27th January, 1913 : Jim Thorpe, dubbed “the greatest athlete in the world” after his crushing victories at the Stockholm Olympics last year, was today stripped of his decathlon and pentathlon gold medals by the Olympics Committee. In the wake of newspaper revelations, Thorpe has admitted being paid $25 a week to play minor league baseball in North Carolina in 1909 and 1910, when he was already renowned as a top-class college footballer. The admission confirms Thorpe as a “professional” and so ineligible for the Olympics. The US Amateur Athletic Union have stricken his name from all record books, though the runners-up in the two events which he won so well have refused to accept the trophies in his place.

[ How many medals would have to be returned today if the rule still applied?

From Wikipedia: James Francis “Jim” Thorpe (Sac and Fox (Sauk): Wa-Tho-Huk, translated as “Bright Path”; May 28, 1888 – March 28, 1953) was an American athlete of Native American and European ancestry. Considered one of the most versatile athletes of modern sports, he won Olympic gold medals for the 1912 pentathlon and decathlon, played American football (collegiate and professional), and also played professional baseball and basketball. He lost his Olympic titles after it was found he was paid for playing two seasons of semi-professional baseball before competing in the Olympics, thus violating the amateurism rules that were then in place. In 1983, 30 years after his death, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) restored his Olympic medals. ]

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 …from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

I guess that when, on 26th January 1788, the so called “First Fleet” of British soldiers and convicts landed here, the southern Aborigine bands welcomed the opportunity for expansion of commerce, hitherto restricted to their northern brethren, who traded their women for tobacco with Makassan trepangers; incidentally both articles of a short term pleasure and long term problems.

It was the idea fermented in the febrile and putrid minds of our semi-educated, Marxist academics, almost 200 years later, who directed the activist Aborigines to call that date an “Invasion Day” or “Survival Day”; the latter, of course, being nicely ironic. For if it was Spanish, French or, God forbid, Portuguese coming here, the Aborigines would follow the mega-fauna’s evolutionary path*. Aborigines should thank God for Cook.

One should not blame the real Aborigines for the “Invasion Day” idiocy. Thanks to the above mentioned ill-meaning academics, their literacy is getting worse:

…most damning evidence came from the indigenous Kardu Numida Council (Wadeye). In 1998, it gave the following estimate of its constituents’ literacy and numeracy skills -

40 -60-years-olds: good literacy, fair numeracy skills;

25 -40-years-olds: poor literacy, poor numeracy;

under 25: nil literacy, nil numeracy.” / from Learning Lessons via White Out

This is not too surprising. Those twenty-five years old were born in 1973; the Whitlam’s Labor government was elected in 1972. Before it was constitutionally dismissed in 1975 it managed to mess up a lot.” / Aboriginal literacy and its enemies / The situation is even worse today.

All the more reasons for us, but especially for the remaining Aborigines, to reminisce over the old times, not-so-good, but definitely better than those coming:

*/ As the most non-PC scientists admits, the extinction of mega-fauna and conversion of the vast areas of the continent to deserts can be safely attributed to the arrival of tribes from what is now called Indonesia and their fire-stick hunting methods.quill.1

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Australia Day tomorrow

 “Australians are being encouraged to sing the national anthem together at noon on Australia Day as part of a new campaign. The National Australia Day Council (NADC) wants the nation to stop and join a swell of voices singing Advance Australia Fair.”

When Australia decided to ditch God Save the Queen as the national anthem, the majority of citizens, me included, wanted Waltzing Matilda instead. However, the song is not pompous and thus the politicians ruled otherwise. Here is one of the lesser known versions, from Czechoslovakia:

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Guns and dolls

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

green.roseNot so long ago, one of the leading members of the Green party intellectual powerhouse discovered that Barbie dolls* lead to domestic violence (against women, I think she meant). So Muslims grew up with Barbie dolls? ABC’s feminist cabal will be pleased – violence against Muslim women has nothing to do with Islam.

GREENS Senator Larissa Waters has urged Christmas shoppers to rethink buying bright pink jewellery or dolls for little girls, linking gender-stereotyped toys to domestic violence and pay inequality.

The minor party’s gender spokeswoman has endorsed the ‘No Gender December’ campaign, set up by grassroots group Play Unlimited, which calls on retailers to stop using old-fashioned gender stereotypes as marketing ploys this Christmas.”

You may laugh, but those toys will be banned, sooner or later, with the almost certain help of the Abbott’s assembly of appeasers; and, I am sorry to say, with the help of your apathy.

Some could say it is a marketing ploy to get the name of a hitherto unknown politician into the media, which are as ever on the lookout for a politician making a fool out of himself. Of course, being a female and of the Left she almost missed out – they get a free pass, normally.

I was wrong – she did get her name in the news previous to her latest stunt -

GREENS Senator Larissa Waters spent a whopping $414,000 to fit out her trendy Paddington office – more than any of her Queensland political colleagues at the time.

The office, on the top floor of a pristine-condition, split-level building on Given Tce, includes a rooftop patio with timber outdoor furniture and artificial turf.”

Artificial turf – very fitting for a member of the artificial environmental (and real red) party. Do they make astroturf in pink?

It seems that there is not a subject under the sun, and beyond, the Greens are not thoroughly ignorant of. As the party and its followers comprise mostly teachers (with unhealthy sprinkling of lawyers, public servants and other parasites) they embody a solid argument for home schooling. I often wonder why they are taken seriously – perhaps the media hacks are awed by the IQs so superior to theirs.

Dolls, coral reefs, hockey sticks, turf – and firearms. Firearms, there they really shine; a baboon backside comes to mind. About firearms they are so ignorant they could write for The Age and talk on the Australian Broadcasting Commissariat programmes. Only a sick joke; they do.

For example, last year Greens Senator Penny Wright instigated a costly “Inquiry into the ability of Australian law enforcement authorities to eliminate gun-related violence in the community”. She claimed that “there is a very persistent misconception out there that most illegal guns are smuggled into the country, when in fact nearly all illegal guns are stolen”.

You can bet that no media checked her false statement when she made it in September 2014, and hardly any media reported the substance of the testimony of Detective Chief Superintendent of NSW Police Ken Finch before the Inquiry in October 2014 – “ majority of illegal self-loading handguns, firearms of choice by organised crime, are illegally imported into Australia and that firearm crime can be pinpointed to a few suburbs in Sydney”. Every “islamophobe” knows which suburbs were tactfully not mentioned. So does every Labor politician whose electorates cover those suburbs. Seventy percent of Australia’s organised crime is organised by people overseas. Detective Superintendent Peter De Santo of Victoria Police stated the obvious (to all but Greens, Labor and media) “if a criminal wants a firearm then he will get one”.

Penny Wright expressed her desire for “alarms as a requirement for all firearms storage facilities”, including rural properties. One doubts she ever visited a farm or seen a map of Australia. It has not occurred to her that the alarm battery may get flat before a policewoman fills out the required form and gets there.

And those clowns are trying to pretend they are a serious, responsible alternative to the main parties.


*/A guy was driving home one evening when he suddenly realises that it is his daughter’s birthday and that he hasn’t bought her anything. Out the corner of his eye he sees a shopping mall. Knowing it was “now or never”, he pulls his car through three lanes of traffic, finds a parking bay and runs into the mall.

After a frantic search he finds a toy store, goes inside and attracts the attention of a shop assistant. When asked what he would like, he simply says “a Barbie doll”. The shop assistant looks at him in the particularly condescending manner that only shop assistants can muster up and asks “Which Barbie would that be, sir?”

The man looks surprised so the assistant continues “We have Barbie Goes the Gym for $19.95, Barbie Goes to the Ball for $19.95, Barbie Goes Shopping for $19.95, Barbie Goes to the Beach for $19.95, Barbie Goes Night Clubbing for $19.95, and Divorced Barbie for $265.00″

The man can’t help himself and asks “why is Divorced Barbie $265.00 when all the other Barbies are selling for $19.95?”

“That’s obvious!” the assistant exclaims, “Divorced Barbie comes with Ken’s house, Ken’s car, Ken’s furniture ….

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Sad slide


In 1950 Australia’s GDP was fifth in the world; after USA, Switzerland, New Zealand and Venezuela. Ten years later, in 1960, we were ninth, and in 2012 thirteenth, just ahead of Spain (which happened to be fifteenth in 1960). Spain is supposedly doing so badly.

Gross Domestic Product, of course, is one thing, and the cost of living another:

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22nd January, 1901 : Queen Victoria is dead. She died today at Osborne, her seaside home in the Isle of Wight. She was 82 and had reigned for 64 years, a lifetime in which industry transformed Great Britain and which saw a growth of the British Empire to all corners of the globe.

sunset-7-BeautifulFreePictures.comVictoria was the first British Queen to reign since Anne, more than a century earlier. She was only 18 when she ascended the throne. Victoria was born and brought up at Kensington Palace, the daughter of the impoverished Duke of Kent. In 1840 she married Prince Albert from the German Duchy of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. They had nine children.

During her reign she saw 12 prime ministers come and go. Disraeli was her favourite. One cause of tension between Downing Street and the Palace was the sheer length of her reign. It gave her unprecedented insight into government, and she did not hesitate to advise her ministers, particularly in her later years.

The Queen had travelled to more parts of Britain than her predecesors, using the steam railways which linked the rapidly growing cities. Her death, coming at the dawn of the new century, marks the end of an era and she will be widely mourned.

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Europe’s crisis

Ludwig von Gress

The year 2015, for the rapidly diminishing civilized parts of the world, does not seem to start well. With Africa just about written off despite Michelle’s hash-tags; and with USA reeling under the Obama’s executive whip, hardly any experienced observer still hope for resurrection of Europe’s will to live, however vaguely defined. Whether it is Mr Galak writing in Quadrant about the soon-to-be Judenfrei Europe, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo intending to sue Fox News for the channel’s “defamatory” coverage of “no-go zones” for non-Muslims, or Mr Friedman writing about Europe’s euro-mint, the prognosis is dire.

George Friedman – The European Union, Nationalism and the Crisis of Europe

Last week, I wrote about the crisis of Islamic radicalism and the problem of European nationalism. This week’s events give me the opportunity to address the question of European nationalism again, this time from the standpoint of the European Union and the European Central Bank, using a term that only an economist could invent: “quantitative easing.”

European media has been flooded for the past week with leaks about the European Central Bank’s forthcoming plan to stimulate the faltering European economy by implementing quantitative easing. First carried by Der Spiegel and then picked up by other media, the story has not been denied by anyone at the bank nor any senior European official. We can therefore call this an official leak, because it lets everyone know what is coming before an official announcement is made later in the week.

The plan is an attempt to spur economic activity in Europe by increasing the amount of money available. It calls for governments to increase their borrowing for various projects designed to increase growth and decrease unemployment. Rather than selling the bonds on the open market, a move that would trigger a rise in interest rates, the bonds are sold to the central banks of eurozone member states, which have the ability to print new money. The money is then sent to the treasury. With more money flowing through the system, recessions driven by a lack of capital are relieved. This is why the measure is called quantitative easing.

The United States did this in 2008. In addition to government debt, the Federal Reserve also bought corporate debt. The hyperinflation that some had feared would result from the move never materialized, and the U.S. economy hit a 5 percent growth rate in the third quarter of last year. The Europeans chose not to pursue this route, and as a result, the European economy is, at best, languishing. Now the Europeans will begin such a program — several years after the Americans did — in the hopes of moving things forward again.

The European strategy is vitally different, however. The Federal Reserve printed the money and bought the cash. The European Central Bank will also print the money, but each eurozone country’s individual national bank will do the purchasing, and each will be allowed only to buy the debt of its own government. The reason for this decision reveals much about Europe’s real crisis, which is not so much economic (although it is certainly economic) as it is political and social — and ultimately cultural and moral.

The recent leaks have made it clear the European Central Bank is implementing quantitative easing in this way because many eurozone governments are unable to pay their sovereign debt. European countries do not want to cover each other’s shortfalls, either directly or by exposing the central bank to losses, a move that would make all members liable. In particular, Berlin does not want to be in a position where a series of defaults could cripple Europe as a whole and therefore cripple Germany. This is why the country has resisted quantitative easing, even in the face of depressions in Southern Europe, recessions elsewhere and contractions in demand for German products that have driven German economic growth downward. Berlin preferred those outcomes to the risk of becoming liable for the defaults of other countries.

The major negotiation over this shift took place between European Central Bank head Mario Draghi and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Draghi realized that if quantitative easing was not done, Europe’s economy could crumble. While Merkel is responsible for the fate of Germany, not Europe, she also needs a viable free trade zone in Europe because Germany exports more than 50 percent of its gross domestic product. The country cannot stand to lose free access to Europe’s markets because of plunging demand, but it will not underwrite Europe’s debt. The two leaders compromised by agreeing to have the central bank print the money and give it to the national banks on a formula that has yet to be determined — and then it is every man for himself.

euro.plansThe European Central Bank is providing the mechanism for stimulating Europe’s economy, while the eurozone member states will assume the responsibility for stimulating it — and living with the consequences of failure. It is as if the Federal Reserve were to print money and give some to each state so that New York could buy its own debt and not become exposed to California’s casual ways. The strangeness of the plan rests in the strangeness of the European experiment. California and New York share a common fate as part of the United States. While Germany and Greece are both part of the European Union, they do not and will not share a common fate. If they do not share a common fate, then what exactly is the purpose of the European Union? It was never supposed to be about “the pursuit of happiness,” but instead about “peace and prosperity.” The promise is the not right to
pursue, but the right to have. That is a huge difference.

The anthem of the European Union is from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, which contains these lines from the German poet Friedrich Schiller:

Joy, beautiful sparkle of the gods,euro.anthem

Daughter of Elysium,

We enter, fire-drunk,

Heavenly one, your shrine.

Your magic binds again

What custom has strictly parted.

All men become brothers

Where your tender wing lingers.

I wrote in my new book, Flashpoint: The Coming Crisis in Europe, that Europe is about:

“…the joy of joining men into a single brotherhood, overcoming the divisions of mere custom. Then there would be joy. Brotherhood means shared fate. If all that binds you is peace and prosperity, then that must never depart. If some become poor and others rich, if some go to war and others don’t, then where is the shared fate?”

A Crisis of Brotherhood

Europe’s crisis is not ultimately an economic one. Everyone — families and nations — has economic problems. The crisis is not war, which tragically is as common as poverty. Europe’s problem is that it promised a joy beyond custom, a joy yielding brotherhood and abolishing war, and a promise based on prosperity, which is a promise so vast it is beyond anyone’s hope to make perpetual. Neither perpetual peace nor perpetual prosperity can be guaranteed, therefore the joy that would overcome custom and bind men in brotherhood is a base of sand.

In the European Central Bank’s compromise with Germany, we can see not only the base of sand dissolving but also the brotherhood of Europe falling apart. At the heart of this promise is the idea that Germany will not share the fate of Greece, nor France the fate of Italy. In the end, these are different nations. Their customs can be overcome by the joy uniting them in brotherhood, but absent that joy, absent peace and prosperity, there is nothing binding them together.

The test of the American Republic came when the idea that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights was juxtaposed with the brutishness of slavery. Prior to the revolution, these United States were divided into sovereignties so profound that many states saw themselves as individual nations not bound by the promises of the Declaration of Independence. They believed themselves free to withdraw from the federation if displeased by others’ moral interpretations of the Declaration. What ensued was the Civil War, which was fought, as Abraham Lincoln put it, to test whether a nation so constituted could long endure.

That is precisely the question of the European Union. Can an entity, founded on nations of wildly different customs, expectations and economies long endure and share a common fate? In the dry technicalities of quantitative easing, Europe has defined its limits of brotherhood. One of those limits is prosperity. Each nation determines how it will plot its own course, its money distributed by the European Central Bank, but under the rules of the individual states and without any nation being compelled to share the fate of another. The euro is a common currency that has no one’s picture on the front because the histories of eurozone countries are so divided that there are no common heroes. The United States knows that Washington, Lincoln, Hamilton, Jackson, Grant and Franklin are our common heritage. There is no such commonality in Europe, and, therefore, no transcendence of the customs of nations.

The strategy proposed for quantitative easing is a great compromise, and it may solve the economic problem. But at its first test, hardly on the order of slavery and the American Civil War, Europe has failed a more profound test: brotherhood, which is men bound together by a joy-transcending culture.

Some will say that I am making too much over a useful political compromise — that the basic institutions of Europe remain, and we therefore have a useful solution to the problem. I think this argument misses the deeper point. Europe never expected to face this crisis because it thought peace and prosperity would endure. It has not because it could not. Quantitative easing is not merely the desire to avoid responsibility for prosperity. There is no unity in Europe over the fears of Romania or Russia about Ukraine. There is no real unity over how to face terrorism in the name of Islam. There is simply no unity.

If Europe can parse the common search for prosperity in this way and calmly consider the secession of one of the brotherhood, Greece, over malfeasance far from terrible on the order of human things, then what is to keep any of the Europe’s institutions intact? If you can secede or be expelled from the eurozone, and if you might choose to close your border to Slovaks seeking jobs in Denmark, then perhaps you can choose to close your borders to German products. And if that is possible, then what is the fate of Germany, which relies on its ability to sell its goods anywhere in Europe? After all, it is not only the poor and weak in Europe whose fates are at risk.
In the end, Europe becomes not so much a moral project as it does a convenience, a treaty, which is something a country can leave at will if it is in its interest to do so. When the South seceded from the United States, Northern men were prepared to die to preserve the Union. Is there anyone who would give his life to preserve the European Union, block secession and demand a permanent, shared fate?

I predicted that a decisive moment would arrive in Europe, but the speed at which it did surprised me. I expect that its institutions will survive a while, and I expect that most people will think I am overreacting. That’s possible, but I don’t think so. Regardless of the technical and political purpose behind the decision to implement quantitative easing, and however defensible it is on its own grounds, the moral lesson is that Europe ultimately is a continent, not an idea.

Last week, the question was why Europe found it so difficult to assimilate immigrants and why it resorted to multiculturalism. The answer was that the customs of the nation-state made it impossible to imagine someone born outside the customs of the nation-state to truly become part of its brotherhood. This week, the question is why the European Central Bank cannot distribute the money it prints but will give it to national banks to manage. The answer is that no country wants to be responsible for the debts of anyone else in Europe. That is not a foolish position, but it makes a union impossible, certainly not one that can overcome custom.

In Flashpoints, I wrote the following:

“We are now living through Europe’s test. As all human institutions do, the European Union is going through a time of intense problems, mostly economic for the moment. The European Union was founded for “peace and prosperity.” If prosperity disappears, or disappears in some nations, what happens to peace?…That is what this book is about. It is partly about the sense of European exceptionalism, the idea that they have solved the problems of peace and prosperity that the rest of the world has not.”

But if Europe is not exceptional and is in trouble, what comes next? The history of Europe should give us no comfort.

EU.questionThe Strafor article republished by permission. Read more: The European Union, Nationalism and the Crisis of Europe | Stratfor

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Ballad Against the Enemies of France

…from the quills of the dead white poets

Francois Villon (1431 – 1463)

May he fall in with beasts that scatter fire,

Like Jason, when he sought the fleece of gold,

Or change from man to beast three years entire,

As King Nabuchadnezzar did of old;

Or else have times as shameful and as bad

As Trojan folk for ravished Helen had;

Or gulfed with Proserpine and Tantalus

Let’s hell’s deep fen devour him dolorous,

With worse to bear than Job’s worst sufferance,

Bound to his prison-maze with Daedalus,

Who could wish evil to the state of France!


May he four months, like bitterns in the mire,

Howl with head downmost in the lake-springs cold

Or to bear harness like strong bull for hire

To the Great Turk for money be sold;

Or thirty years like Magdalen live sad,

With neither wool nor web of linen clad;

Drown like Narciss’, or wing down pendulous

Like Absalom with locks luxurious,

Or like Judas fallen to reprobance;

Or find such death as Simon sorcerous,

Who could wish evil to the state of France!

May the old times come of fierce Octavian’s ire,

And in his belly molden coin to be told;

May he like Victor in the mill expire,

Crushed between moving millstones on him rolled,

Or in deep sea drenched breathless, more adrad

Than in the whale’s bulk Jones, when God bade:

from Phoebus’ light, from Juno’s treasure-house

Driven, and from joys of Venus amorous,

And cursed of God most high to the utterance,

As was the Syrian king Antiochus,

Who could wish evil to the state of France!


Prince, may the bright-winged brood of Æolus

To sea-king Glaucus’ wild wood cavernous

Bear him bereft of peace and hope’s least glance,

For worthless is he to get good of us,

Who could wish evil to the state of France!

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A War between Two Words

George Friedman:

hebdo.l'amourThe murders of cartoonists who made fun of Islam and of Jews shopping for their Sabbath meals by Islamists in Paris last week have galvanized the world. A galvanized world is always dangerous. Galvanized people can do careless things. It is in the extreme and emotion-laden moments that distance and coolness are most required. I am tempted to howl in rage. It is not my place to do so. My job is to try to dissect the event, place it in context and try to understand what has happened and why. From that, after the rage cools, plans for action can be made. Rage has its place, but actions must be taken with discipline and thought.

I have found that in thinking about things geopolitically, I can cool my own rage and find, if not meaning, at least explanation for events such as these. As it happens, my new book will be published on Jan. 27. Titled Flashpoints: The Emerging Crisis in Europe, it is about the unfolding failure of the great European experiment, the European Union, and the resurgence of European nationalism. It discusses the re-emerging borderlands and flashpoints of Europe and raises the possibility that Europe’s attempt to abolish conflict will fail. I mention this book because one chapter is on the Mediterranean borderland and the very old conflict between Islam and Christianity. Obviously this is a matter I have given some thought to, and I will draw on Flashpoints to begin making sense of the murderers and murdered, when I think of things in this way.

Let me begin by quoting from that chapter:

We’ve spoken of borderlands, and how they are both linked and divided. Here is a border sea, differing in many ways but sharing the basic characteristic of the borderland. Proximity separates as much as it divides. It facilitates trade, but also war. For Europe this is another frontier both familiar and profoundly alien.

Islam invaded Europe twice from the Mediterranean — first in Iberia, the second time in southeastern Europe, as well as nibbling at Sicily and elsewhere. Christianity invaded Islam multiple times, the first time in the Crusades and in the battle to expel the Muslims from Iberia. Then it forced the Turks back from central Europe. The Christians finally crossed the Mediterranean in the 19th century, taking control of large parts of North Africa. Each of these two religions wanted to dominate the other. Each seemed close to its goal. Neither was successful. What remains true is that Islam and Christianity were obsessed with each other from the first encounter. Like Rome and Egypt they traded with each other and made war on each other.

Christians and Muslims have been bitter enemies, battling for control of Iberia. Yet, lest we forget, they also have been allies: In the 16th century, Ottoman Turkey and Venice allied to control the Mediterranean. No single phrase can summarize the relationship between the two save perhaps this: It is rare that two religions might be so obsessed with each other and at the same time so ambivalent. This is an explosive mixture. Continue reading

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Je suis Charlie, mais…

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

I guess trying to put the recent Paris incident into a perspective is a forlorn task. I learnt about it in the morning from a check-out attendant in very scanty terms; and when I told him that this is only a beginning, he appeared dubious. The fact is that only D-Day (24 hours) casualties on the Allied side were 8,443 (conservative estimate). I hope you see the connection.

I was directed by my friends to many interesting reactions on the internet, many not-too-well-thought out. For example, The New International Outlook (A neoreactionary review of the world today) website had, on the 8th January, the following article. Despite my original reluctance, I decided to comment thereon (in italics):

My Thoughts On Charlie Hebdo

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack, I figured I would throw in my two cents on the whole issue. The first major issue for me is that the response from right wing circles is gloriously confused and incoherent.

Strange use of language – should it be ingloriously? And would not “typical“ suffice? Of course, rather than “circles”, I would prefer “diaspora”.

That from the left has also been somewhat confused initially, but as always the narrative hammer comes down pretty hard, and they all take their cue as to which way to be facing.

They all face to the communist east without any need for directives. It is the tactical dance steps which get them sometimes confused. Trotsky the hero, Trotsky the traitor, Hitler the enemy, Hitler the friend of proletariat, Hitler the enemy again, Mao the true Marxist-Leninist, Mao the right-wing deviationist etc. The delay in their public utterances is thus understandable, even though today, as far as I know, it is not a physical execution, but merely an academic one, which awaits the slow-to-follow ones.

The second major issue is that the confusion is created by the need for the right to face multiple threats from multiple angles, without a coherent strategy, coherent tactics or cognition as to whom they should be facing, and who is on their side.

This is correct, and is to the large extent caused by the lack of basic education; in this case by the feeble or no memory of children’s stories, classics (e.g. Iason) or even Christian literature (e.g. Revelation 12:3 or a myth of St George). The enemy of “good” has often many faces; and for children and simple minded, the evil was visualised as a dragon with many heads, which, sad to say, regenerate when cut off. Thus children, not so long ago, used to learn the facts of life.

Now however, when, say, Pol Pot or Stalin bites the dust, and the Left recycles itself as environmentalists, anti-racists, anti-misogynists etc. the Right runs around like a headless chuck.

 So we see the following types of response -

Islam should be confronted to uphold free speech. (ergo – free speech should be defended for a left wing publication to viciously attack every belief system barring the left wing’s.)

I do not see how that necessarily follows – just a left wing publication?Further, if the various representatives of the many Islamic sects were seriously (an operative word) challenged in that regard to at least acknowledge our (non-Muslims) right to free speech, it would be quickly shown that Islam in all its versions is incompatible with it. We, who read Koran, know it already; and some citizens, media weasels willing, could learn.

The attack (on a left wing media outlet) was an attack on ‘us’.

Well, depends who is ‘us’. It certainly wasn’t an attack on The Guardian, ABC, cowardly politicians etc, or any smart alec bloggers. Muslims are savages, and anyone who does not find the attack abhorrent is sick.

I am not aware of anybody writing or saying this, but perhaps I do not read enough and have too limited circle of acquittances. I guess that some semi-educated people may be saying this, but then some people say that Obama is a good president.

Etc, etc. How to escape from this confusion? Well the first thing would be to have a coherent strategy.

Nice but wishful thinking, alas.

The left have one, even if it is ultimately insane – keep targeting the right, use the media to vilify them and push further and further laws which persecute anyone arrogant enough to have non-left wing views.

Why ‘insane’? It is very effective.

They also coherently apply discrimination against the majority ethnic populations with zeal. The result is they are able to enforce incoherent ideologies and beliefs successfully. Racism for example, is utterly incoherent but everyone knows implicitly what it means in any given situation regardless of its internal inconsistencies.

This paragraph does not seem to be too coherent to me. Must be my limited English.

The key to the lefts strategy, I am convinced, is the ability to control the media discussion, which is a direct result of the modern nation states democracy structure. It is a baked in feature. Should we celebrate the media and freedom of the press? No. It is a central pillar of left wing power.

Oi, oi, throwing the baby out with the bathwater? Just because the Left got control of the world media should we reject the freedom of the press? That’s akin to saying you are rejecting a sword because the enemy got hold of it. The way to go is to take it away from him, even if your hands may get cut in the process.

So, taking the media as a central pillar of left wing power, what should a right wing response to the Charlie Hebdo incident be? I would think it should be one of understanding that Charlie Hebdo was populated by leftists who have been attacking western civilisation for over a hundred years and who have contributed to filling the west with 3rd world immigration. In short, they are not ‘us’, unless you apply nationality and ethnicity (which given that a Muslim policeman, frenchmen and a Jewish person were killed makes this incoherent.)

Methink that even Lenin would like this reasoning. But when fighting for your life, and that what it is, ideological purity is secondary.

Once we accept that Charlie Hebdo, and by extension all of the left wing media are not ‘us’ by dint of nationality or ethnicity, then we can maybe begin to break things down more coherently. We can now see the following points -

First point– the media is left wing, anything or anyone that attacks them is attacking the left and not ‘me’, ‘us’, ‘Christianity’ or ‘western civilisation’.

Hmm. So would Muslims leave a right wing publication, which “insulted Mohamed”, in peace? Wake up.

Second point – Should Muslims (the cape) be the target? Or should the matador?

Sometimes you have to pierce the cape to get to the matador. By the way, who is he? The Cathedral? And in your scenario, are we that primitive animal? Do you imagine yourself as a wise bull breeder, who knows better?

Third point – This is an extension of the second point, which is how, exactly, could Muslims exist in such large numbers in the west if there was no benefits systems in place, our elite did not aggressively enact discrimination


against the majority ethnic population and law and order were applied with 100% force.

Certainly they would not migrate to the blasphemous West in so overwhelming numbers, yes.

Following on from the third point, it would be helpful if further concentration

Perhaps ‘consideration’?

was paid to an analysis of the incident from a systemic position. Not just in relation to the media which was attacked (not ‘us’ – but the media),

Digressing somewhat – in that Sydney café, was it media or us attacked?

but also in relation to the state structures and forms which allowed this set of affairs to come into place, and the ideological directions, and strategic decisions that have taken place which have set the stage.

A good point, but you are one of those who allowed this to happen.

The alternative is to react to socio-historical forces in a haphazard manner after they have already come into place, at which point any hope of altering them have long since past, and all you can do is shout, scream, stomp your feet and play the leftist game, within the leftist paradigm.

Nastily insulting and defeatist, as one would expect. Pepe Escobar would approve. I can think of other alternatives, albeit all within the paradigms, leftist or not, like cutting off one head at a time.

So can, amongst others, Spengler:

The means by which France could defeat the terrorists are obvious: To compel the majority of French Muslims to turn against the terrorists, the French authorities would have to make them fear the French state more than they fear the terrorists. That is a nasty business involving large numbers of deportations, revocation of French citizenship, and other threats that inevitably would affect many individuals with no direct connection to terrorism. In the short term it would lead to more radicalization. The whole project of integration as an antidote to radicalism would go down the drain. The effort would be costly, but ultimately it would succeed: most French Muslims simply want to stay in France and earn a living.”

Finally – It is good to see that teenagers get involved in matters political, if only safely via a keyboard. Perhaps one day they would grow up and apologise for the defeatist, pseudo-intellectual twaddle they have been peddling.quill.1

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Let’s hope it’s not too late

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Who is right?

What do you think?

HUGH HEWITT: On this show yesterday, Lindsey Graham said this is a religious war. I’m glad someone finally said it. It’s not a war with Islam, but it’s a war with a portion of Islam, both Sunni and Shiia.

MARK STEYN: Yes, and I think it’s at war with a culture that basically does not have the spirit of liberty and the spirit of intellectual inquiry. So you can come up with the most devastating, witty, trenchant argument, and the other fellow is just going to reach for the scimitar and slice your head off. And that calls into question, I think it does call into question as to whether Europe, in allowing Islam to nest within Western pluralistic democracies, has actually placed an existential question over its future. That’s a real question for France today.

Dr. Qanta Ahmed:

“It’s time for the United States, western democracies, Britain, France to admit that we are under siege by an ideology called Islamism. All Islamists are Muslim, that’s very important. All Islamists are Muslim, I am a Muslim to tell you that so this ideology is emerging from Muslims but is a hijacking of our beliefs into a totalitarian political ideology. They seek to flout secular democracy.” Ahmed said. “The scenes of the photographs of Charlie Hebdo, the offices, look exactly like the scenes of classrooms in Peshawar. The war is on education, the war is on free speech and by not naming it in our country or in France as Islamism, we’re enabling these kinds of actions. … Islamists thrive if we’re too careful to tread because we’re afraid of Islamaphobia.”

David Goldman:

The means by which France could defeat the terrorists are obvious: To compel the majority of French Muslims to turn against the terrorists, the French authorities would have to make them fear the French state more than they fear the terrorists. That is a nasty business involving large numbers of deportations, revocation of French citizenship, and other threats that inevitably would affect many individuals with no direct connection to terrorism. In the short term it would lead to more radicalization. The whole project of integration as an antidote to radicalism would go down the drain. The effort would be costly, but ultimately it would succeed: most French Muslims simply want to stay in France and earn a living.”

French President Francois Hollande:

The terror suspects “have nothing do with the Muslim religion.”

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Islam in chaos

Ludwig von Gress

That is, more so than normally. As its window of opportunity is slowly closing, the disunity of its adherents is becoming apparent even to the Westerners, though it is sometimes hard to follow which moderate Muslims killed which moderate Muslims.

According to the Traditions, Muhammad predicted that his followers would become divided into seventy-three sects, every one of whom would go to hell, except one sect, the religion professed by himself and his companions.  However the number of Islamic sects, now over 150, has far exceeded Muhammad’s prediction.” /The Sects of Islam/

According to our media, islamophobia, especially in Europe, is rampant – Ahmed Merabet, a Muslim murdered:

muslim.killedNo, not all Muslims are same. Roger L. Simon in PJmedia -

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi made an extraordinary speech on New Year’s Day to Cairo’s Al-Azhar and the Awqaf Ministry calling for a long overdue virtual ecclesiastical revolution in Islam.  This is something no Western leader has the had the courage to do, certainly not Barack Obama, despite his Muslim education. …”

If true, it is strangely ignored by the Left media, and I have not seen any endorsement of al-Sisi’s sentiments by the so called moderate Muslims.

Here are the key parts as translated on Raymond Ibrahim’s blog:

I am referring here to the religious clerics. We have to think hard about what we are facing—and I have, in fact, addressed this topic a couple of times before.  It’s inconceivable that the thinking that we hold most sacred should cause the entire umma [Islamic world] to be a source of anxiety, danger, killing and destruction for the rest of the world.  Impossible!

That thinking—I am not saying “religion” but “thinking”—that corpus of texts and ideas that we have sacralized over the years, to the point that departing from them has become almost impossible, is antagonizing the entire world.  It’s antagonizing the entire world!

Is it possible that 1.6 billion people [Muslims] should want to kill the rest of the world’s inhabitants—that is 7 billion—so that they themselves may live? Impossible!

I am saying these words here at Al Azhar, before this assembly of scholars and ulema—Allah Almighty be witness to your truth on Judgment Day concerning that which I’m talking about now.

All this that I am telling you, you cannot feel it if you remain trapped within this mindset. You need to step outside of yourselves to be able to observe it and reflect on it from a more enlightened perspective.

I say and repeat again that we are in need of a religious revolution. You, imams, are responsible before Allah. The entire world, I say it again, the entire world is waiting for your next move… because this umma is being torn, it is being destroyed, it is being lost—and it is being lost by our own hands.

All this of course could be yet another episode in a skilful disinformation campaign. The elections in Egypt are to be held before the end of March, and the Government needs foreign money to feed the population. If al-Sisi really mean what he says, may the real Allah protect him from his coreligionists.

And from Stratfor Geopolitical Diary, George ‘softly softly’ Friedman (comments in italics are mine):

Paris Attack Underscores a Deeper Malaise – Wednesday’s deadly attack against a French satirical publication has the potential to upset relations between European states and their Muslim citizenries.

Hmm, states as oh-so-politically correct governments, or non-Muslim citizens of Europe?

The strategic intent behind such attacks is precisely to sow this kind of crisis, as well as to influence French policy and recruit more jihadists. Even though Islamist extremism is, at its core, an intra-Muslim conflict, such incidents will draw in non-Muslims, exacerbating matters.

So non-Muslim victims are just a collateral damage, Mr Friedman?

Three suspected Islamist militants attacked the Paris office of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo with high-powered assault rifles, killing 12 people. Among the dead are the editor and cartoonist Stephane Charbonnier, who was on a hit list appearing in al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s Inspire magazine for “insulting the Prophet Mohammed.” Eyewitness said they heard the attackers shouting, “We have avenged the Prophet Mohammed,” and chanting, “God is Great” in Arabic. This is the third such attack in a Western country in less than three months. The Paris incident involves perpetrators who displayed sophisticated small arms and small unit training.

I would say just a basic training, but the standards may be slipping.

Whether or not these attacks are the handiwork of self-motivated grassroots jihadists and cells or of individuals tied to international jihadist entities, such incidents aggravate tense relations between the Western and Muslim worlds. This is all the more significant in Europe, where states are experiencing the rise of right-wing nationalism and Muslim communities have long experienced disaffection.

The rise of nationalism is the reaction; so far extremely modest.

The jihadist objective is to get the states to crack down harder on Muslim communities in order to further their narrative that the West is waging war on Islam and Muslims.

While Western states go to great lengths to demonstrate that no such clash of civilizations is occurring, right-wing forces engage in rhetoric that reinforces these fears among many common Muslims across the world.

Similarly, the people warning of the danger of National Socialism thus reinforced the fears of peaceful Nazis and made them to join SA.

More important, there is a longstanding conflict of values — particularly freedom of expression, which is cherished in the West but seen by many Muslims as a license for sacrilege. Though the vast majority of Muslims will not engage in violence in response to speech deemed as blasphemous, there are many who will.

Many may not “engage in violence” but overtly or covertly approve of it.

In Pakistan, the blasphemy law has been a subject of huge controversy. Many Pakistani citizens have been murdered by their fellow countrymen for speech or behavior deemed objectionable. At the root of this problem is the extreme discomfort many Muslims have with free expression, although this attitude is not universal. The person of the Prophet Mohammed is all the more sensitive because the traditional view is that he cannot be depicted pictorially, let alone in a satirical manner.

The tradition it certainly is, but is it good? Is Hindu ‘suttee’ a good tradition?

Ultimately, this is an intra-Muslim struggle for power and control wrapped in a debate over what it means to be a Muslim in today’s world and what the boundaries of justifiable action are. Defining those factors is one tool that can be used to gain power; attacks against the West and its interests, meant to force Westerners to pull out of Muslim lands or to attack Muslims and enforce the jihadist narrative, are another. This issue undermines efforts by moderate and progressive Muslims to advance the notion of freedoms based on an Islamic ethos.

Those efforts seems to be so invisible that only an expert can see them. I, the proud non-expert,  can not find any “notion of freedoms based on an Islamic ethos” in Koran.

The ongoing intra-Muslim debate gives extremists ample ideological and, by extension, geopolitical space to exploit. The jihadist enterprise deliberately targets non-Muslims, in particular the West, in part as a means to gain ground within the Muslim milieu. This strategy also sucks the Western world into what is essentially a Muslim civil war in order to tackle the security threats posed by Islamist militant actors.

However, Western involvement in this internal debate will not help defeat extremism or ease relations between Muslims and the West. The end of jihadism will come only when Muslims defeat their own deviants on the ideological battleground.

An astonishing insight, and if I wanted to be nasty I would write that Friedman is angling to became Obama’s adviser. Muslims have been fighting each other “on the ideological battleground” since 632 A.D.

The Strafor article republished by permission. Read more:
Paris Attack Underscores a Deeper Malaise | Stratfor

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ABC safe, Charlie Hebdo not

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

No need to panic. The Islam-terror-enabling weasels of the Australian media are perfectly safe, at least for the time being. Who cares about some not-politically correct Frenchies and the ancient, bourgeois idea of the freedom of speech?

charlie.hebdo.deathSee also Fog of Chaos 9th December 2011 – Forces of progress


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Let my people go


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Balada pro každý den

…from the quills of the dead white poets

František Gellner (1881 -1914)czech_flag_small

Dlouhý žal a krátký den

jidášsky zří do oken.

Tisíc lží jsem slyšeli,

podlostí sto viděli -

mlčíme a pohrdáme.

Bledé ticho kolem nás.

Přítel dýchá, přítel zhas.

Vidělas ty žluté ruce

spjaté v křečovité muce?

V modrých očích dítěte

život mrtvým vykvete.

Nový život, nový den,

mladou láskou vykouzlen.

Věříme a pohrdáme.

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Cuba no libre

…from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger


When Obama promised Dmitri Medvedev that in his second term he would really show his teeth, most experts pooh-poohed the warnings that he would act even more brazenly to the detriment of the United States. Since then Obama has done anything he feasibly could to please Putin, Muslims and the enemies of the freedom everywhere. Theatrics for the consumption of American public, the public so honestly described by the chief Obama-mis-care cobbler Gruber, are just that.

On 20th November, 2014 Obama kicked in the teeth all legal immigrants by his Executive Order (or was it just a Presidential memo?) amnesty for 5 million illegal immigrants. After all, he could be one of them, though probably he is not a Hispanic. Considering his proved ‘integrity’, I would still suggest a DNA test.

Then, not even a month later, on 17th December comrade Obama administered a kick to the balls of Cubans who wished and hoped for free Cuba and until then relatively patiently waited for the day when the murderous Castro brothers give up the ghost. Obama undoubtedly realised the danger of free, democratic Cuba on the doorstep of his empire, and acted.

One question – what took him so long? After all, the Australian socialist Prime Minister Whitlam had, within eight months of his accession to power, recognised, de jure, Stalin’s annexation of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Is the health of the Cuban dictators duo failing faster than is publicly known? Is Venezuela so economically struggling that it would have to ask Cuba to pay the full price for the oil? Or is Obama hoping for something which Putin would grudgingly approve, and The Washington Post and The Guardian would glorify as his one and only foreign affairs coup? Whatever his sordid reason, he acted, in a fashion.

Last week, U.S. President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro agreed to an exchange of prisoners being held on espionage charges. In addition, Washington and Havana agreed to hold discussions with the goal of establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries. No agreement was reached on ending the U.S. embargo on Cuba, a step that requires congressional approval.”

The Republicans, the pseudo-conservatives, made the expected noises, but don’t expect them to do anything – they have affirmed their greed, spinesless and cowardice time and time again. If trade with Communist Cuba will keep it Communist for another thirty years, who cares? They don’t care about American citizens, why should they about Cubans?

As well trained seals, or more accurately as disciplined comrades, suddenly all the Left media content providers sprung up with the rehashed stories of JFK’s plans for poisoned cigars, exploding molluscs and dilapidants; plus the Bay of Pigs invasion, naturally without mentioning the Kennedy’s betrayal of Cubans. The meme was to be – US bad, Castro good, Obama the redeemer.

The gaggle of apologists suggested that the diplomatic relations with the dictatorial regime would lead to the free trade, and that would lead to the free exchange of ideas and that … Unfortunately, the socialists are well known for their selective memory, as history (real history) for them is something better to forget. Our readers would of course recall, for example, that in 1921 British Prime Minister George Lloyd authorised the trade agreement with Soviet Russia, claiming, and perhaps believing, that it would lead to the erosion of communism in Russia. He was wrong, or, to be charitable, seventy years premature. Two generations of Russians and other nationalities paid with their lives for his stupidity.

Exchanging prisoners is good in itself, though the benefit is doubtful where one regime can create as many prisoners as is required … – “Cuban police have detained at least three leading dissidents ahead of a planned free-speech demonstration in the Plaza de la Revolución. The arrests of Antonio Rodiles, Eliezer Avila and Reinaldo Escobar look set to be the biggest test yet of diplomatic relations with the US since they were restored earlier this month after 53 years of tension. The crackdown came around lunchtime on Tuesday, just hours before local performance artist Tania Bruguera was due to stage an open-microphone event in Havana’s most politically sensitive square.

Police had denied Bruguera a permit for the “Yo tambien exijo,” [I also demand]” demonstration and warned activists not to participate, but several had indicated their willingness to participate in this test case for public dissent.


Obama is striving to put a human face on the government by murderers for the murderers, but on 21st December Raul Castro confirmed the victory by stating the socialism so many shed the blood for is there to stay. Figures are not precise, but over 60 000 Cubans were murdered on his and his brother Fidel’s orders. That is lot of blood. The leftist media barely mentioned that.

What’s left for comrade Obama to do? Apologise to the remaining National Socialists (unfeelingly and offensively called the Nazis) hiding in South America, for the unfortunate outcome of the WWII ? Give financial and military aid to quill.1Boko Haram ? Don’t be surprised; Obama may be a devious socialist, but he does not act rationally.

Post scriptum: Just to make it clear to our new readers; as far as Cuba is concerned, (and just about all other subjects) Fog of Chaos is not a Johnny-come-lately, more like an Antisthenes/​ von Gress-come-too-early:

Vrah v černém baretu s hvězdičkou na šišato

Las Damas de Blanco

Las Damas de Blanco under siege

Las Damas de Blanco – one less

Obama’s dictators

PPS – The flag used as an illustration here is of lighter blue than the current, official one. It is my private hope that when Castros, Obamas, Putins etc are smitten by the cyclone of change, free Cubans revert to the original flag. Just for the symbolic poke in the eye, of course.

See also Obama’s latest welfare Queens – Castro brothers.

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Broken Hill murders in the name of Islam


1st January, 1915 : The war came to Broken Hill today when two men opened fire on a crowded picnickers’ train, killing four people before themselves being shot dead. The older man, from India, and the younger Afghan had pulled up their horse-drawn ice-cream cart, flying the Turkish flag, near the railway line and lay in wait, armed with guns and knives. The train, carrying 1,200 people in open carriages, was two miles along the way to nearby Silverton for the annual Miners’ Picnic when the “Turks” struck. Four people died and seven were injured. As doctors arrived at the scene, police pursued the attackers west of Broken Hill, where they killed both of them. There was a desperate determination to leave no work for the hangman. The Moslem gunmen, who lived in the “Afghan” settlement outside the town, regarded the Sultan of Turkey as their religious leader.

Antisthenes the Younger – That much for the old newspaper article. Unfortunately, a hundred years later, we learned nothing. Both murderers were Muslims immigrants from what is today Pakistan, (the Sydney cafe murderer was a Muslim immigrant from Iran) and as Wikipedia assures us, “Though politically and religiously motivated, the men were not members of any sanctioned armed force and the attacks were criminal.”

They had similar respect for Australian laws as their twenty-first century co-religionists: ”Abdullah had arrived in Broken Hill around 1898 and worked as a camel driver. Several days before the killings Mullah Adbullah was convicted by Police Court for slaughtering sheep on premises not licensed for slaughter. It was not his first offence.”

They had the same desire for (and similar problems with) identification: “They also fashioned a home-made Ottoman flag which they flew.” Obviously they also did not wish to be posthumously described as ‘mentally ill’, ‘lone wolves’ or ‘criminals’.

The attackers were both former camel-drivers working at Broken Hill. They were Badsha Mahommed Gool, an ice-cream vendor, and Mullah Abdullah, a local imam and halal butcher.” Fancy that – a religious person and he never learned that Islam means peace, as all the “experts” know.

Alma Cowie, aged 17 died instantly. William John Shaw, a foreman in the Sanitary Department, was killed on the train and his daughter Lucy Shaw was injured. Six other people on the train were injured: Mary Kavanagh, George Stokes, Thomas Campbell, Alma Crocker, Rose Crabb and Constable Robert Mills.” One wonders how many victims supported their future murderer by buying his ice-cream.

Gool and Mullah Abdullah made their way from the train towards the West Camel camp where they lived. On the way they killed Alfred E. Millard who had taken shelter in his hut.”

Believing he would be killed, Gool Mahomed left a letter in his waist-belt which stated that he was a subject of the Ottoman Sultan and that, “I must kill you and give my life for my faith, Allāhu Akbar.” Mullah Abdullah said in his last letter that he was dying for his faith and in obedience to the order of the Sultan…”

Nothing to do with Islam then…

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