october memories / 21


21st October, 1919 : The tide in Russia has turned in favour of the Bolsheviks and Trotsky’s Red Army. After nearly two years of civil war and foreign intervention, the Reds are poise to defeat the Whites. Early this month Cossack forces, commanded by General Anton Denikin, were 200 miles south of Moscow. A Royal Air Force unit attached to Denikin was poised to bomb Moscow with RE8 reconnaissance aircraft. The Bolsheviks seemed on the point of defeat but Denikin overstretched himself. The Whites were also threatening Petrograd. The former Czarist General Nikolai Yudenich, whose forces counted a British tank corps in their numbers, reached the outskirts of the city, which seemed to be at his mercy. It was an illusion. The situation is not much better for Admiral Kolchak whose forces at one stage were some 450 miles east of Moscow.

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