Easter Flagellation



 It is amazing how at the same time all over the world the media have the same worries. Whales, homosexual marriages, oppression of Muslims, nasty Vatican… Yes, those horrible Christians. Regularly before Christian holidays like a jack-in-the-box jump out journalists, commentators and so called social scientists with further shocking revelations of despicable crimes of Christian churches. If possible, there is a premiere of yet another The Da Vinci Code knock-off. Sexual abuse by a catholic priest in 1976 is suddenly the most actual topic on all TV channels.


Christian martyrs prayed to God to forgive their torturers. Muslim self-made martyrs prior to their death curse all non-Muslim. It is obvious with whom our socialist „journalists“ sympathise. So at Easter time the whole obedient pack looks for a whip to beat the Christianity with; and to earn the Socialist International reward points. If the left really fought against ignorance and religious fanaticism, as they like to claim, they would have to fight against the ignorant myth of anthropogenic global warming, and not propagate it. As it is, one feels that the media are engaging in a concentrated and possibly organised charge on the society, family and on those few institutions which belatedly try to blunt their attack. The attack, which thanks to rapidly lowering level of public education has a good chances of succeeding.

People, daily massaged by pseudo-scientific TV programmes conclusively proving that lesbians live longer than cane toads or that that poor, maligned carbon pollutes the atmosphere, mindlessly accept anything negative about churches or Christian religions. The don’t notice that the TV „experts“ somehow never manage to apply the same strict approach to Islam. As yet I haven’t read that the Christians were feeding nubile Romans to the lions, but surely some PhD hopeful in the faculty of marx-leninist theology somewhere in USA is working on it and a TV programme is already paid for. Vatican certainly does not need me to defend it, even if it is somewhat hampered by the fact that turning the other cheek is in their work description. Nevertheless, that well coordinated dishonesty of the main stream media is provoking me. I do not wish to excuse the inexcusable, I only to a short while wish to play some advocatus angeli. Following are only a few of the many examples of the convenient anti-Christian whips.


 Certain professions attract certain human types – and as pathological liars are attracted to politics and journalism, teachers, scouts and priests have among themselves higher percentage of paedophiles than for example postmen or pilots. Churches are undoubtedly aware of that and some internal control wouldn’t go astray, even considering that most of the complaints are made years later, that Christian churches have forgiveness in their programme and that investigations and power connected with them could lead to further abuses and injustice.


 Vatican’s facts finding committees don’t have too good reputation, though I feel, that many better educated victims of the communist justice would wish to God rather to be in the hands of the dark age inquisition. Total number of the victims  (200 million for the socialists) and the extent of demoralising fear in the society is incomparable. True, the church tried to keep the monopoly on the theology, but generally did not suppress science either with capital S or not. The principle “What God does, well does” pretty much covers everything. Some discrepancy between the Catholic dogma and latest discoveries or theories annoyed the church mostly because it could confuse uneducated folk. On this note – not so long ago I read assertion by an „educated“ person that Galileo Galilei was kept in prison because he claimed the earth was round. Wrong on both counts. It somehow does not surprise that all those factual errors are always to the detriment of religion.

In fact, under the cloak of the church the science prospered, albeit without much publicity. Had Gregory Mendel lived instead of in a Moravian monastery in that famous country of burnt monasteries in time of the Stalin/Lysenko established science, he would end up, if lucky in Siberia and we still would not know what would became of those peas. 

Inquisition also persecuted innocent women and burnt them as witches. Certainly. I remembered however a relatively recent case in Australia, when two young women, proudly calling themselves witches during subsequent trial, lured a middle aged man into a park, sexually abused him, tortured him to death and drank his blood. That, maybe even in our tolerant age could be called socially unacceptable behaviour.

Casual internet search will show that witches exists, associate, search for each other  and support each other. I am not suggesting that all the women who figuratively suck their men’s blood are witches. But if in enlightened 2011 not so small group of women believe they have magic powers and thus impunity – how was it in so called dark ages?


 According to the latest politically correct explanations of history the crusades were unmitigated disaster from the beginning to the end, unjustifiable aggression towards peaceful Muslims for the purpose of enrichment mixed with religious fanaticism. A „peaceful“ march of Muslims to Palestine is mercifully overlooked, and similarly sieges of Istanbul in 673 and 717 A.D. In 846 A.D. Muslims sacked Rome and in 859 occupied Sicily. At different times the Christians had to fight those peaceful visitors south of Paris and north of Belgrade. Wars hardly ever have simple causes, unless you believe the myths such as that Trojan war was because of Helen and WWI because of untimely perforation of Archduke Ferdinand. To simplify the background of the crusades in one paragraph would be difficult, and I would not try, but I would dare to suggest that the defence of European Christianity was one of the reasons, a time honoured defence by an attack.

[By the way, by Arabs so glorified hero Saladin, who ultimately chased the crusaders out of the Holy Land was an European, not Arab. He was born in the area of today’s Bosnia.]

Perhaps this year it would be different and the usual medial outpouring of anti-religious propaganda would not materialise. Maybe the media will find another easy target such as the Army or heterosexuals. We will see. And since I am in that pre-Easter, religious mood I will permit myself to slightly alter the Jesus’ counsel (Mark 4.9) – “He that hath eyes to read, let him read.” For those manipulators of the public opinion know too well what they are doing and rely on our mental laziness and ignorance. In my humble opinion „Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing“ ought not to apply to them. May God forgive me.

31st March 2011

About Paul Jacko

Jacko was born in Czechoslovakia not long before the communist putsch in February 1948. He studied industrial chemistry there and left in 1969 for Australia, where he became a lawyer and established his own practice. He has now retired and beside hunting, fishing, camping, prospecting and playing golf he amuses himself by writing.
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5 Responses to Easter Flagellation

  1. Fleigen von Splatt says:

    I have been curious for some time about the propensity of the Australian Labour Party to have paedophiles elected to parliament, in their name.
    Does anyone have any theories about why this occurs. So far none convicted amongst Libs, Nats or Greens.
    I notice the writer leaps staunchly to the defence of the churches. Fraud, fallacy and brutality, should not be lauded merely because it is less efficient.

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  5. Oh No Again says:

    If you are concerned about these questions, pray to God that one day we’ll have a real conservative party.

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