I have been curious for some time about the propensity of the Australian Labour Party to have paedophiles elected to parliament, in their name.
Does anyone have any theories about why this occurs. So far none convicted amongst Libs, Nats or Greens.
I notice the writer leaps staunchly to the defence of the churches. Fraud, fallacy and brutality, should not be lauded merely because it is less efficient.


I haven’t noticed the writer’s defence of the churches. He simply had pointed out that what pleases to call itself a secular left is attacking churches for crimes ignored or bagatellised in other organisations. I presume that von Splatt by saying – “Fraud, fallacy and brutality … is less efficient”, means that it is less prevalent in the churches than in other sections of the society. That may be due to the possibility that at least some members of the Christian churches follow Christ’s teaching.
Fraud – the use of false representation to obtain unfair advantage; and Fallacy – a mistaken belief or faulty reasoning are the proper subjects of a serious and almost certainly futile debate.

Briefly: the latter goes to the very heart of every religion, which are based on a faith and not on any subsequent reasoning, however erudite. The former is about a misuse of that faith by the churches. As far as brutality is concerned the religions, with the exception of Islam, abandoned that many centuries ago. Herr von Splatt would be aware that during WWI the British, French and the Americans shot thousands of its soldiers for cowardice in the then good faith that something like “a shell shock”, now called a post-traumatic stress disorder does not exists. Perhaps even more recent examples of the fatal consequences of a secular faith could be found.

Indeed, it seems that the socialist politicians are disproportionately over-represented in the documented or perhaps publicised cases of paedophilia and in what used to be called in pre-political correctness times a sexual deviation. Could it be that a groups and movements which try to tell others how to live, i.e. churches, scouts, socialists, teachers etc. attract that people with such propensities? If so, we won’t have to wait long for some extreme environmentalists to get a criminal record.

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  1. antisthenes says:

    Somebody else said:
    Andrew Bolt – Monday, June 06, 2011 at 06:37am
    Should Thomson quit his seat? Can the Gillard Government afford to disown him, and risk losing office?
    FEDERAL Labor MP Craig Thomson has dropped a defamation case against Fairfax over articles detailing alleged fraudulent use of his union credit card, including paying for prostitutes.
    The articles alleged the credit card issued to him as national secretary of the Health Services Union was also used to pay for bills in bars and restaurants…
    Mr Thomson, the member for the marginal NSW seat of Dobell, falsely denied the allegations of inappropriate spending of union funds…
    Let me stress that Thomson insists he’s innocent of any wrong doing.

    (No comments, to spare us the worry of legal trouble.)

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