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New South Wales is ruled by a party, which got elected by falsely pretending it is “liberal” and which is presided over by a party apparatchik, who has never done an honest day of work in his life. The NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell once declared, “I am a Liberal. That does not mean that I am conservative … “ Obviously he is not a conservative; he is just slightly to the right of Lee Rhiannon. That “Liberal” is definitely with a capital L, and has the opposite meaning to the original word.
Since the Labor-lite (I guess that “A teensy-little-bit-to-the-right of Labor Party” would be too long) got to power in NSW, their legislation is practically uninterrupted flow of restrictions on citizens and unleashing of bureaucracy. Mr O’Farrell, who, amongst other expressions of his professed liberal Menzies-like philosophy, welcomes the intellectual-rights-ignoring, Communist Trojan horse corporation Huawei to Macquarie University, who plans to fight crime by not allowing the criminals to change names and who calls for national “anti-bike” laws, has now found another excuse in health&smoking menace to increase the power of the state. Piers Akerman: –
“NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell should be stopping the nanny state nonsense not increasing social policing. Yesterday, his government announced a wholesale ban on smoking at outdoor public places including bus stops, taxi ranks and near the doorways of public buildings, at public playgrounds within 10m of children’s play equipment, in open areas of public swimming pools, at major sports grounds and facilities, and within 4m of any building open to the public. It will also be banned at public transport stops, including bus stops and taxi stands, and at railway and light-rail stations.” /the whole article/
This stunt has got nothing to do with health; it is all about power. So is the next one, this time with the excuse of crime&guns:

“There is an amendment to the NSW Firearms Act 1996 currently before the parliament.  The preamble says that the object of the bill is:

a.  to prevent the sale of ammunition by a licensed firearms dealer to a shooter unless the purchaser is the registered owner of, or has a permit to acquire, a firearm that takes the ammunition (in addition to the existing requirement that the purchaser must hold a licence or permit for a firearm that takes the ammunition)
b.  to require licensed firearms dealers to keep records of purchases and sales of ammunition

To read the whole lot, follow the link:

If passed, this would mean that nobody else could buy ammunition for you.  You could only purchase ammunition for firearms that you actually own, and you would have to prove that to the dealer before he would be allowed to sell you the ammunition.  All ammunition sales would be recorded.  You couldn’t send your wife into town to pick up some ammo to stop the rabbits eating you out of house and home.  You couldn’t purchase ammunition by phone and have it sent to you by courier.  The repercussions of this legislation are horrendous.

The paperwork would send dealers to the wall.  Every round of ammunition would have to be counted and then accounted for.  Paperwork would have to be produced (and presumably kept forever) to prove legal purchase and sale.

Do you think this would stop crims from using guns?  Do you think it would stop the drive-by shootings?  Do you think those who are already disobeying the law would be quite happy to suddenly obey the law by purchasing ammunition legally?  Do you think this will stop them from doing that?  No, neither do I.  I think it will have an enormous impact on the very people who are trying to do the right thing!

Remember that if this legislation is passed in NSW, it is likely to flow on to other states and since we share a border with NSW, I think they’ll be looking up here!

What can you do?

First of all, you can sign the petition at:

Secondly, you can send the links to anyone you can think of, particularly in NSW or any other state, and ask them to sign the petition as well.  Ask your mates and rellies in NSW to start agitating to have this legislation WITHDRAWN.  This is important not only for NSW but for Queensland as well.

Shooters Union of Qld Inc
PO Box 220, Southtown, QLD, Australia, 4350″

The proposed NSW legislation is a product of a twisted, tiny mind, totally divorced from reality. Unfortunately the Greens, Labor and Liberals see nothing wrong in the insidious increase of bureaucrats’ authority. It is obvious that we can not rely on the current crop of politicians to safeguard the last vestiges of freedom.

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And post scriptum from the Courier-Mail of 24th February, 2012:
A PISTOL magazine containing 14 rounds of ammunition, thought to be lost by Gold Coast police, has been found in a police car. The ammunition was found last night in the police vehicle at Southport Police Station. The Glock magazine and ammunition were reported to have been lost by a Gold Coast police officer last Friday, February 17. The officer said it was accidentally ejected while he was patrolling Southport, Biggera Waters and Main Beach in a 4WD.

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3 Responses to Labor-lite

  1. Delilah Urquell says:

    Both Labor and Liberals joined forces and finances to destroy the only party which could possibly develop into a conservative party. They shamelessly destroyed the reputation of its leader, Pauline Hanson. She was far from perfect, but the party had a potential and that why they had to eliminate it. Family First and such like are designed to cater for the disgruntled voters on the right of politics, but gently, without doing any damage to Liberals and Nationals. Liberals and Nationals are as corrupt as ALP and Greens. People will be sorry.

  2. Ariadne says:

    Liberals are Labor-lite and Abbott is Wong in drag.

  3. political science says:

    whoah this blog is magnificent i really like reading your articles. S

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