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It is silly and pretentious to write – I said so – and I would not stoop to this (i.e. re-publishing an old, old article) but for our Barnaby Joyce, a National Party politician. Some time ago he said that America is heading into a deep economic s… scrap-heap. The experts both socialist and other attacked him as a poor misguided country accountant without proper academic qualifications who ought not to talk about anything at all. I know how he must have felt, but in my case it is all “academic” (I am retired and don’t want to be a minister). Now, when the US economy is going along the inevitable path, some Australian journalists of the less left-bent recalled his prediction.

Well, I am forced to state – me too! My article, A kapela hraje dál, from 3rd October, 2008, previously published, would show that I knew it too. So now the ancient article is on  fog of chaos as well. If your command of the Czech language is not up to scratch, the google translator will help.

I do not know whether it is good or bad for my ego that both Barnaby and insignificant me (and tens of others, some with letters behind their names) were ignored or ridiculed. Certainly not good for the people.

About Paul Jacko

Jacko was born in Czechoslovakia not long before the communist putsch in February 1948. He studied industrial chemistry there and left in 1969 for Australia, where he became a lawyer and established his own practice. He has now retired and beside hunting, fishing, camping, prospecting and playing golf he amuses himself by writing.
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