They have absolutely no intention of solving the problem

This is the equivalent of stepping on the car accelerator and driving it off the cliff.

From Zero Hedge:

-US 25 Billion away from debt ceiling breach

-White House will propose a 0.5 percent pay increase for civilian federal employees as part of its 2013 budget proposal


I’m not too sure if this is a commercial, but it damn well should be.

Kyle Bass

Bank Holiday


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One Response to They have absolutely no intention of solving the problem

  1. Mouser says:

    Not only nobody wants to solve the problem, but almost nobody is game enough to define it, since that could lead to a specific finger-pointing. In the meantime we can sigh with Johnson (you chose an appropriate poem, by the way) :
    In vain your mournful narrative disclose,
    While all neglect, and most insult your woes.

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