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17th March, 1947 : The Commonwealth Attorney-General, Herbert Vere Evatt, introduced big changes in the Arbitration Court aimed at streamlining the hearing of industrial disputes. A new Bill will take the hearing of day-to-day disputes out of the formal court environment and establish a panel of individual conciliation commissioners who will have a responsibility to seek a settlement as soon as they are aware of a dispute. If conciliation fails, the commissioners will have the power to arbitrate the matter. Employers will be required to notify the commissioners of any existing or impending dispute in order to seek a prompt settlement.

[Much has changed since then. In a motor industry, the unions can nominate a specific arbiter, almost always an ex-trade union official. The FairWork Australia (the government law enforcement agency) can investigate alleged theft by the ex-trade union official and current Labor member of the Federal Parliament for over four years without any conclusion and refuse to cooperate with either NSW or Victorian police, government law enforcement agencies. The socialists’ dream justice.]

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