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We have new words for new times, or even for the old times. Not that they bring anything really new, it is just that people forget the origin of the old ones, or simply get bored with the old words and thus allow the manipulators to alter the original meaning, usually to the detriment of the knowledge, and to the benefit of the manipulators.

Obtaining a position of profit by wilfully false promises is a criminal offence, but we got used to the political language usage where people engaging in such activity are not called the crooks but the politicians. A person assisting in such actions ought to be called an accomplice. Today, assisting professional liars call themselves the spin masters. The name could have its origin in old English “spinning a yarn”, which would make them almost Homer-like. More brazen ones are called, or rather call themselves the spin doctors. They wish to add gravitas to the lies and to their miserable profession generally. Occasionally one sees the German spelling – Meister, perhaps to indicate the Goebelsian influence. What will come next – Spinnen Meister or Wirbeln* Meister or even Verleumdung** Meister?

It is a fact of life that a skilful spin doctor makes a politician’s lies more acceptable to the unthinking public. But even the best ones can’t save that dishonesty oozing, wooden delivery from yet another Real Julia. Watching her performance, I wondered what would be left after her ? Besides ruined Australian economy, of course, but that will not last long; ten, twenty, fifty years at most. Massachusetts governor Elbridge Gerry would be totally forgotten if not for his re-drawing of electoral boundaries to enhance his chance of re-election. The journalists noticed (oh, those were the times, 1812, when journalists noticed) and since those districts resembled a salamander (oh, those were the times, when people knew what an animal, not shown on a greenpeace poster, looked like) and called the process “gerrymander”. The poor, but prescient governor is now all but forgotten, but a part of his name lives on, and as long as the political appointees will be allowed control electoral boundaries, it will.

So, feeling sorry for Julia, who doesn’t have to her fame something resembling the Keating’s “a banana republic we had to have” or John Howard’s “the core lies”, I thought of a new word to describe a plastic doll mouthing the most brazen lies straight into the nearest camera, contemptuous of logic and assuming that the intelligence of the audience is on par with that of her party colleagues and the official (msm/ALP) journalists, in a manner of an incompetent kindergarten assistant, which would honor her forever – ‘gillarding‘. After all, as a smell of a rotting ling, it could linger on.

By the way, inventing a noun to go with that is not necessary. There is a time proven one already – “a comrade”.

*/ for people who do not have their Urdu/German dictionary handy – Wirbelnwind:- a whirlwind

**/ Verleumdung: – a slander

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3 Responses to ‘gillarding?’

  1. Bobie says:

    She’s a sad case, but her voters are worse.

  2. M Sear says:

    You seem to be ahead of the pack.Please continue.

  3. G Loaner says:

    That’s the whole point of politics – ignore the bastards, there is nothing they can do. Vote? For whom? One of us.

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