper to campaign for the Allies.

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The Ballad of Dead Ladies

…from the quills of the dead white poets

Francois Villon (1431 – 1463)

Tell me now in what hidden ways is

Lady Flora, the lovely Roman?

Where’s Hipparchia, and where is Thais,

Neither of them the fairer woman?

Where is Echo, beheld of no man,

Only heard on river and mere, -

She whose beauty was more than human? . . .

But where are the snows of yester-year?

Where’s Héloise, the learned nun,abelard.heloise

For whose sake Abeillard, I ween,

Lost manhood and put priesthood on?

( From Love he won such dule and teen! )

And where, I pray you, is the Queen

Who willed that Buridan should steer

Sewed in a sack’s mouth down the Seine? . . .

But where are the snows of yester-year?

White Queen Blanche, like a queen of lilies,

With a voice like any mermaiden, -

Bertha Broadfoot, Beatrice, Alice,

And Ermengarde the lady of Maine, -

And that good Joan whom Englishmen

At Rouen doomed and burned her there, -

Mother of God, where are they then? . . .

But where are the snows of yester-year?

Nay, never ask this week, fair lord,

Where they are gone, nor yet this year,

Save with thus much for an overword, -

But where are the snows of yester-year?

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