february memories / 25


25th February, 1913 : The trial of Emmeline Pankhurst on bomb charges opened at Epsom Court today. The suffragette leader sat pale-faced but calm as the charges were read out in the tiny crowded room. They relate to the attack a week ago when an explosion wrecked Lloyd George’s new £2,000 golf villa at Walton in Surrey. Mrs Pankhurst described it as successful “guerilla warfare” and said she accepted responsibility for all such acts, including arson at Kew Gardens and raids at Regent’s Park. When the court rose for the day, Mrs Pankhurst, defiant yet smiling, was greeted by a big group of admirers in the street.

[Astonishing, so soon in a court. Had they had our Fairwork and Australian Federal Police to investigate, she would have died of old age before any trial. Of course, she was honest enough not to deny her guilt. Some of the contemporary feminists are probably ashamed of her.]

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