Corruptions you should Know about: College Education

GOL left a comment mentioning overpriced College Education. I was going to supply the links in response to him, but thought that it would better as stand alone post itself in case anyone really is unaware of the corruption and how bad it is in Higher Education. I was toying with the Idea of a series of Corruptions you should know about. Considering that I have become some what of a collector of varies forms of corruptions, some of them very well known on the internet but not publicly, some not so. I thought for public service, everyone should know about these corruptions. Also, Mencius Moldbug has a clever guide and theory of corruption.

Below is links to varies stories and analysis of the College Education scam. Remember their are several aspects here with the no default rule for student loans, as to the education bubble that has arisen from cheap finance, hence the cost of College being so high. It never use to be like this.

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  2. Thromer says:

    Absolutely disgusting! But thanks , I’ve just been looking for information approximately this topic for ages.

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