Further Fatalism

Notice the irony of a chaplain critiquing superstition.

A CASINO chaplain says Australians are too superstitious and wrongly believe luck is on their side. Crown’s resident chaplain, Fr James Grant, said that too many gamblers were not rational about their prospects of winning.

“An increasing number of patrons believe that luck is on their side, that they have a God-given right to win today,” he said. “People believe that wearing black, blue, green or any other colour or whatever on any given day will cause cards or roulette wheels to fall on lucky numbers. “In our society luck has become a new secular deity.”

The Anglican priest said this behaviour wasn’t encouraged by Crown. Gamblers had to take responsibility for their own actions and not act like they were “in the grip of fate”. 

“I find it strange that the more educated we are … the more likely we are to fall prey to this crappy thinking,” he said.

As I said before.

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  1. rosencrantz says:

    “Who will rid me of this troublesome priest?” I can’t recall now who said it – was it Henry VIII or Packer II ?

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