Russia Today’s Creative Destruction

When you’re taking on an establishment larger than yourself, generally the best strategy is attrition through asymmetry. The fact that RT(Russia Today) is Russian, obviously, shouldn’t surprise anyone. Which leads to the question, what is RT’s relationship with the Putin regime. RT is essentially a state supported News service that is frequently accused of pro-Putin propaganda and connections with Russian intelligence. It was established in 2005 to provide a response to the western anti-Putin media, and in 2010 established an American division, with in the US itself.

There is no particular ideology that RT follows, apart from being softly anti-western or anti-American. But even its anti-western orientation is complicated. RT frequently provides air-time for intellectuals who are often verging on conspiratorial from anarcho-libertarian to avowed third-world Marxists, and far from the general consensus of news media. I actually prefer this sort of news, even if there are typical half-baked intellectuals and the smell of Kremlin propaganda. Our enemies, enemies propaganda is our friend- in a strange way.  I’m very much sure that if many of the topics discussed on RT were to be discussed on CNN or FOX the news presenter would be aghast.


My theory is that RT has deliberately marketed itself as iconoclastic, and its agenda is one of creative destruction or put another way dislodgment of the establishment media consensus and more. RT has, correctly in my opinion, diagnosed the incestuous relationship between (MSM) mainstream media and government bureaucratic industrial complex in the West. And hence shines a light on this dark recess. I will provide a few youtube clips for readers to sample and consider my conclusion.

Here is RT’s mocking trailer, portraying CNN as trivial pop culture and itself as the disturbingly real unreconstructed news channel.

You would never hear Lew Rockwell’s libertarian explanation for economic and social turmoil on any of the mainstream media outlets. Yet in the brief 9 minute clip, the global system of legalized theft, extortion and corruption is exposed for any perplexed ordinary citizen. If you think western democracies aren’t corrupt, think again. The corruption and theft in western democracies is institutionalized. It is the hidden obvious, veiled by mythological memes internalized then echoed by the comical Ali’es of the MSM. Vanilla third world dictatorships maybe worse but they are more honest about their ruling elite and general corruption.

RT providing Julian Assange his own show is a stab to the heart of western governments.

I’m not particularly fond of Assange. But I respect his intelligence and attempts to force some transparency on the bureaucrats of the west. Assange, intuitively realised that bureaucracies maintain power by being something that they are not, by saying something different than what is intended. Bureaucracies and the bureaucrats who staff, I use these terms very broadly i.e. universities, large corporations, NGOs, banks are by their construction never honest. The actual truth of what their functions are is clouded by obfuscating verbiage, and crusading moral cant. Facts, who, whom, cause and effect, these things are actually discussed quite honestly, internally, within the bureaucracy itself. Assange’s tactics are quite clever; it is to tease out the almost inexhaustible supply of disgruntled and over-looked bureaucrats who have an axe-to-grind or are seized by moral pangs. Of course, what these persons have is knowledge of the systems inner workings and secrets, and wiki leaks is the platform to support this treachery.

What has this to do with RT? The theory that I stated above, is that Russia has identified the global network of bureaucrats as the real power. I’m not talking about the petty tyrants in the local councils but much, much further up. Inviting Julian Assange to voice himself, is a very deliberate attempt to weaken this web of ambiguity and intrigue.

Then there are provocateurs like Max Keiser below. Keiser is deliberately inflammatory and wishes bankers to be lynched. He frequently advises the public how to destroy financial institutions through certain trading and investment strategies.

The irony is that RT is the news service of a previously communist, but currently repressive country, that supports many libertarian views, especially Austrian economics, that don’t receive the air time in many supposedly capitalist western nations. What does that say about western nations.



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  1. Antisthenes says:

    It is astonishing that even Russians have freer media then Australians. Al-Jazeera is almost bias free compared to ABC or SBS. Poor fellow my country.

  2. RT will be an interesting from of Kremlinology for the 21st century media.

  3. Brigs says:

    Thanks for the share, doing a good job.

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