Einstein Error

Douglas Colligan in Science Digest 1975 -
“the world climatologists are agreed …
once the freeze starts, it will be too late.”

As you know, in 1917 Albert Einstein published his general theory of relativity. Originaly the simplest solutions to his equations led to an expanding universe, something he did not believe in. To get over the problem he came up with the cosmological constant, which was to counteract the gravity and thus allow the universe to remain static.

Same year the Dutch astronomer Willem de Sitter solved the Einstein’s equations and came to the conclussion that the universe was expanding. In 1922 the Russian mathematician Alexander Friedmann discovered a simple algebraic error in Einstein’s equations. Einstein vigorously objected. In 1929 Milton Humason and Edwin Hubble proved that the universe is expanding. Faced with the astronomical evidence, Einstein accepted his error and abandoned his cosmological constant, calling it “the greatest blunder/mistake of his career”.

[The latest astronomical measurements, which indicate to some scientists that a sort of cosmological constant may be needed after all, do not affect my point.]

If it took great Einstein twelve years to admit he was wrong, how long we will have to wait for much, much lesser minds, such as Michael “hockey stick” Mann, Keith”applying a bodge” Briffa and Phil “hide the decline” Jones to apologise?

Of course, from scientific non-entities, such like Garnaut, Pachouri, Flannery, Al Gore et al we can expect nothing but a self-satisfied smirk on the way to the bank.

13th April, 2011

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