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Our regular readers may have noticed some slight confusion in our blog. Well, what could you expect from the intentional chaos shrouded in deliberately impenetrable fog? Or vice versa? Contrary to our plans and promises, the Czech language material prevails. It is mostly old, but still good, if we may say so. Readers who do not read the Czech, miss a lot. We will try to translate some more important articles, when the time permits, as we have been asked to.

We could write about mean viruses, inconsiderate Chilean volcanoes and the mean and inconsiderate airlines, but really we have no simple, easy to understand excuse, or at least none we could publish. The old fashioned explanation of ‘a nigger in the woodpile’* could get us into trouble with one of the Politically Correct Commissions, which grow like toadstools on rotting heaps of the public apathy. As everybody knows, a mention of ‘woodpile’ is absolute no no; even brown could turn green or go back to the original colour. Forestry is evil. Red is good.

For similar reason we can’t say what is in fact very close to the truth – cherchez la femme**, because undoubtedly that would be objectionable to those who had usurped the feminist movement and made it – a big surprise – red. So, lets try a new expression to describe something sinister behind a disaster – a green in the senate. Any objections? We thought so.

The Editorial Troika

*/ originally a way of accounting for the disappearance of fuel

**/ the usual translation – look for the woman


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