Disturbing Charts and Graphs.

I’ve posted a few charts and graphs below, that I hope, should illustrate how economically fragile the world is right now. You can find this data floating around the internet but it is always difficult finding, I trust that this will be helpful to many.

Below is the pyramid of least safest assets, gold being the most solid, and the unofficial reserve of the worlds financial system.

Dshort provides the charts for GDP. First is nominal GDP:

The  second is GDP with official(government) CPI as a deflator adjustment:

And then we have the cataclysmic last, with GDP and the unofficial (shadow Stats) CPI deflator adjustment. This post provides further background reading.

Gordon T. Long supplies the next three charts and graphics of the predicted breakdown of global currency system:

Escalation in structural risk:


Asian trade Imbalance:

If you wish  to read more on the Asian trade imbalance a fantastic resource is Richard Duncan’s blog and his book The corruption of Capitalism.

A great hour length radio interview here with Mr. Duncan.

Youtube on UK Debt watch?v=TcAK4zXUzCc

and on the Derivatives watch?v=QyqSkb3h5ps market, this is apocalyptic, I really cannot understand why nobody else isn’t raising some sort of discussion about this.

Also, here is a nice Reuters Interactive Debt zone charts.

I could write many posts explaining this all, but I would only be repeating, and not as well, what the more learned men in the previous links are elaborating on.



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  2. P Lihoupon says:

    I agree, it is frightening. Thanks God for democracy!

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