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10th July, 1962 : Architect Robin Boyd says Australia has adopted a ‘Statler-Hilton’ culture which has relied on the adoption of ideas from other countries. He says that modern architecture has been lifted from America and ‘runs like a caramel sauce over the cities and bushland.’ Speaking at the Walter Burley Griffin memorial lecture, Mr Boyd said Australia’s great failure was that it had accepted a philosophy of having no philosophy.’We still have no confidence in the ability of Australians in the field of ideas. We need to achieve much clearer original thinking in the science as well as in the arts. Most of the cultural interest in Australia is no higher than that of a first class amateur.’

[If you wonder why we are using a picture of two pelicans, apparently, flying into the sunset, the explanation is simple. So far we have not found a picture of two vultures flying into the sunset]

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