23rd August, 1920 : The Polish Army, vowing to fight to the last man to defend Warsaw, has beaten the Bolsheviks back from the gates of the capital.. Some reports say the Bolshevik forces operating against the Polish left wing are in danger of being cut off. A communique from the Polish General Staff claims: “Our detachments continue to advance with great dash and bravery, pursuing the enemy, who are fleeing in disorder and panic.” Another message indicates that the Poles have recaptured the fortress of Novominsk and started an offensive against Brest-Litovsk. British airmen are playing an important role in the Polish defeat of Trotsky’s new Red Army. The Polish Commander-in-Chief has recorded “with gratitude the fruitful activities of the Third Flying Division, commanded by Major Fauntleroy”.

The Polish successes would seem to have spoiled the Russian plans to spread communism throughout all Europe. Reports from Petrograd speak of Bolshevik plans to crush the Poles and then link up with the German communists.

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