Public Notice and Warning

by G.P. Orlik

One of members recently made a discovery – more an unearthing – of a nature that is both helpful and frightening.

By way of announcing it, he feels it best to note that the world is replete with laws, regulations and what-not other rules. Centrally amongst these reposes the wonderful Murphy’s Law, which states simply, ‘if it can go wrong, it will.’ Which clarifies the everyday observation of literally each and every one of us, that irrespective of our best efforts, it’s bound to fuck-up, that the results of our efforts are beyond our control.

The above said, our member after years of research, which took him amongst remote cultures, dusty book-lined corridores of long lost libraries, and in an abandoned gold-mine uncovered the long-defunct Pavlu’s Law which states simply,  ‘No one does nothing till its just too late.’ This gad-about archimedes could not have shouted ‘Eureka’ louder….for haven’t we all slowed down just after we hurtled at high speed through the radar trap; haven’t we all heard of our mate who stopped smoking just after he was diagnosed with lung cancer; who locked the barn door just after the horse bolted!

All observations (and occasional proverbs) accounting for the essential validity of Pavlu’s Law, and which we would like to bring to your attention with a view to inviting you to make what small or otherwise observations you might care to contribute to this site, and so assist in the project, that of  penning a seminal work on Pavlu’s Law which discovery is undertaking.

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3 Responses to Public Notice and Warning

  1. rosencrantz says:

    It can be summarised in one word – inshallah.

  2. rosencrantz says:

    When you think of something, you can be sure that somebody thought about it earlier. This applies to Dr Pavlu’s Law, which before the present age of glorified ignorance was known as a Sod’s law. That was the sailors’ name for assertion that unfortunate things always happen at the worst time and in the worst place (sea going version of Murphy’s Law). It was sometimes known as the Law of Imbuggerance.

    Back to history (Jeans/Ship to Shore, p.308) – “The phrase almost certainly stems from the seaman’s ingrained distaste for things unnatural. The word is from Sodom, the ancient biblical city near the dead Sea, destroyed by fire from heaven because of the wicked and unnatural practices of its inhabitants. Sod is an abbreviation for sodomy and -very curiously- seamen have abhorrence of this practice. In the days of sailing navy, it was an offence punishable by hanging; the men themselves were as likely to exact retribution from the guilty person as were the authorities.”

  3. I had always assumed there was covert homosexuality in the navies for centuries, sailors being away from women and all.

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