The Red Brigades?

From Ambrose Evans Pritchard:

Italy’s labour minister Maurizio Sacconi has just warned that a rushed shake-up of the labour market – as demanded by the EU – risks setting off a fresh cycle of terrorism in the country…

…This is not exaggeration. The Red Brigades-PCC assassinated Massimo D’Antonna in 1999 and Professor Marco Biagio in 2002 for spear-heading labour reforms.

Opposition leader Pier Luigi Bersani praised Mr Sacconi for speaking out at last. “We are in deep trouble. If we ignite the powder-keg of social discord instead of cohesion we will do dramatic damage to the country.”…

…Eurosceptics have been vindicated. They warned from the start that EMU was a dysfunctional under-taking and that in order to stop it leading to calamitous failure, there would have to be ever deeper intrusions into the affairs of each state and society.

This is now happening at a galloping pace. We really will end up an authoritarian supra-national octopus if this goes on much longer…

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  1. Erik Salvatini says:

    So far so good.

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