The Knight

…from the quills of dead white poets

Geoffrey Chaucer (1340 – 1400)

The Canterbury Pilgrims

The Knight

A Knight there was and that a worthy man,

That fro the time that he first began

To riden out, he loved chivalry,

Truth and honour, freedom and courtesy.

Full worthy was he in his Lordes war,

And thereto had he ridden, no man ferre,

As well in Christendom as in heathenesse,

And ever honoured for his worthinesse…

At mortal battles had he been fifteen,

And foughten for our faith at Tramysene

In listes thries, and ay slain his foe.

This ilke worthy knight had been also

sometime with the Lord of Palaty

Against another heathen in Turkey;

And ever more he had a sovereign price

And though that he was worthy, he was wise,

And of his port as meek as a maid.

He never yet no villainy ne sayd,

In all his life, unto no manner wight.

He was a very parfit gentle knight.

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