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The article Rattling the cage: Calling the Mossad in the Jerusalem Post, dated 26 Tevet, 5771 (for those of you who do not count from the begining of the world, 29th December, A.D. 2010) dealt with the problem of Beduin smuglers. Beduins extort money from asylum seekers (mostly from Sudan and Eritrea) to escort a thousand of them across the Sinai each month. Israel has 35,000 of them already and is apparently considering a construction of another costly fence, this time across the desert. It is no surprise that the author of the article, Larry Derfner, approvingly quotes an idea by a military advisor Alex Fishman; more decisively developed by a Member of Knesset, Yakov Katz: „We must arrest all the Beduin [smugglers of refugees], put them in holding tanks and fire a bullet in the head of those who lead the convoys. Three or four Beduin will be shot down and the convoys will stop.”

For experienced Mossad this ought to represent no problem; technical, moral or legal.
Derfner: „The Beduin who smuggle refugees from Sudan and Eritrea through the Sinai to the border are, plainly and simply, desert Nazis. They’ve set up camps where they torture, rape and kill refugees for money and pleasure. They richly deserve to die and there seems to be no other way to stop them.“ It is unlikely that the nomadic desert muslims would change their behavior after reading an UN resolution mildly condemning it. The extent of their bestiality can be gleaned from the fact that even our multicultural television station SBS, routinely ignoring or excusing muslim atrocities, showed a program on the topic.

Into, so far mainly Christian, Australia our new muslim felow citizens do not walk across a desert, but
float from overwhelmingly Muslim Indonesia on boats, a long time rejected from a coastal fishing fleet, towards Christmas Island. It is about ten times closer to Jakarta than to Darwin, but even that short distance the boats can hardly manage. When they are close enough, i.e. they appear on the RAN radars, they have won the lottery. A distress signal is sent and the Royal Australian Navy obligingly towes them to a harbour. They used to set the boats alight in order to increase our guilt, now they do not bother. They just burn their passports. They would not be able to fly to Indonesia without one, but they know it would not bother our incorruptible and unbiased immigration officers. They select a nationality currently fashionably „persecuted“ in the eyes of simple minded do-gooders and ignorant journalists.

In a proper refugee camp they would wait two to three years; now it is a few months and $30,000. I feel that I am amongs my fellow Australians an aberrant exception since I do not like to convert problems, especially human problems, into dollars. Still, let’s try. Sixty refugees @ $30,000, minus $1000 for a boat, minus $1000 wages of unqualified, single use „sailors“, that is … a decent profit, even if a half of it were to go for bribes. It is not a negligible profit, even if modestly adjusted downwards – only thirty asylum seekers@$15,000, minus 2,000 a boat and minus $4,000 for the crew. It comes to respectable, non-taxable $894,000, less the bribes, of course. Where do they end? All in Indonesia? Sure?

By the way, the costs of air tickets to Indonesia those impoverished refugees have to pay themselves. The smugglers have mostly Australian passports and in between Sydney, Jakarta, Karachi and Mogadishu collected enough frequents flyers points to turn even Tim Flannery green with envy.

Australia can apply its penal laws vis a vis its citizens anywhere in the world but so far our Federal Police prefers, not overly succesfully, to concetrate on our pedofiles in Bangkok. Investigations there are likely to be pleasanter and safer (provided you use a condom).

Indonesian police estimate that approximately ten percent of the boats do not complete the journey. They sink. It does not affect the profits and bribes, as payment comes first. If, as it is estimated, only six thousand people arrived illegaly by boats in 2010, almost seven hundred people died in that year alone. When it is counted from the time Labor government „humanised“ our immigration laws, and thus encouraged the smugglers, the victims would amount to thousands.

Of course, Indonesia could limit the trade in the human flesh and perhaps even stop it. However, it does not have a reason to pull the hot potatoes out of the fire for Australians, especially when those are stupid enough to vote for a government which welcomes unfeterred muslim migration.

One can dream of SOLUTION „MOSSAD“. Our ASIO and ASIS would first argue whose remit it, ie. doing nothing, is. If by some good luck something happened, we would see it live on our TV screens. Perhaps I am too unkind to our clandestine heroes. Not all successes of secrets services have to be praised in the media, but …at least one in fifty years!

Nevertheless, in Australia a simple, economical and humanitarian solution might not even be needed; sufficiently long prison sentences could suffice. Details of the court impossed punishment (it might be too optimistic to write „prison sentences“) on those few apprehended smugglers are somehow unavailable, which leads one to the conclussion that they are minimal. That they are not any deterrent is obvious. For those two or three crew members of smugglers’ boats (i.e.those who, according to our dogooders would starve to death if not for smuggling) their trip ought to be the last view of the sea for the next twenty years. A lot of human lives would be saved.

Unfortunately, the political calculations of the Labor Party and the false humanity of the lefts so called elites lure more and more refugees to the deathly roulete. For the socialist croupiers it is unloosable game. Nine out of ten survives the journey and in a few years time, under the accelerated, all rights, no responsibility citizenship programme, vote ALP. Not only those nine, but also their relatives, who then arrive here almost as if by right.

(It would be interesting to know what percentage of muslim votes for the Green Party. It ought to atract them by the colour alone, also by its tendency to authoritarian, doubts punishing, logic denying regime, but in particular by its basic credo, i.e. that lying to non-believers in order to achieve the power/final paradise is acceptable.)

Alas, „SOLUTION GILLARD“ is predictably different – more taxpayers money for the mafia of social workers, who are to mollycoddle themselves and the ever increasing influx of boat people. By the way, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistic, and diametrically contrary to the media propaganda, 93% of illegal migrants come by boat, 2% by air and 4% are visa over-stayers.

Furthermore, on the 15th February 2011 the federal labor government of Julia Gillard administered a kick in the face of all legal migrants by paying for funerals in Sydney of people who died in a stormy weather near Christmas Island in an attempt to enter Australia illegally; who knowingly and willingly embarked on an unseaworthy vessel, some with children, and thus exposed them to mortal danger and who, obviously, had sufficient funds to pay for airfares to Indonesia and the smugglers’ fees.

Even the conservative journalists, i.e. those three or four still ticking over, missed the obvious fact that according to the Muslim law, the dead are to be buried within 24 hours (most, but not all, of the dead were Muslims; Christians had a separate funeral later). Since the media excitement of floods and the cyclone Yasi would reduce or eliminate the propaganda value of Sydney funerals, sharia dictat was suspended for the whole two months.

When an Australian citizen and taxpayer through misadventure or wilfull disregard of common sense dies anywhere in the world, he, or rather his relatives cannot demand from his government a payment for the transfer of his/her corpse home. The law is sensible. However, a poor, compassionate taxpayer, though definitely not asked, paid not only the cost of the funerals, but also for a charter of the aircraft for the relatives of the deceased. Those, naturally, utilised the proximity of TV cameras for the usual calumnious attacks on the inhumanity of Australians. Not all “asylum seekers” are Muslims, not all are Marxists, but the Marxist dialectic and hypocrisy (if there is any meaningful difference) they have mastered perfectly. Or at least those who are presented to us by our media as their spokesmen.

The Left, devious, naïve and everything in between, uses “compassion”, “humanity”, and similar high moral horse expression as a smoke screen for its responsibility for the 200 million human beings the practitioners of their socialist idea killed worldwide since 1917. Mostly they are getting away with it and the real humanists are constantly on the defensive. Unnecessarily. Out of hundreds of examples of misguided compassion the one which comes to my mind is from 1941. As the politically correct, but militarily criminal, campaign in Greece was coming to a close RN and RAN tried to evacuate the remainders of the British, New Zealand and Australian units by night. With unchallenged Luftwaffe supremacy, it was logical that the naval units were ordered to be on their way by 3 am. so that they were not caught within the reach of Stukas by daylight. The captain of a passenger liner Slamat did not have the heart to leave soldiers on the pier of Navplion and sailed more than an hour later. At dawn the Slamat was found by the Luftwaffe. Two destroyers, HMS Wryneck and HMS Diamond went to help. All three ships were sunk. Out of approximately seven hundred men exactly fifty survived.

Of course, this example of applied “humanity” is somewhat unfair. There were extreme, extenuating circumstances – the war, the time constrictions, the direct contact with potential inmates of a POW camp, inexperience. The Dutch captain of Slamat perhaps may be forgiven on those grounds. Today’s “humanitarians” have no such excuse. There has been more than ample time to reflect and to consider the consequences.

When the ruling so called “party of labour” flagrantly breaks its own laws to confirm that the rich, Australian laws contemptuously ignoring, ready to riot migrants are more welcome here than those really deserving our compassion – it is time to change the government. The sooner the better.

26th February 2011
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About Paul Jacko

Jacko was born in Czechoslovakia not long before the communist putsch in February 1948. He studied industrial chemistry there and left in 1969 for Australia, where he became a lawyer and established his own practice. He has now retired and beside hunting, fishing, camping, prospecting and playing golf he amuses himself by writing.
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  1. mospact says:

    I remember being given the following example by an economics professor.

    Hi complaint was that people would always stand up at sporting events and block his view. He then theorized that if we were to put snipers on the roof of the stadium with instructions to shot those who stood, then people would think twice about getting out of their seat.

    Obviously this was a game of though, but its application in the real world is certainly as powerful as it is in the theoretical.

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  3. Clercir says:

    Could you increase the amount of your posts, i would like to read them more often. thanks.

  4. เครื่อง says:

    Tremendous things here. I’m very satisfied to look your article.
    Thank you so much and I am having a look forward to touch you.

  5. Old Ridyai says:

    Normally I don’t read articles on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very pressured me to take a look
    at and do it! Your writing taste has been surprised me. Thank you, very great post.

  6. Shaun O'Brian says:

    Does it work? If so, let’s do it here.

  7. Abdulla says:

    Well done, Mossad!

  8. Foriamond says:

    I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Well written!

  9. Saul Beetorg says:

    Simply solutions are often the best. Good luck, Aussies.

  10. Fragio Mann says:

    No easy solutions. Maybe the hard ones are kindest.

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