The Execution of SEAL Team Six and Conspiracy Theories

by Milan Skarka

Every time, especially in hard times the conspiracy theories raise their ugly heads and create a virtual “cottage industry”. This time is no different. After the recent tragedy of the downed Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan, numerous attempts to explain the killing our brave soldiers have surfaced and are circulating Internet transom. Not the least of them is a theory about the execution of SEAL Team 6, charging that Obama’s regime deliberately outed the special forces soldiers and thus had them killed by leaking the operational details to the Taliban to facilitate a successful ambush. Allegedly this was done as a payback for killing Osama Bin Laden, though that was also supposedly staged since Bin Laden is believed to be dead for several years now. Immediately after, the unit name and the names of men were made public which sharply contrasts with the current practices of secret operations. Supposedly, these men were killed in order to send a signal to the surviving Special Forces men who carried out the Bin Laden raid to keep their mouths shut. This summarizes the conspiracy theorists’ explanation of the tragedy. For full reference see: (

Whilst I would agree with many critical conclusions about liberals and Bolsheviks  in power today in general, to imply that they can intimidate our Special Forces into silence is not believable. In fact, I would consider it insulting to think that they could be intimidated into silence and collusion. As frustrated as we all are by the abject failures of our current administration, a conspiracy on this scale would be extremely difficult to implement and to keep secret for long. Even when one accepts that military bureaucrats are as lethal as any other government bureaucrats the fact that incompetent Marxists would be successful at such conspiracy is not believable to me.

This is pure paranoid conspiracy theory, fostered by the type of people who claim the moon landing was staged. I’d have to see a lot of proof from more serious sources before I’d even consider believing it. It’s not that I consider the Obama administration incapable of such an action, but that, to borrow a phrase from The Skeptical Inquirer, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary proofs.” It reminds me of the claim that goes all the way back to World War II that Roosevelt deliberately left Pearl Harbor open to attack in order to get us into the war. I would say this about both claims: while neither is impossible, I would require proof at the level of the so-called “smoking” or at least “warm” gun to accept the truth of either one of them; until then I remain dubious.

These are serious accusations supported by nothing but loose constructs and conjectures. However, as is the case with many other conspiracy theories, they tend to linger around. Whether this poison will take a significant hold in the minds of the voters will depend on the action of responsible military leaders. I think that this incident will be investigated and an appropriate action taken. The public and especially the military will undoubtedly demand it.

Seek and you shall receive… and the truth will set you free! ( Written humbly in the shadow of Jan Hus, who for refusal to renounce his true beliefs was burned at the stake in July 1415 by the decision of the General Council of the Holy Roman Church in Constance,  Holy Roman Empire.)

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4 Responses to The Execution of SEAL Team Six and Conspiracy Theories

  1. rosencrantz says:

    I wouldn’t call our marxists incompetent. They may stumble here or there, but are slowly getting closer to being the dominant power in western politics, under various names and disguises. I do not believe in the theory either, but I’d point out that today, when Pentagon computers record the time individual soldier spends in a toilet, it would need just one person to leak operational details. If Bradley Manning could, what could, say a colonel do, especially if ordered, outside the chain of command on the grounds of the Ultimate Good.

  2. Can greed, stupidity and arrogance explain it. If not then we might have a conspiracy.

    Re rosencrantz, Bradley manning was able to steal documents by burning them to a CD while simulating listening to an audio CD in the computer. This is the laziest, low tech, espionage stunt that worked. I don’t think things are as secure as people believe.

  3. Milan Skarka says:

    I think that Marxists in general are an incompetent bunch. What makes them to succeed so spectacularly at times is the apathy of general population, so involved in their daily lives that by the time they wake up it is generally too late or the changes are too gradual for them to care much. The Marxists scourge hangs over the people’s heads like the Sword of Damocles.
    As Patton once said: anything built by man can be overcome. Special forces are such a closely-knit society that no order for the “Ultimate Good” can make them betray one of their own. This is unthinkable, the mid level of special ops people would more than likely be able to take care of anyone involved in something so horrible as that.

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