Our Great Green Hope

Our Great Green Hope

Paul Jacko

I shudder to think how cynical will be our youths, when they discover the polar bears had not drowned. When they discover that a rock concert hardly ever solves anything. When their rainbow bubble of greenhouse gases burst. I am afraid they will not turn against those who lied to them, but against those who were right. Furthermore, what sorrows me most, it will create distrust of the science and of scientists, who would all be branded as charlatans. If Sir James Fraser (The Golden Bough) was right in his opinion that our beliefs evolve from magic through religion to science, I feel that the circle is closing.

Despite shameless propaganda of amateur gorovchiks and profesional lysenkovs, there is no evidence that the planet is warming to any significant degree. If it is warming, there is no evidence that it has anything to do with the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which rises with approximately 800 years delay behind the temperature. In the meantime of course little hearts drum with enthusiasm, little heads echo with emptiness. Recently, when I got into a debate with a few greenies, a youth about thirty years old proudly told me that on the internet he finds all he wants (not what he does not want). Specifically, all he finds supports his non-debatable facts of antropogenic global warming a rotteness of the capitalist system. Understandably, when you ask Google for Gore + saviour, you get different information than when you ask Gore + fraudster. As an experiment I suggested a few other themes and, predictably, he was in all politicaly correct. As he said he spends whole days on internet, I concluded he was unemployed. The future of Australia.

On the same ocassion I spoke to an aggressive, university educated young person, also, by the way, unemployed. When she explained to me that the muslim attack on the World Trade Centre (for readers from other planet – 11.9.2001) was the answer to invasion of Iraq by Bush junior (20.3.2003) I really did not know what to say. The future of Australia.

Regrettably, a great part of our youths suffers from incredible ignorance coupled with fanatism so naïve, that even Hitlerjugend leaders could be proud. It ought not to be surprising after years of propaganda of which Goebels would be ashamed, directed predominantly to school age children. It is not only those heart-rending TV advertisements by infamous Greenpeace, but mainly persistent agitation by left-wing teachers. Australians are undobtedly happy to see that Julia Gillard appointed a “former” communist to prepare Australia wide, uniform, correct curriculum.

The average citizen already has absolute distrust of his government and his elected representatives: not, I would say, entirely unjustifiably. And those younger ones know positively, that beside USA all the evil, notwithstanding of almost 70 years of prosperity without a world war, is the fault of their parents and elders generally. Megacapital and megachurches likewise do not engender trust. The collapse of green ideology and the world economic crisis will lead to widespread unemployment and hopelessness. Nihilism of disappointed youths will open field to all sorts of totalitarian ideologies and represive religions. Nature, apparently, abhors vacuum.

What will fill it? Religion? Fasism/communism? Rationalism, after all?

Religion as such has problems. Christian churches supposedly grow, in particular in Africa. Spengler (Asia Times) estimates that in 2030 China will have 10-15% Christians. It is difficult to say how true are the numbers of that growth. How are they ascertained? By polls? Church attendances? How lukewarm can a catholic be to be still counted as a catholic? Somehow I doubt that Christianity has great chances, though I admit I know little about its “african” version. They sing well. Statues and pictures show Catholic saints with black skin, though, perhaps with the God’s help, Jesus Christ and St Paul saved theirs. The Vatican apparently does not insist on the celibacy of its african priest, bishops and cardinals, yet the american version of protestantism is more attractive. I do not know how sing the Christians in China. With the exception of a belt of westcoast states Christian movement in USA seemingly grows, perhaps because of the incoming Hispanics from south and increasing number of disillusioned Americans. (It remains to be seen, what will inevitable “Obama hangover” do for Christianity) During the battle of Fallujah US soldiers apparently responded “The power of Christ compels you” to muslims’ “Allahu Akbar” . Crusade, after all? Unfortunately, enmity among various christian theologies from the beginning until today emasculates basic christian principles and does not bode well for the future.

Islam has similar problem, mostly known from the power struggle between two main trends, Sunni and Shiia. They also have plethora of implacably hostile sects, outside attention horizons of western media. Voluntary unification is out of the question, violent one is not.

I am afraid that for our young hope only some radical version of faiths would be acceptable. Moslemism, with its fanaticism, inclination toward violent solutions, contempt for human life and western civilisation could be atractive. Furthermore, moslems do not have to think much, which is an additional sweetener.

Socialism has the misfortune in that it, after almost hundred years of attempts in various countries, can not show one successful example; unless one considers 200 million dead a success. People, of course have short memories and the younger ones are not aware of the results of the socialist experiments. Mass murderer Guevara is still their hero. Some saviours of life on the planet show their marxist ideas openly. On the web page GreenLeft almost every article connects environmental problems with capitalism and sugest the only solution – the end of capitalism.

Those closer to the power or with it are circumspect. Ex-clintonite Carol. M. Browner (obviously better then our GrünFuehrer) established by Obama as “the czarina of global warming”, was, until the beginning of January 2009 shown as one of the fourteen leaders of Socialist International Commission for Sustainable World Society, which, among other nice things, calls for a world governance. Within a week of her nomination her name and biography from the Socialist International web site disappeared. Similarly to Fabian Socialists with their wolf in sheep clothing, Socialist International has an ominous symbol – a fist crushing a rose.

Fascism, the other side of the same counterfeit coin, is slightly better off, because most people know not of the difference between nazism and the original fascism. Fascist ideas of organising a society, invisibly, i.e. without appropriate label, infiltrate both the left and the right thinking. Party ideologists probably would get insulted if somebody compared their programmes with those of Mussolini. In any case, it is not called fascism and even the word “ideology” is out of favour.

Rationalism as a principle of accepting reason as the supreme authority on matters of opinions, faiths and conduct needs educated people, capable of critical and self-critical thinking. They also need a significant dose of humanity. The number of such people is limited and nowhere they are in a position of power. Putin acts absolutely rationaly, but nobody could ever accuse him of humanity.

Will the young ever get out of their green ideology? Since it is not based on reason, but on faith, it does not look good. One bubble bursts, new prophets rise and inflate a new bubble, more rainbowy. The green ideology has elements of eschatological faith and marxism-leninism in very unpleasant combination. To stop the end of the world, to live in a paradise and, on top of that, have power is very tempting. The tens of years of life in a green lie will not disappear easily. After antropogenic warming can come antropogenic cooling (will they then without shame want us to burn more coal to warm the planet up?) or something worse, for example the world economic crisis, in other words something which of necessity needs global government by those enlightened. In any case, the democracy, however ineffective and manipulated, would not be to their taste.

It can not be said, that all young are silly and uneducated. Unfortunately the educational system, especially on a secondary level, and employment in public service and schools promotes hypocrites, who are unlikely to be effective opposition to politicaly correct ideas. Furthermore, they are too inexperienced and shortsighted to see the bloody clouds of tyranies on the horizon.

Tell me I am wrong. Tell me there is hope.

© pavel jacko february 2009

[Originally published in http://cs-magazin.com/]

About Paul Jacko

Jacko was born in Czechoslovakia not long before the communist putsch in February 1948. He studied industrial chemistry there and left in 1969 for Australia, where he became a lawyer and established his own practice. He has now retired and beside hunting, fishing, camping, prospecting and playing golf he amuses himself by writing.
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10 Responses to Our Great Green Hope

  1. rosencrantz says:

    Very good, absolutely amazing.
    [I thoughts so too!]

  2. degras says:

    Good day! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok. I’m definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts.

  3. Joe Aparato says:

    Polar bears are multiplying but the caravan of AGW fraud goes on. Another ten years, Perhaps?

  4. Mithu says:

    All is lost.

  5. reklamaner says:

    Yes! Finally someone writes about socialism pc game.

  6. Rene Francois says:

    Don’t expect anything good out of this generation. I am a realist. I like the helpful information you supply in your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently.

  7. Whamer gratis says:

    It is our fault that they can’t think.

  8. Hippo Drone says:

    This is the REAL lost generation.

  9. Equipedo says:

    All is lost. The young ones can’t think.

  10. Top haT says:

    I lost all hope, green, red, brown…

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