Ron Paul and the permanent civil service

Having watched the republican primaries with little enthusiasm. I can now say with confidence that Ron Paul is the only candidate who could offer a compelling and fundamentally different philosophy than Obama’s come the election next year. Romney, Cain, Bachmann, Perry are all the same inside party candidate of government. I actually disagree with Ron Paul on several philosophical issues, however he understands that government – the civil service in league with the international banking cartel is the enemy.
The economic death-spiral that America finds itself in requires that the American common man must launch political war on the public sector (the permanent civil service) of the US government.
As Kyle Bass has recently commented that America has roughly 3 to 5 years before a bond market default, and that is fairly optimistic regarding Europes’ economic woes.
The national debt which must be serviced by future taxes, obviously, is the symptom of Americas New-Deal civil service bureaucracy. The usual suspect banks make money on buying and selling this debt as the primary dealers at the government bond auctions. They directly benefit from government deficit spending. In return the government has its (perpetual and permanent) funding issues resolved by the cheap debt that the banks provide.  This is the policy that Greece recklessly pursued, Goldman Sachs had actually provided Greece’s bureaucracy with the derivative, off balance sheet, accountancy tricks to remove debt from their books. That is how Greece evaded the 3%  of deficit to GDP limit imposed by the Eurocrats.
The government requires the large banks capital and financial engineering for its own ponzi welfare schemes, and in return protects them through selective regulation.
This is lost on the Occupy Wall Street crowd, who seem to be made up of the same professional protesters of most other selective movements. It has got nothing to do with the 1%, or banks. A majority of banks are small retail banks, they make little money. Its the large monopolistic investment banks, such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, HSBC, Morgan Stanley etc. who rig the market as Martin Armstrong has experienced, with the help of government bureaucrats and regulators. Many of these same bureaucrats later (or previously) work for the Banks, eg Robert Rubin and Hank Paulson. More regulation isn’t the solution its how you regulate wall street and Ron Paul at least to the best of my knowledge grasps this. Its the government bureaucracy that is fighting for its life all around the world in the arena of the debt markets. The biggest bureaucracy of all is the EU, followed by Washington.
America requires cutting around 1 trillion dollars of spending from its budget to just stay solvent. This can be done, but we all know who would lose out.That leaves money printing as the final option so that the establishment bureaucrats and their banking allies can save their hides. It will be interesting to see how the establishment handles Ron Paul, so far he is being ignored by the Media regardless of the good polling.

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  1. Milan says:

    You’re entirely correct in supposing that Romney, Bachmann, Perry, and Gingrich (the last of whom you failed to mention for some reason) differ too little from Obama and the rest of the pack to defeat him in the election; but unfortunately Ron Paul differs too much to beat him. Just as happened to Goldwater in 1964 (an election you probably do not remember), the Democrats will successfully demonize Paul, so that no one but a committed libertarian or Paulista will vote for him, the majority of the credulous ovine herd will believe his election will wreck the US and out of fear will vote for Obama, no matter how much they dislike him. And this doesn’t even take into account the tremendous advantage the incumbent always has in an election. I’m afraid that no matter who gets the Republican nomination, Obama will be with us for another four years. Nostrae rei publicae liberae actum est.

  2. How could I forget the ever present Newt!

    Yes, that is the paradox. America requires a sort of radical – I mean this in the strict definition – to re-orientate it self from an economic death spiral. However, like you said, that is the precise reason Ron Paul wouldn’t be elected. He challenges to many peoples sensibilities, especially establishment prerogatives.

  3. Taurus says:

    Unluckily, I’m just an innocent bystander, absolutely unable to influence the US presidential elections. I am not at all confident that the US voters will choose wisely. But what a choice! There is some depressing reading from the perpetual optimist Mark Steyn:

  4. Just read it Taurus, I particularly like this bit:


    Gingrich is a lot like Romney. Neither man recognizes that the source of our problems is government meddling and the distortion that this produces in what would otherwise be a free and relatively efficient market. What they think of as a cure is, in fact, the disease… What these managerial progressives in their desperation to manage the lives of the rest of us fail to understand is that the intellectual presumption underpinning the aspiration to “rational administration” that they embrace is the principal cause of our woes.

    It’s a tragedy that the Republican nomination has dwindled down to a choice not worth making. Yet not a single real vote has yet been cast. Iowa and New Hampshire will do us all a favor if they look beyond the frontrunners and keep genuinely conservative candidates in the game.

    End Quote;

    Though he never mentions Ron Paul . I think conservatives are going to have to make this radical choice. Otherwise its the same old. America needs someone of an almost Cromwellian fanaticism. From my observations, The population are already beginning to radicalize, better to get ahead of it than crushed by it.

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