by Milan Skarka

When I came to the United States nearly forty years ago from the socialist people’s paradise it was the most beautiful place I ever saw. My first introduction to politics was the infamous Watergate affair, Nixon’s presidential escapades, eventual resignation and the Vietnam War protests. It was fascinating! The Jimmy Carter incredulous presidency gave us Ronald Wilson Reagan, the greatest president of the 20th Century. The Obama administration is a nightmare for I still remember the horrors of the people’s paradise and it feels like a Déjà vu. The current administration is staffed with Marxists and Keynesian theorists (I was tempted to say terrorists) that have done profound harm to many institutions and to the Country as a whole. We are changing from the nation of doers and makers to the nation of takers where majority of the population gets some sort of Government largesse. The annual deficits alone increased by the order of magnitude. It is not that Obama started the process, however, he is imprinting his boot on the face of this great nation in its finale.

In my opinion, Barack Obama is a weak-willed, uxorious, mendacious, hypocritical, dishonest, power-hungry ideologue. While not devoid of intelligence, it is rather the passive intelligence of a third-rate academic than the active, imaginative one of a true leader. He hides this want of intellectual ability with platitudes, empty phrases, and an obstinate adherence to a rigid leftist ideology. Having no genuine principles or policies of his own, he is prey to the influence of those around him, particularly his wife, and, within the confines of the leftist doctrine, will always sacrifice a principle for expediency. Indeed, he excels only in low cunning and the arts of bribery and corruption; for his political vision extends no further than that of a corrupt municipal ward-heeler. All in all, his ignorance, obstinacy, diplomatic gaucheries, and sheer monumental folly have done more harm to this country in less than four years than Bush, Clinton, Carter, or any other president in the last hundred years was able to do in eight.

Now, put this in your pipe and smoke it!

June 2011, Washington, USA


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2 Responses to PAEAN FOR OBAMA

  1. GOL says:

    …that’s probably because you’re young and clueless as to the realities of life. Please do not become a cannon fodder for those who will take your basic rights away at the end and make you their bitch, if you understand the meaning of this expression…

  2. Vernetta says:

    STOP what ever you are making right now ! Blogging will never make you serous money.

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