The Golden Calf

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

Whatever Moses might had been trying to do, following the higher directive, he has not succeeded, not even, and some would say particularly, with his compatriots, Egyptian asylum seekers, tired of making bricks sans straws or something like that – see Exodus 32. (The Koran’s version of the incident is somewhat different. And some ignore the clear words to come to totally opposite meaning, e.g. – My Jewish Learning)

Just to refresh your memory: When Moses left for his forty days and forty nights sojourn in the hills, the refugees gave their gold rings to a certain Aaron, who cast a calf out of them “and the people sat down to eat and to drink, and rose up to play.”

When Moses unexpectedly returned, he got upset “and he said unto them: ‘Thus saith the LORD, the God of Israel: Put ye every man his sword upon his thigh, and go to and fro from gate to gate throughout the camp, and slay every man his brother, and every man his companion, and every man his neighbour.’ And the sons of Levi did according to the word of Moses; and there fell of the people that day about three thousand men. (Exodus 32:26-28) “

wall.street.bullRather moderate chastisement by the Old Testament, more modern Stalin’s, Mao’s and post-modern Islamic Horde standards and it did not work. While today many people still worship “graven images”, in the theological sense, the idol of golden calf, or bull, has taken on a slightly different meaning. It now represents wealth, more than average wealth and preferably acquired without much effort. One could expand on this sordid subject, but since this seems to be a Greek month, let’s return to them.

Greeks provide a good example to the rest of Europe, and in fact to the rest of the world – a worship of the golden calf and a firm, and so far justified, belief that somebody will provide. Up to June this year, 100,000 illegal immigrants, just to Europe, showed they learned the lesson. And who would not? Who would not wish to be a Greek or at least have his own country to emulate the Greek economic miracle?

The following has arrived in my (and presumably yours) electronic mail box some time ago, and now again. In case you missed it:

The Modern Day Greek Tragedy – Massive Social Fraud

Experts mandated by the European Union to investigate the causes that led Greece to the current economic situation relate the following facts: Greece falsified its accounts to enter the euro zone and has distorted the facts until it finally exploded.

There were massive retirements at the age of 50 years. At Evangelismos hospital there were 50 drivers for officials’ cars, and on average there were 45 gardeners for a small lawn with 4 bushes. Greece has the highest population in the world of people reporting an age of 110 years. The deaths are often not registered and pensions continue to be received.

The European Union had found that there are families receiving 4-5 monthly pensions which they are not supposed to get. There were still pensions paid to persons who died in 1953, 60+ years ago. 40,000 girls received monthly life pension of 1,000 euros for the simple fact that they were unmarried daughters of deceased civil servants. This, at a cost to the state coffers of €550 million euros per year. Now they will receive pensions only up to the age of 18.

The pacemakers in Greek hospitals were acquired at a price 400 times higher than in British hospitals. In Greece, many workers have benefited from early retirement, set at 50 years for women and 55 for men who belong to one of the 600 job categories identified as particularly painful among which included;- Hairdressers (because of dyes that may be considered harmful)- The musicians of wind instruments (blowing into a flute is exhausting)- TV presenters (the microphones are supposed to cause damage to health). This law was adopted by the Socialist government of 1978. – ( PASOK Socialist Party of Greece)

There are thousands of ridiculous “tricks” departments and unnecessary institutions, which many Greeks live off. For example, The Institute for the Protection of Kopais Lake, a dry lake since 1930. In the last decade, Greece has created over 300 new public companies. Tax evasion is massive, over 25% of Greeks do not pay a penny on personal income tax. In addition, the weight of the public sector in the economy is overwhelming. There are about one million officials to 4,000,000 active people. Greek public railways: The average salary of employees exceeds €66.000.- per year. And this includes cleaners and other non-skilled workers. The (almost free) Athens Metro delivers about 90 million tickets a year, while the total cost of this public company exceeds the 500 million needed.

The French retirees receive, on average, 51% of the last salary, the Germans 40%, North Americans 41% and Japanese 34%.Meanwhile, Greek pensioners receive 96% of their salary earlier. Greece has four times more teachers than Finland, the best situated country in the last PISA report, while the student performance in Greece is the lowest among many European countries by comparison.

Why work? Let’s sit down and eat and drink, and get up only to play. And when it ultimately goes wrong? Trying to shift the blame would be disingenuous. All the countries, including Greece, affected by this Gold Calf / Cargo Cult malaise are democracies. People vote, don’t they? Alas, the responsibility for one’s own decision is something practically forgotten today, and if not forgotten, ignored.


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brisbane.192828th July, 1928 : Australian motorist and explorer Francis Birtles drove into Brisbane today in the most disreputable looking car seen in the city for many a day. And it has every right to be. For the car, with triumphant Birtles at the wheel, has completed an eight-month, 16,000 mile trip from London. Birtles had to cope with coolie tracks in India, covering only 30 miles in 28 days, and used caravan routes to avoid thieves in Iraq and Burma. He once ran out of sticks to boil the billy. He spent Christmas in hospital in India because of exposure. He made it.

[ No government grant? Shame! ]

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detroit.196727th July, 1967 : As paratroops from the 101st and 84th Airborne Divisions restored order in the riot-torn streets of Detroit, President Lyndon Johnson today announced the appointment of a high-level commission to look into the causes of the recent urban rioting in American cities. The Detroit riot began on July 24th when police were called to a noisy party at a “blind pig”, or illegal drinking shop. Relations between blacks and the police in Detroit have been poor since the race riot of 1943, and have deteriorated recently after two incidents in which black women were shot by policemen. Before the rioting was brought under control, at least 38 people had been shot.

While this is the most serious riot in recent years, rioting has broken out in dozens of US cities since 1964. Just this week, two were killed and many injured when thousands of Puerto Ricans looted shops in New York.

[ Obviously, Hussain Obama has still some work to do. But he is trying … ]

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26th July, 1921 : Spain is reeling from a devastating military defeat inflicted in Morocco by a young Berber leader, Abdel Krim, son of a tribal chief, who once served with the Spanish. The Mellila garrison of 2,000 me has been wiped out, and its C-in-C, General Silvestre, committed suicide to avoid capture. During the Great War the Germans gave Abdel Krim guns to fight the French; instead he has turned them on the Spanish and seems set to destabilise the Spanish position in Morocco. Silvestre was a friend of King Alfonso and his death is certain to have political repercussions at home.

[ Today Mellila is under another attack, assisted by the Left-wing simpletons. A.Krim was mentioned here before – Berberia in the autumn of Arab discontent and september memories/20 ]

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…from the quills of the dead white poets

Walt Whitman (1819 – 1892)


Thither as I look I see each result and glory retracing itself

and nestling close, always obligated,

Thither hours, months, years – thither trades, compacts,

establishments, even the most minute,

Thither every-day life, speech, utensils, politics, persons, estates;

Thither we also, I with my leaves and songs, trustful, admirant,

As a father to his father going takes his children along with him.

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Warmed up souvlaki

from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

The bankers, or rather some bankers, worry, many financial journalists worry, because everybody and his bitch (normally a dog, but no misogyny here…) is now an expert on finance, especially the Greek/EU finance, but the Greeks do not worry – Zeus, Marx or somebody will provide. It is all a big joke. No banker will be out of pocket whatever happens, not to mention jailed. Financial journalists will find another “issue” to be wrong about.

And as for the Greeks – after all, their mini-predicament is, as ever, somebody else’s fault– be it socialists, capitalists, EU socialists, EU, Germans and the oldie, but always a goodie – Jews. It seems that while blaming Jews is becoming increasingly fashionable, the numbers still favour the Germans. There is something to it; Germans should never allowed Greece to join European Union, and, after that glaring mistake, should have learned from it and not have compounded it by financing the Greek socialist experiment. So Germans can be blamed. from history or even from ancient myths is beyond the ability of most. Something called a Trojan horse was a Greek facsimile of a horse, akin to the manufactured accounts the Greek government presented as truthful to gain entry to the European Union. See where is Troja now. Today’s Greeks are as human as the ancient ones; fickle, venal, treacherous and I do not wish to start on their bad qualities. After all, it was not Persians, Jews, Germans etc. who forced Socrates to commit suicide. It was the Greeks, themselves, possible ancestors (genetic testing, anyone?) of the contemporary Greeks, who now, by voting for assorted socialists force the whole country to commit a suicide.

Or maybe not. Last June poll showed that 79% of Greeks wanted to stay with euro, thus proving that they reached the infantilism stage in which everything is always somebody else’s duty. The Greeks of old may or may not have “invented” democracy, but the modern ones certainly have forgotten that voting in democracy also means responsibility. And while I have no evidence that Greeks “invented” the cargo cult, they certainly have taken to it with their accustomed vigour – chant ‘Marx’, ‘socialism’, ‘social justice’, ‘no austerity’ loudly and often, and the goods will come from heaven (or celestial kingdom). So far it works, though warmed up souvlaki

No vision, or just a vision of Deus ex machina happy ending, is typical of any dying society. Pity the few remaining, normal, working Greeks*.quill.1

*/ I know my sarcasm is often too much for simple souls


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Barack’s list

from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

His “A” list of things to do seems to be successfully diminishing, getting down to “start a racial war” and “bankrupt USA”. His “B” list is doing well also:

One down – Charleston Shooting Confederate FlagOne up -

cuban.flag.upStill to go down -


And to go up –


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flagged.aus22nd July, 1911 : Fresh from their success in defeating the April referendum on Federal powers, two conservative leagues have formed the People’s Liberal Party. The Commonwealth Liberal Party and the People’s Party said today cooperation in the referendum had shown that union would be effective. Policies of the new party, to be based in Melbourne, will include a “vigorous immigration” programme, the maintenance of a “white Australia” and a strong defence and encouragement of “individual effort and private enterprise”.

[Alas, nothing resembling a conservative political party in Australia today. “Defence” and “individual effort and private enterprise” are dirty, non-PC words.]

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Hypocrisy of the illegal immigrants’ advocates

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

Oh so compassionate and merciful Left! Just as that proverbial Allah.

Somewhat old news, but the ABC 7.30 Report on 04-09-2013 out of 20,000 or so of illegal Muslim arrivals managed to pick up two from Iran, who somewhat reluctantly and most unconvincingly described themselves as non-Muslims. They were on the bowling alley outing. If my memory serves me right, the bowling is not exactly cheap. Who paid ? Benighted Australian taxpayer no doubt, either through the Social Security Department or the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. It was also made clear to the viewers that those specimens had been in constant telephone contacts with relatives in Iran. No fear there. And they are not out of their pocket for that – you are.

Migrants-in-MediterraneanThe Travel issue of The Economist (01-05-2015) attracted my attention in the library. Well, not exactly an official travel issue, but the front page featured the tourist advertisement “Europe’s boat people” and the back one, appropriately, the ad for Louis Vuitton luggage. The subtitle on the front page read – “A moral and political disgrace”. Not the disgrace of the Arab and African rulers, unable to provide their people with tolerable living conditions; or the disgrace of the people, who, being already over a half a century free of the white oppressors let themselves to be ruled by the oppressors of the same colour of skin, but, you guessed it, the disgrace of white Europeans.

I am not denying that there are genuine refugees, i.e. people who fulfil the definition as contained in Article 1 of UNHCR Convention and Protocol relating to the status of refugees. However, the wast majority of the current masses of illegal immigrants does not.

The above mentioned Economist’s article provided three, presumably the best examples:

As Ghanian welder sitting outside the café puts it, “Life is dangerous where ever you go. I could be killed on a building site here. So I go.”

It would seem he is employed, with time on his hands, (sitting outside a café), with fatalistic or adventurous tendencies. Shouldn’t he work for the prosperity of Ghana at home?

Daouda Boubacar … the 22-year-old waiter in a busy café on the outskirts of Bamako, the capital of Mali, is saving for a journey that will take him by bus to Gao in the north. From there he hopes to travel by lorry across the Sahara to Algeria and then Libya. That will open up the uncertain prospect of crossing the Mediterranean by boat in order to find a better paying job on the other side. He has saved $1,500 so far, he thinks he will need more than that.

Mali’s income per capita is estimated $1,100, so this young waiter is doing very well. Hardship? Does Europe need more waiters?

In Egypt Fares Albashawat also dreams of a passage to Europe. After being shot a number of times by forces loyal to Bashar Assad (presumably when at home watching Master Chef) he fled his native Syria for Lebanon. When word came that militants from Hizbullah were looking for him the family upped the sticks again, making it to Egypt in July 2013… Mr Albashawat, still suffering from his wounds, could travel no farther and has been seeking resettlement through the UN High Commissioner for Refugees… Around the beginning of April his wife, tired of the wait, chose to leave Alexandria and continue to Europe with their daughters.

This is the best the immense financial resources of The Economist, and I dare to say, its PC ill-will, could provide to support its claim that the European workers are morally obliged to finance the new arrivals. The problem is that the tear-jerker, it-is-your-moral-duty approach by the gaggle of politicians, periodistas and assorted third-rate academics, who will make sure that they themselves suffer no real detriment, creates amongst the normal people the wave of resentment in which genuine refugees will be caught.

The Green Senator Sarah Hanson-Young on her summer Mediterranean cruise looking for an about-to-drown-refugee personifies H. G. Wells’ statement: Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo.


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nicaragua.betrayed20th July, 1979 : General Anastasio Somoza Debayle, whose family has ruled Nicaragua since 1933, finally gave in today to the Sandinista rebels. He resigned and flew to exile. He left a country devastated by civil war with fighting still going on in parts of the country. Thousands of people have been killed over the last two months and half a million, one-fifth of the country’s population, have been displaced from their homes. Somoza claimed he had been ousted by a Communist conspiracy. In fact it was US officials who worked out a plan to replace Somoza by a five man junta including businessmen as well as Sandinistas. How long the Marxist Sandinistas will be able to work harmoniously with a business group, which is dedicated to fostering private enterprise, is very much a question.

[ From Wikipedia - The Sandinistas took power in July 1979. The Carter administration decided to work with the new government… In 1980, the Carter administration provided $60 million in aid to Nicaragua under the Sandinistas, but the aid was suspended when it obtained evidence of Nicaraguan shipment of arms to El Salvadoran rebels. …

Somoza was assassinated near his exile home on September 17, 1980. He was 54 years old. Somoza Debayle was ambushed by a seven-person Sandinista commando team (four men and three women). …

The Sandinista team had two Soviet-made machine guns, two AK-47 assault rifles, two automatic pistols, and an RPG-7 rocket launcher with four anti-tank grenades and two rockets. The leader was Argentinian Marxist revolutionary Enrique Gorriarán Merlo (code named “Ramon”), an ex-Ejército Revolucionario del Pueblo member. One of the team members said: “We cannot tolerate the existence of millionaire playboys while thousands of Latin Americans are dying of hunger. We are perfectly willing to give up our lives for this cause.”]

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Never seek to tell thy love

…from the quills of the dead white poets

William Blake (1757 – 1827)


Never seek to tell thy love
Love that never told could be;
For the gentle wind does move
Silently, invisibly.

I told my love, I told my love,
I told her all my heart,
Trembling, cold, in ghastly fears –
Ah, she doth depart.

Soon as she was gone from me
A traveller came by
Silently, invisibly –
O, was no deny. 
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16th July, 1935 : Duelling might be illegal, but an Englishman’s honour is not to be found wanting in defending his King’s name. So it was that a former English Army officer and a Russian fought with naked swords in Wellington, New Zealand. The Russian is reported to have insulted the King, and the officer, refusing to dirty his hands by striking him, offered to settle the matter by the sword. The challenge ended when the Russian collapsed with a sword run through his arm.

cross.swords[ Now, eighty years later, I doubt any officer would defend the honour of the Queen, or that of any elected representative. They wouldn’t know what ‘honour’ means. ]

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carter15th July, 1976 : The Democratic Convention in New York today chose former Governor Jimmy Carter of Georgia as Presidential candidate and approved Carter’s choice of Walter “Fritz” Mondale, a liberal from Minnesota, as his Vice-Presidential running-mate. In a harmonious Convention, Carter scored easily over Governor “Jerry” Brown of California and Rep “Mo” Udall of Arizona.

[ and the brave Americans elected the whimp as their President. His actions contradicted his rhetoric and the fact that the socialist enclave “honored” him, as well as Arafat, Kissinger, Al Gore, Obama etc, with the Nobel Peace Prize, speaks for itself. ]

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R3413th July, 1919 : The British airship R-34 landed in Norfolk today after the first two-way crossing of the North Atlantic by air. On board was the first transatlantic air stowaway, rigger William Ballantyne, who hid on board when he was dropped from the crew at the last moment. The R-34, with a crew of 30, left Edinburgh on July 2, arriving at Long Island, New York, on July 6, taking only slightly longer than the liner Mauretania to make the crossing. One member had to parachute to the ground on arrival to help anchor the airship.

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…from the quills of the dead white poets

Aleksander Pushkin (1799 – 1837)



Again clouds of the mute heavens
Came together o’er my head;
And again the karma, envious, 
Threatens me with future’s bad…
Should I scorn all fate’s intentions?
Should I bear her against
The great stubbornness and patience
Of my proud youthful years?

By my stormy living tired, 
I, indifferent, wait for storms:
Maybe, I’d, once more saved out,
Find a harbor in my roams.
But divining separation –
That appalling, fateful trice –
I squeeze your hand with such passion
As if this time were the last.

Merciful and peaceful angel,
Softly tell me ‘fare you well’,
Just be sad: let your look, gentle,
Gently rise or gently fell;
And this charming recollection,
In my heart, will hold a place
Of the strengths, pride, expectations
And imprudence of young years.

Translated by Yevgeny Bonver, October 6, 2004
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11th July, 1978 : Nearly 200 holidaymakers were killed today when a liquid gas tanker exploded in the middle of a crowded camp-site on the Spanish coast. Among 200 injured are many who are so badly burned they are not expected to survive. Most had been lazing in their swimwear in the afternoon sun. Some victims, who include British tourists, were hurled 100 yards into the sea by the force of the blast. It tore through the camping site leaving a deep crater 60 feet long. The disaster struck at San Carlos de la Rapita when the tanker lorry lost control on the main coast road and careered into tents and caravans parked in rows.

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9th July, 1929 : Twenty-four seamen died when two submarines collided in the Irish Sea while returning home on the surface from an exercise. One submarine, the H47, sank immediately in about 50 fathoms of water while the other, the L12, was able to limp into Milford Haven. Most of the dead were from the H47 but, by miracle, three men in its conning tower were thrown clear on impact and survived.

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The Greek theatre

from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

greek.masksThe world’s attention is still on the Greek summer pantomime, the Chinese economy goes through its own “readjustments“ and Australia is still borrowing $100 million a day. All is normal, nothing to worry about, but, not wishing to be again accused of being asleep at the keyboard, I throw my triobol worth in.

The Sunday Greek referendum reminded me of a passage in Jaroslav Hašek‘s The Good Soldier Švejk:

‘You have come for the money for that bill of exchange, if I am not mistaken?’ the chaplain asked his guest.

‘Yes, and I hope…’

The chaplain sighted.

‘A man is often brought into a situation where hope is the only thing left. How beautiful is that little word “hope”, from that three-leafed clover, which exalts man above the chaos of life: faith, hope, charity.’

‘I hope, chaplain, that sum…’

‘Of course, worthy sir,’ the chaplain interrupted him. ‘Allow me to repeat once more, that the word “hope” is a great strength to man in his struggle with life. And you don’t lose hope. How wonderful it is to have a definite ideal, to be innocent, clean being, who lends money on bills of exchange and has the hope that he will be paid back at the right time. To hope, to hope unremittingly that I shall pay you twelve hundred crowns, when I haven’t even a hundred in my pocket!’

And later:

Švejk returned in a moment with the obstinate man who stared sullenly in front of him.

‘Sit down,’ the chaplain invited him politely. ‘We’re just finishing our supper. We’ve had lobster, salmon and now fried eggs and ham as well. We have marvellous blow-outs when people lend us money.’

‘I hope that I am not here just for your amusement,’ said the sullen man. “This is the third time I’ve come. I hope now that everything will be explained.’

It was not and no money were returned, just in case you are an EU politician and are wondering.

I suspect that nobody plans a similar referendum in Germany. After all, the Turks at least were going to Germany to work and then send the money home. The Greeks could not be bothered. Money kept coming directly. Certainly, the Greeks of old gave us, the Western civilisation, a lot, and after all this Antisthenes fellow was probably a Greek, but those giving Greeks are long time dead. Now we have taking Greeks, who are ethnically, linguisticaly and culturally somewhat different.

According to the World Bank, Greece’s labor participation rate is only 53%. It’s hard for private industry to take advantage of an underemployed populace because government regulations and powerful unions make it difficult for new job-creating businesses to get off the ground.

“Among those obstacles are the role the government plays in many sectors of the economy — either through outright ownership of assets, such as a utility; price controls; and high barriers to entry, such as strict limitations on the number of players in a profession, and/or difficult licensing requirements, according to the McKinsey report. Add to all that very tough labor restrictions on large enterprises. The result is that very few businesses have been able to get started or grow in size…”

Then there are pension problems, which are even worse than the ones we have in the United States.

“The Greek Reporter notes that according to the data, almost 75 percent of Greek pensioners retire before the age of 61″ and “according to the IMF, pensions account for around 17 percent of the country’s GDP.”

Greece has also been running a deficit four times bigger than EU members are allowed to have by law and papering it over with phony statistics.” [Thank Goodness the Stupid, Socialist Greeks said ‘No’ to a Bailout!]

This is not to suggest that all Greeks are the socialism tainted takers. Even in that farcical referendum, almost 40% of them voted for reforms and austerity.

As Ludwig von Gress mentioned in Borrow, borrow, till you drop: Do not ask for whom the drachma tinkles – it tinkles for thee. For the time being it seems the bankers’ mafia decided that as long as the German taxpayer stays docile, all the house of cards needs is a drop of super-glue / hope.


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sherlock7th July, 1930 : Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who died of a heart attack today, was the creator of an immortal Sherlock Holmes, but he set far more value on preaching immortality through spiritualism. He spent £250,000 of his earnings on doing so around the world. What would Holmes have said of such beliefs? But Doyle was a great all rounder: a doctor, reporter (of both Boer and Great Wars), cricketer (who played for the MCC), divorce reformer, and campaigner against miscarriages of justice.

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Sharia at the end of that rainbow

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

rainbow.skyOh, the so called unintended consequences, which may (or may not) be unintended by the primary actors, but are entirely foreseeable by a kindergarten child (of old, not one of the today’s wrap-in-cotton-wool and kill-the-spirit variety) and surprise, surprise, may be very much intended by the secondary actors, formerly called eminences grise, now just the ‘enablers’ or financiers. This, somewhat long sentence, brings me to those marriages.

If the media are to be believed the homosexuals worldwide are celebrating the recent US Supreme Court decision on marriages. I have some doubts, though I could claim expertise neither on homosexuality, nor on a marriage; both leave me cold. There is no doubt that the media, in or out of closet, are almost all rejoicing, but the ordinary non-heterosexuals of non-militant variety? They want to live quiet lives.

I intend no moral, historical or theological discourse here though you could ponder why those who since the Gramsci’s times denigrated and undermined the institution of the marriage suddenly discovered that it is such an unalienable human right. You could also ponder what sort of pseudo-Christians took over the churches, and are now busy reinterpreting the Old and the New Testament for the poor, benighted souls who hitherto believed that the anal intercourse is not the God’s preferred way. If you come to the conclusion that all that brouhaha has nothing to do with marriages, sexual practices, taxation or human “rights”, but power, you could be right.

isis.homosex.murderThe ostensible victors may yet receive a surprise wedding anniversary present. It seems they never stopped to wonder why their “struggle” methods mirror those of the Islamic minority in the West. They never wondered why they have all this support and financial assistance from so unlikely sources as the Arab/Muslim states. Well, with the government imprimatur the same sex marriages, just as those old-fashioned ones, will have to be officially registered, which today means available to anyone with access to internet. Recorded for posterity, there will be no need for mullahs to inspect posteriors.


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