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6th March, 1950 : Western intelligence services are hunting two Russian agents described by jailed atomic secrets spy, Klaus Fuchs. Since being sent to prison for 14 years, the former scientist at Harwell weapons research centre in Berkshire has told how he met Soviet controllers in America and Britain. One, who identified himself by wearing a red carnation, is thought to be the same man who obtained bomb research details four years ago from another jailed British scientist, Nunn May. In London, MI5 are also hunting a mystery woman who spent weekends with Fuchs.

[Yet another socialist hero. One could mention here the mathematician and philosopher Bertrand Russell, who during 1947-1952 advocated a preventive nuclear attack on USSR. Russell is for the Left media still a symbol of an anti-nuclear campaigner; and that of a pacifist, thought at one stage he apologised for his mistaken pacifist view. All that is now forgotten and perhaps forgiven. The masses know no better.]

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