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 10th March, 1948 : Jan Masaryk, Foreign Minister of Czechoslovakia, was found lying dead in the courtyard beneath his flat at the Foreign Office in Prague this morning, just two weeks after the communist coup. Prague Radio said he had committed suicide in a “moment of nervous breakdown”. Some, however, believe that Masaryk, 61, the last bastion against the communists, did not jumped but was pushed.

[Sixty-four years, and many commissions of inquiry later, there is no authoritative conclusion. An accident – unlikely, a suicide – extremely unlikely, the murder by Czechoslovak communists – likely, the murder by the MGB (earlier NKVD, later KGB) – likely. Russians have not opened their archives on this subject, and under ex-KGB colonel Putin are unlikely to do so. A lot was written about the untimely death, but we would recommend a novel by Ludvik Bass – Masaryk File – A Memoir of the Cold War]

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  1. trofim says:

    Communism kills

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