25th August, 1936 : After an extraordinary five-day show trial in Moscow, a Soviet firing squad today executed 16 of Stalin’s opponents including two of his former allies – Grigori Zinoviev and Lev Kamenev. The executions were carried out in the Lubyanka prison where the accused had been held for many months. During the trial Zinoviev and Kamenev “confessed” to their involvement in the assassination of Sergi Kirov, the Leningrad Party boss; to plotting with exiled Leon Trotsky to bring down Stalin, and to collaborating with foreign Powers to overthrow the State. Andrei Vishinski, the State Prosecutor, denounced the accused, several of whom had been close colleagues of Lenin for many years, as: “contemptible, base, vile, despicable murderous scoundrels, not tigers or lions but merely mad Fascist police dogs, humanity’s dregs, the scum of the underworld, traitors and bandits”.

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