Throw away your John Grisham, Agatha Christie and Dashiell Hammett

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Forget the Novels. Reality presents you with a far more fascinating read.

The case of the 6 trillion counterfeit 1934 Bonds. And their authentic Chicago Fed Crates.

Czechoslovak Legion’s Gold, Admiral Kolchak, Stolen Chinese Emperor Gold, Now the kuomintang fortune.

Lord Blackheath’s mysterious 15 Trillion transactions.

Transcript from the Hansard.

I’ll update this post with links and re-post it as more information is established about the 6 trillion dollar Bonds, and other strange occurrences. Also to put this in perspective, if the Bonds are real and would be redeemed the US Government would need to pay off half- its GDP( 14.5 trillion). That would be an immediate bankruptcy, or enormous money printing program. Regardless the US government has an incentive to view these bonds as counterfeit, and these 1934 bonds aren’t the only ones around. Nigeria scam or not, something is rotten in the state of International Finance.

***************** Update 27 Feb 2012 ******************

The previous speech by Lord Blackheath 2 years ago.

Federal Reserve document relating to Lord Blackheath’s mystery 15 trillion is here.


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  2. Taurus says:

    6 trillion, 15 trillion – petty cash in Obamanomics. Why not an article about some real, serious money missing? Anna Bligh could help to co-author that.

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  5. Fundal Mental says:

    I’ll straight away grab your own rss feed. Thanks.

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