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…small head, slender body…, well camouflaged…, waits its time, then strikes repeatedly…, its strike is deadly – Venomous Snakes of Australia

And on top of that it is also green, or rather well covered in a green slime.


A few pointers shine from his biography. During the Vietnam war as a young doctor in Canberra he wrote medical certificates for those conscripts, who did not feel like joining the army. In 1976 was on a hunger strike for a whole week protesting the visit of aircraft carrier USS Enterprise. In 1983 spent nineteen days in prison for disorderly behaviour during a demonstration and in 2003 he was ejected from the parliament for disorderly behaviour during a speech by G. W. Bush.

Soon he found which side of the political bread is most thickly buttered and on which side could be poured the most of socialist, anti-american cyanide. Under pretext of saving Lake Pedder he manipulated a movement of environmentalists and finally became a leader of the Green party. He almost did not make it to the parliament because of pending bankruptcy, but hopelessly bewildered semi-senile Dick Smith, who perhaps flies his helicopter even to the toilet, whilst advising everybody else to walk, at the last moment paid the court costs owing to the Tasmanian Forestry Commission.

After the federal elections in August 2010 he and a few pseudo independents hold the balance of power in our House of Representatives. It came as a surprise to no one but our media, that the Greens and „the independents“ chose to side with the Labor. (Buttered bread, anyone?) Prior to the elections he was exceedingly coy in his public pronouncements.  Everybody else, ie. anybody not on the left side of the politics, would be for similar twaddle accused of populism. Halo, or rather the bubble he managed to manufacture, the red vultures of the media would not puncture.* That he is a childless homosexual is a plus for our unthinking „progressives“.

A significant percentage of voters do not think and thus naively believe that the Green party has something to do with a protection of environment. In this case one can’t write that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, since the green leaders simply do not mean well. Hardly anybody bothers to read carefully their programme. It is on internet. Right at the beginning they say how they saved Australia from a financial catastrophe, which ought to disgust a thinking person straight away. A lie, worthy of „Pravda“ or „The Age“. What follows it a list of all the benefits they would bring to the world. I recommend to suffer and read further. As always with do-gooders, the devil is in the details.

Antisemitism is not (yet) mentioned, but the rest is frightening enough: world government, more taxes, more prostitution, more abortions, more foreign aid (minimum of 0.7% of our GDP) death duties, euthanasia (Dr. Death was a Greens candidate in Northern Territory), same sex marriages, no dams, no ANZUS treaty, no nuclear power stations and no thermal power stations. Naturally, they are against all (American) wars. When the „sustainability“ jargon is peeled of, all that remains is the good old fashioned class struggle.

It is too late to try to convince so called conservation, nature and environmental organisations not to support crypto-communists. Practically all are already infiltrated; look at their web pages. It is sad because nobody remains who would our environment really protected and while the Green Party exists, can not be. One could perhaps attempt to convince children to study the Green’s aims and imagine the consequences. What sort of future for their children are preparing Bob Brown, Julia Gillard and Penny Wong?

When Napoleon in 1789 occupied hitherto by Islam dominated Cairo, murders, rapes and robberies were daily, or rather nightly occurrence. No civilisation to speak of. He came up with relatively simple solution. At night every house owner had to hang a lit lantern on it. Night patrols founding an unlit house stuck a nail into the door as a mark for the day patrols, which then arrested and punished the offending owners. It worked. The crime rate dropped dramatically. Crooks do not like the light.

In Soweto in 1993 I noticed light fittings on incredibly high poles and was told that they have to be so high so as to make it more difficult for Mendela’s „freedom fighters“  to shoot them out. Crooks do not like the light.

Every year now the Greens try to establish The Earth Hour. All power is to be switched off, the darkness is to rule. They would like that to be compulsory. In a reverse of Napoleon’s short lived civilization attempt in Egypt, computers instead of nails would then introduce the Earth Dark Age. Greenies do not like the light.

His attitude to the Anti-Israel policy, euphemistically called “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions”, embraced thus far mainly by the NSW branch of his party is chillingly ambivalent. When you see his face on a TV screen, reflect for a moment, recall that killing is in his programme – and how attractive he would look in a black peaked cap with a skull and cross bones.

May 2011

*/Since the above was written, at least some of the media took off the silken gloves and started asking slightly harder questions. Could it be that the power brokers, both ALP and LibNats realised the danger?


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Jacko was born in Czechoslovakia not long before the communist putsch in February 1948. He studied industrial chemistry there and left in 1969 for Australia, where he became a lawyer and established his own practice. He has now retired and beside hunting, fishing, camping, prospecting and playing golf he amuses himself by writing.
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  1. Devoyan says:

    So glad he’s gone.

  2. kha san says:

    I hope that the Green party also fades into oblivion.

  3. Nat Wood says:

    Amazing! This can be one of the most beneficial blogs I have found. Thank God Brown’s gone.

  4. ex con says:

    May he/she rest in piece.

  5. Noma Now says:

    Oh my goodness! Awesome article dude! Thank you so much.

  6. Good bacs says:

    The face of Tassie tourism? Tassie unemployement more likely. I’m thankful for the article. Really thank you! Really Cool.

  7. Pastel Mind says:

    Imagine the proppaganda when HE dies! Sainthood?

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