20th September, 1939 : One of the unfortunate consequences of the new state of war with the Axis power is that a number of people have became virtual prisoners in Australia. Among them are the angelic choristers of Vienna Boys Choir, who have been charming audiences around Australia with their singing. Unlike some aliens, who face internment under new regulations, and other visitors, who are having difficulty finding transport, these choirboys are being looked on with leniency. It is expected that they will be put into boarding school and will be in demand to create the best church choir in Australia.

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hamamarskjold 19th September, 1961 : The DC6 airliner carrying Dag Hammarskjold, the UN Secretary-General, was approaching Ndola Airport in Northern Rhodesia early yesterday when, without warning, it plunged to earth, tearing a wide swathe through the bush. Thirteen of the 14 passengers died, including Hammarskjold. The UN Secretary-General had been flying to Ndola to meet Mr Tshombe, the Katanga leader, who fled to Northern Rhodesia when UN forces mounted their controversial action to end Katanga secession. The Western powers have been highly critical of this operation, and Hammarskjold himself believed it should never have been launched. He had written to Tshombe, agreeing to a meeting to work out a cease-fire.

But the sole survivor of the crash, an American security guard, said Hammarskjold had changed his mind about landing at Ndola, and told the pilot to alter the course. Soon afterwards there was an explosion and the plane went down.

[Was his death a crash or a conspiracy?]

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 18th September, 1982 : Lebanese Christian militia yesterday began a bloody massacre in the Palestinian refuge camps of Sabra and Chatila in West Beirut. Hundreds have been killed in the slaughter which was carried out in revenge for the assassination of Bashir Gemayel, the President-elect of Lebanon. Men, women and children were ruthlessly shot down and their bodies lie in hideous piles in the main streets of the camps. Whole families were dragged out of their houses and butchered. The Israeli Army is being blamed for allowing the killers to go about their dreadful work. The first reaction of the Israelis is to deny involvement; they say they allowed the right-wing Phalangists into camps to search for Palestinian guerrillas.

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paris.bomb.86 17th September, 1986 : A bomb hurled from a speeding BMW car into a Paris department store today killed four and wounded 44, including many children. “This is a bloody massacre,” said a fireman as panic broke out in the busy Left Bank street. It was a fifth bomb in a week-long Arab terrorist onslaught which has shaken Parisians. Last week Jacques Chirac, the Prime Minister, announced tough new measures against terrorism. Visas are now required for all non-EEC visitors, and armed soldiers patrol the Paris streets.

[ We have been announcing tough new measures against terrorism for quite long time now.]

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Mere monsters

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

 British Prime Minister David Cameron – “They are killing and slaughtering thousands of people… they boast of their brutality… they claim to do this in the name of Islam, that is nonsense, Islam is a religion of peace. They are not Muslims, they are monsters“.

Those pseudo conservative politicians don’t read much, do they? Or are they really so stupid?

 From Sharia for Dummies:

  •  Jihad defined as “ to war against non-Muslims to establish the religion” is the duty of every Muslim.

  • A Caliph can hold office through seizure of power, meaning through force.

  • A Caliph is exempt from being charged with serious crimes such as murder, adultery, robbery, theft, drinking, and in some cases of rape.

  • A percentage of Zakat (alms) must go towards jihad.

  • It is obligatory to obey the commands of the Caliph, even if he is unjust.

  • A Muslim who leaves Islam must be killed immediately.

  • A Muslim will be forgiven for murder of (1) an apostate;(2) an adulterer; (3) a highway robber.
  • A Muslim will not get the death penalty if he kills a non-Muslim.

  • Sharia dictates death by stoning, beheading, amputation of limbs, flogging and other forms of cruel and unusual punishments even for crimes of sin such as adultery.

  • Non-Muslims are not equal to Muslims and must comply to Sharia if they are to remain safe. They are forbidden to marry Muslim women, publicly display wine or pork, recite their scriptures or openly celebrate their religious holidays or funerals. They are forbidden from building new churches or building them higher than mosques. They may not enter a mosque without permission.

  • It is a crime for a non-Muslim to sell weapons to someone who will use them against Muslims. Non-Muslims cannot curse a Muslim, say anything derogatory about Allah, the Prophet, or Islam, or expose the weak points of Muslims.

  • A non-Muslim cannot inherit from a Muslim.

  • Banks must be Sharia-compliant, with interest not allowed.

  • No testimony in court is acceptable from people of low-level jobs. Women in such low-level jobs cannot keep custody of their children in case of divorce.

  • A non-Muslim cannot rule over a non-Muslim minority.

  • Homosexuality is punishable by death.

  • There is no age limit for marriage of girls under Sharia. The marriage contract can take place anytime after birth and consummated at age 8 or 9.

  • Rebelliousness on the part of the wife nullifies the husband’s obligation to support her.

  • Divorce is only in the hands of the husband, and is easy as saying “I divorce you.”

  • There is no common property between husband and wife, and the husband’s property does not automatically go to the wife after his death.

  • A woman inherits half of what a man inherits.

  • A man has the right to have up to four wives, a wife has no right to divorce him even if he is polygamous.

  • The dowry is given in exchange for the woman’s sexual organs.

  • The testimony of a woman in court is half the value of a man.

  • A woman loses custody if she remarries.

  • To prove rape, a woman must have four male witnesses.

  • A Muslim woman must cover every inch of her body, which is considered Awrah — a sexual organ. Some schools of Sharia allow the face to be exposed, others don’t.

  • A Muslim man is forgiven if he kills his wife caught in the act of adultery.

No problem then, they are just monsters.


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16th September, 1959 : In a dramatic television address to the nation, President de Gaulle tonight offered the people of Algeria the right to choose their political future by referendum. Within four years of peace being restored, they could vote for the constitution of their choice. He defined peace as a time when fewer than 200 people a year died through terrorism. He said that three options faced Algeria. She may secede from France, choose to be integrated with it, or decide, as he recommended, upon independence in close association with France. This bold plan is bound to raise a storm of hostility among resentful French Army officers, the settler population and their allies in France. Nor will it satisfy the rebels.

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 sunset-7-BeautifulFreePictures.com15th September, 1967 : Infantry on the ground, walking in the pouring rain or intense heat; struggling across swollen rivers and paddy fields or tearing their way through thorny bamboo or jungle. Patrols, patrols and then more patrols – this is the life of Anzacs in Phuoc Tuy Province, Vietnam. They are 3,000 men up against a “hidden” enemy of some 6,000, a force which can erupt at any time. The battle of Long Tan started with the sounds of a rock concert at Nui Dat base coming through the rubber trees. Such is the uncertainty of life. In that action, fought in torrential rain in a rubber plantation, an Australian company was outnumbered 10 to 1, but withstood a hail of fire to hold off the Viet Cong troops.

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A Double Ballad of Good Counsel

…from the quills of the dead white poets

Francois Villon (1431 – 1463)

Now take your fill of love and glee,

And after balls and banquets hie;

In the end ye’ll get no good for fee,

But just heads broken by and by;

Light loves make beasts of men that sigh;

They changed the faith of Solomon,

And left not Samson lights to spy;

Good luck has he that deals with none!

Sweet Orpheus, lord of minstrelsy,

For this with flute and pipe came nigh

The danger of the dog’s heads three

That ravening at hell’s door doth lie;

Fain was Narcissus, fair and shy,

For love’s love lightly lost and won,

In a deep well to drown and die;

Good luck he has that deals with none!

Sardana, flower of chivalry,

Who conquered Crete with horn and cry,

For this was fain a maid to be

And learn with girls the thread to ply;

King David, wise in prophecy,

Forgot the fear of God for one

Seen washing either shapely thigh;

Good luck has he that deals with none!

For this did Amnon, craftily

Feigning to eat of cakes of rye,

Deflower his sister fair to see,

Which was foul incest; and hereby

Was Herod moved, it is no lie,

To lop the head of Baptist John

For dance and jig and psaltery;

Good luck has he that deals with none!

Next of myself I tell, poor me,

How thrashed like clothes at wash was I

Stark naked, I must needs agree;

Who made me eat so sour a pie

But Katherine of Vauelles? thereby

Noé took third part of that fun;

Such wedding-gloves are ill to buy;

Good luck has he that deals with none!

But for that young man fair and free

To pass those young maids lightly by,

Nay, would you burn him quick, not he;

Like broom-horsed witches though he fry,

They are sweet as civet in his eye;

But trust them, and you’re fooled anon;

For white or brown, and low and high,

Good luck has he that deals with none!

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 leeb13th September, 1941 : The most intense fighting is taking place round Leningrad where Field Marshal von Leeb has thrown the entire weight of his forces against the city defenders. The fighting is taking place in driving rain, which turns the dirt roads into quagmires, holding up the panzers as they charge the Russian defences. Despite the rain, great air battles are taking place over the city, with the British-built Hurricanes and Spitfires, flown by crack Russian pilots, taking great toll of the Stukas trying to knock out Soviet strong-points and airfields. The Germans are throwing their best men and material into the Battle of Leningrad, desperate to take the city before the winter sets in.

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Intrepid Obama

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger The Leader of the formerly Free World finally managed to take a few minutes off his golf practice and duly read a speech for television cameras about something he never thinks much about, i.e. Islam terrorism. On the positive side, so that I can’t be accused of constant harping, I admit he managed to read the stuff on his Teleprompter without stumbling over unusual words (like freedom) even once. Otherwise: try hard as I can, I am unable to put it as politely as Michelle Malkin –

 “To call the Obama administration’s trifling gestures a “bump in the road” to Islamic domination would be an overstatement of astronomic proportions. The bloodless words of the White House are rhetorical pebbles.

While Barack Obama singles out ISIS jihad gangsters for a $5 billion kabuki counterterrorism campaign, he continues to subsidize Hamas terrorists.

He has freed countless al-Qaida recidivists from the very Gitmo detention facility he vowed to shut down to appease international jihad enablers of the Kumbaya/Coexist coalition.

 Elsewhere she writes:

 “Allah’s animals can’t stop. They won’t stop. Sura 9:5, the verse of the sword, commands them to “slay the idolators wherever you find them, and take them, and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush.” No “pagan” throat is safe: American soldiers, worldly journalists, innocent schoolgirls, Jewish teenage boys and Christian missionaries alike are all targets of Sura 47′s call to “smite the necks” of the unbelievers.

Now our impuissant president sees fit, after two laggard terms in office, to unveil a “plan” for “degrading and ultimately destroying” the Muslim terrorists of ISIS.”

 Her whole article The Jihadists’ eternal plan is here, well worth reading. She ends with:

 “Appeasement and empty threats are no deterrence. They will not stop trying to outdo 9/11 — unless, through our deadly adherence to political correctness, apathy, amnesia, open borders and sloth, we do ourselves in first.

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12th September, 1950 : The man who found a new name for the British Empire has died yesterday in South Africa. Jan Christian Smuts, the Boer farmer’s son who became a guerrilla leader, statesman and British Field Marshal, was 80. After taking a Double First in law at Cambridge University, he went back to fight against the British in the Boer War, afterward becoming a staunch friend when Britain gave independence to South Africa. In 1917 at a dinner given for him by both Houses of Parliament, he spoke of the British Dominions as “this community of nations, which I prefer to call the British Commonwealth of Nations”.

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More human rights for some

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

 The water in Detroit is again free, or perhaps not. (Another incorruptible US Federal judge is about to decide) Detroit, a formerly flourishing city in America, is now the perfect, tangible, i.e. bricks and mortar, example of Obama’s achievements. Sure, the denizens voted for him and allegedly 40% of Americans still like him. Obviously, when one treats the low IQ population with the high intensity propaganda the socialists can rule almost forever.

The place was mentioned here last year: Fog of Chaos – Detroit, Detroit. It is not getting any better, though the majority of Detroit’s retired civil servants agreed to accept reduced pensions (another judge willing). The other, perhaps not so fat cats, still living in the disaster area, decided not to pay for their water and other municipal services. After all, free potable water is a human right, yet another one. We have so many rights now that nobody has time to worry about any duties. They are somebody else’s problem, preferably of the top 1%.

h2o.human.rightOver 80,000 (some more militant media claim 150,000) households were threaten with the shut off. Immediately, a trade union, National Nurses United, organised a protest march, “Lack of water, like unsafe sanitation, is a major health disaster that can lead to disease outbreaks and pandemic.” That’s true, though she (Jean Ross, vice-president) forgot to mention a climate change. Presumably the unionised nurses in Detroit are all working on an unpaid, voluntary basis. United Nations, that intrepid dispenser of the other people’s money, described the shutting-off water to non-payers as a human rights violation.

Another fearless advocate of human rights, Al Jazeera opined:

Detroit’s bankruptcy and subsequent state-run emergency management system are not excuses to suspend human rights. In the age of growing privatization of public services in the U.S., it is more important than ever for Americans to assert that their fundamental rights are not for sale. International human rights laws have explicit standards regarding access to water. “

I admit I have some problem with that. Firstly – it means that the responsible people, those paying the municipal charges, are subsidising others, who elected not to.


Secondly – the notion that the residents can not afford to pay is laughable. Those unemployed and unemployable allegedly have no money for water, but presumably enough for drugs, sex and alcohol. Judging by the photographs of the demonstrators and customers, they certainly do not lack food, in fact, one could be forgiven for believing that they suffer from a surfeit of it. They also have enough money for ‘human rights’ lawyers, posters, TV media shots and T-shirts. If not them, somebody has. Soros?

Thirdly – water is not free.

The cost of supplying water varies significantly between western and developing nations, but prices are rising all around the world. Providing access to clean drinking water requires the construction and maintenance of a robust system that also disposes and treats dirty water. These services are among the most expensive public services and it is the developing nations that are suffering the most. Typically, their sanitation systems are of a low standard and they do not have the finances to develop the infrastructure. 

In developed nations there is a significant variation in the price of water, ranging from the lowest cost in Canada to costs which are five times as high in Germany.3 The differences in price reflect the capital and operating costs as well as cost of cleaning the water. The most expensive water in the world is in Copenhagen, whereas water in Ireland is relatively cheap as the costs of water delivery is covered by property taxes. The table below shows some of the variation in prices across developed nations.

Country Dollars per M3
Germany $1.91
Denmark $1.64
Belgium $1.54
Netherlands $1.25
France $1.23
UK and Northern Ireland $1.18
Italy $0.76
Finland $0.69
Ireland $0.63
Sweden $0.58
Spain $0.57
USA $0.51
Australia $0.50
South Africa $0.47
Canada $0.40

Somebody had to dig, make pumps, make pipes, make electricity etc. before we can turn on that tap. Free access to the product of somebody else’s labour is now a human right?

If this is really a matter for UN, what about my human right? In Queensland, and undoubtedly elsewhere in Australia, a farmer can’t make a dam on his property to catch rain water without a permit from bureaucrats. Can I dig a well or make a dam when I want to? On my own land? No, certainly not, not without

Application for licence to interfere with flow by impounding water $113.60 (no GST applicable)

Furthermore, all those Departments of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection Agencies and such like, are infested by semi-educated greenies, hating farmers, industry and humanity in general. One has to beg them for a permit/privilege.

I am not suggesting that those thirsty and unwashed Detroitians try to dig wells. They would not know one end of a spade from another to start with. They also lack the required communal spirit. See Fog of Chaos – The well dug well.

Yes, Virginia, there are different strokes for different folks.quill.1

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 10th September, 1981 : Norm Gallagher, the Secretary of the Builders’ Labourers Federation, and professed champion of the workers, has feathered his own nest to the tune of $100,000, a Royal Commission into the Federation was told today. The counsel assisting the Commission, Peter O’Callaghan, QC, said property developers paid for work worth about $100,000 on beach houses for Mr Gallagher and his son. The Commission is inquiring into whether the union or any part of it has been used for illegal, improper or corrupt purposes, and whether any officials or members have demanded or received rewards beyond normal duties.

[Grace Collier, August 2014 : Recent events in the royal commission into union malfeasance may have left people confused. Is Kathy Jackson a villain or a hero? Who is good, who is bad, what is the truth? More important, how do union officials have so much money and what can we do to prevent union corruption?

The truth about Jackson and all other union people is this: there is no such thing as a “bad unionist” or a “good unionist”. It is naive to categorise union officials as one type or another. Although most people enter the union movement with good intentions, sections of the union movement, when it comes to ethics, are a sewer, and it is impossible to swim in a sewer without getting filthy. We shouldn’t expect union whistleblowers to be squeaky clean.

For the uninitiated, the easiest way to tell if a union is at risk of corruption is to assess two factors: supply and demand.

First, is the union affiliated to the Labor Party? If so, then the demand factor is present. The people running the union need lots of money to buy votes within the ALP, support takeovers of other unions so their ALP votes can be controlled, play factional power games and fund a political career.

Second, consider the characteristics of the industry with which the union deals.

Do the employers have the ability to hand out money? If so, then the supply factor is present. For example, a union servicing the public sector is unlikely to be riddled with corruption simply because managers in the public sector just don’t have the latitude to give money to union officials, whereas managers in, say, a construction company do.

So, if a union is ALP-affiliated and operates in a sector in which employers have the means to hand out money, then the union will be almost certainly engaging in corrupt activity. …/ whole article The Australian ]

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If Obama had sons…

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

 They would look like them -

or like him –


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 sunset-7-BeautifulFreePictures.com9th September, 1988 : Australian voters today rejected four referendum questions dealing with four-year Parliamentary terms, ensuring one vote one value in elections, and proposed reforms in local government, jury trials, freedom of religion, and in compensation for Government acquisition of property.

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Vociferous feminists

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

The feminists movers and shakers are steadfastly silent on the Islam treatment of women in general, recent ISIS misogynist atrocities in particular; and the recently outed, though long-lasting (over 16 years) Islamic rape and sexual abuse industry in Rotherdam, UK. Some semi-conservative commentators expressed a surprise, or at least feigned a surprise. It should be no surprise at all, considering the ideological origins of the feminist movement, integrity and intelligence of its leaders, and the politically correct spinelessness of the Western media.

f37ccbb6_cHM6KzAwMDAwMDA1NWExYWI1NGE_96c96_ffffff00Hardly any journalist will bother to ask, for example, Julia Gillard what happened to her promise to fight misogyny everywhere. When Julia had her anti-misogyny hissy-fit in the Parliament, a female in charge of Macquarie Dictionary had to redefine ‘misogyny’. Now she would have to redefine ‘violence’ to exclude “chastisement of women sanctioned by the ageless Islamic practice and Koran”. Since her dishonest diatribe, Julia apparently has forgotten what she had said; likely some man wrote her “blue ties” speech. Certainly she has not practised what she so vociferously preached. See “Julia Gillard set to embrace misogynist illegal Islamic jihadist hatefest in Melbourne.”

The other gauleiters of the Pink brigade [Fog of Chaos - The Pink Brigade - August 2012] are silent in solidarity. Michelle Obama couldn’t even bring herself Continue reading

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 8th September, 1967 : A protest about the Queensland Government crackdown on protests has turned nasty in Brisbane. Police have arrested 107 people and used strong-arm tactics in their attempt to break up a march on the city by 3,500 students and staff from the Queensland University’s St Lucia campus, six miles away. Demonstration follows Government regulations which require groups to apply for a permit before holding any public meeting in the city.

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The Unwashed Russia

…from the quills of the dead white poets

 Mikhail Lermontov (1814 – 1841)

Forever you, the unwashed Russia!
The land of slaves the land of lords:
And you, the blue-uniformed ushers,
And people who worship them as gods.

I hope, from your tyrannic hounds
To save me with Caucasian wall:
From their eye, that sees through ground,
From their ears, that hear all.

Translated from Russian by Yevgeny Bonver, 1990
Poor Mikhail wouldn't have to change a word today.

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Flight to nowhere

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

 When I heard that MH17 Malaysia plane crashed in Ukraine my first thought was – how long before CIA is blamed? I didn’t have to wait long. I turned on the TV and flipped through the channels.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s coverage was predictably despicable. There is not only bias, but also incompetence. I think I mentioned it before, but the Australia’s Left propaganda practitioners would not last a minute in TASS of unblessed memory. [yes, I did: Fog of Chaos – Spirit of Compromise “...the obscenely overpaid, severely unprofessional hacks, who, by the way, would be unemployable in the offices of Pravda, TASS or Izvestia of unlamented memory for their propagandising would be too inane for a literate nation.”] The commercial media are infested with second-rate leftists, barely capable of honestly reporting traffic accidents. Thus the Spanish Telediario, re-broadcast in Australia with approximately 12 hours delay, reported things which the ABC News 24 channel proudly claimed as the “breaking news” the next day. Simply, if you rely on the Australian media, you will live in blissful ignorance and vote Labor for ever after.

It didn’t take long and the international socialist directive arrived, helped of course by Abbott’s grandstanding – for our media whatever Abbott does or says Continue reading

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6th September, 1983 : The Soviet Union admitted tonight that military chiefs ordered a fighter pilot to “stop the flight” of Korean Airlines’ Boeing 747 flight 007. The Kremlin hopes the statement will ease the tension with the West following the missile attack on the aircraft as it flew over Sakhalin Island off Siberia, with the loss of 269 lives last week. The USSR claims the aircraft was on a spy flight over sensitive military installations, but has so far come up with a variety of excuses for blasting it out of the sky.

[Nowadays, the Western media can make up the variety of excuses for shooting an Asian civilian aircraft all by themselves.]

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