march memories / 24


24th March, 1940 : The Government as been urged to declare illegal the activities of Communists in Australia after last week’s split in the NSW Labor Party. Former ALP leader Mr Lang has formed a new Party, which will be know as the Australian Labor Party (non-communist). The Commonwealth Investigation Branch has a file on personal and political life of all known Communist agents in Australia. The Treasurer, Mr Spender, blames the activities of Communists for the coal strike and other industrial disputes which he says are undermining Australia’s war effort by diminishing the supply of materials needed for munitions for home defence and troops abroad.

[In March 1940 USSR was victorious in Finland]

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  1. Aniela Maciejewska says:

    1940 or 2012 – Labourites don’t change for the better. They are saboteurs of democracy in Australia.

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