Afghanistan revisited

Ludwig von Gress

Afghanistan’s visibility under the western eyes waxes and vanes with the agendas of the main players; Russia, China and sometimes United States. The world media are simply the performers on the deliberately badly lit stage.

Not long ago, in that perdurably troubled country thirty seven Afghan civilians were killed in two days. Peaceful Islam can take credit for most of them – twenty-one:

A Taliban roadside bomb tore through a civilian vehicle in southern Afghanistan on Thursday, killing nine children and four women, police said. The bombing in the troubled province’s Dihrawud district comes a day after a similar incident killed eight civilians in the neighbouring province of Helmand. The blast hit a station wagon travelling on a dirt road in Uruzgan province, provincial police spokesman Farid Ail told AFP … Ail blamed the incident on “Taliban, the enemies of our people who plant bombs on our public roads to kill our innocent children and women.”

A rogue United States NCO allegedly killed sixteen (possibly seventeen?*) people in unforgivable, but perhaps understandable circumstances. If reports are to be believed, Staff Sgt Robert Bales went through four tours of duty; three in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. A week before the incident his friend lost a leg to a roadside Improvised Explosive Device (IED), likely to have been planted by a civilian. It certainly was not done by anyone in a recognisable uniform. Iraq was bad but Afghanistan is so much worse and he apparently could not handle it. I am assuming here that he did pull the trigger, thought there seems to be some doubt of his involvement and there is rather surprising lack of evidence. See Staff Sergeant Bales’ case shows stigma, paradox of PTSD and then perhaps wikipedia about Gleiwitz incident.

Here is one of the many reports from the people actually in Afghanistan, not in New York, ignored by MSM – Tim Lynch, a former Marine, in Afghanistan:

The Taliban killed 13 women and children today with an IED in Uruzgan and I think they got 8 yesterday – but that’s all cool here because they’re the Taliban and we’re the big fat retarded kid on the block who gets bullied everyday but still shows up to fork over even more lunch money while assuming at some point everyone will like us because we’re so ***** generous.”

Indeed, USA is generous to a fault. British would confirm that it is difficult to fight according to the rules of civilised conflict the illiterate tribes who do not know the rules. Russians would confirm that it is difficult to fight them even without regard for any such inconvenient rules. Those in charge of America today know better and do not bother with history, strategic objectives, logic or reason. It is as if they planed another United States’ public relations defeat. Andrew McCarthy : “There is a reason al-Qaeda was so comfortable in Afghanistan: It is nigh impossible to know who is a civilian. The Taliban, the Haqqani terror network, and assorted other jihadists do not wear uniforms — the better to blend into the population after doing their bloody business. Yet our troops operate under stifling rules of engagement that quite intentionally prioritize the prevention of civilian casualties over force protection. When under attack, they are denied adequate air cover out of concern, again, about the possibility of harming Afghans.

How bad situation in Afghanistan is can be judged from the fact that when the US defense secretary, Obama’s puppet Panetta visited US Army base there, US Marines were ordered to disarm. I will leave it to the reader to ponder the implications of such an order, because comparisons fail me. Napoleon disarming his La Vieille Garde at the gates of Moscow? Himmler visiting Poland in 1943 andSchutzstaffel (SS) ordered to disarm? If US Government official cannot trust the Marines, whom can he trust? Washington Post?

Nevertheless, this sorry situation, highlighted by the nocturnal killing of unarmed** villagers, calls for a solution. I am of the opinion that the apology by the Apologist-in-Chief Hussain Obama is not enough./United States of Apology/ United States ought to go farther and should no longer insult the proud ruler of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai with a yearly tribute of $15.7 billion (2010/2011 estimate), a pittance which represents mere 88 % of the Afghanistan’s GDP (2011 estimate $17.9 billion). After all, Afghanistan, the threats by Mr. Hakimi , “the country’s economic stability directly affects global stability”, notwithstanding, is self-sufficient. The country is now so rich that: – “Wealthy Afghans are carrying about $8 billion — almost double the state budget — in suitcases out of the country each year, an amount likely to rise as the exit of foreign troops nears and threatening to ruin the fragile economy, a senior official said.

In an interview with Reuters, deputy central bank governor Khan Afzal Hadawal said confidence in the economy had eroded to such a degree over more than a decade of war that cash was pouring out of Afghanistan in suitcases and carry-on bags, taken to safe havens in Dubai and elsewhere. … Hadawal estimated that up to $8 billion in cash leaves Afghanistan’s airports every year, half of it from Kabul alone. “The $8 billion being taken out is double the total assets of the (central) bank,” said Hadawal. It is also nearly double the size of last year’s national budget.

A US. government audit report last year found it was almost impossible to track where much of the billions of dollars spent on security and development projects in the last decade had gone given the country’s dysfunctional financial tracking system and poor bank oversight. … In 2009, ahead of the last Afghan election, millions of dollars — much of it of questionable origin — made its way out of the country in suitcases and even on pallets loaded into aircraft, according to police at Kabul’s main airport.

Former vice president Zia Masood was stopped entering Dubai carrying cash worth $52 million but released without question, according to a cable from the U.S. embassy in Kabul that appeared later on the website Wikileaks.” / Reuters 13-03-2012

And from the other source – Mustafa Kazimi, chairman of the economy committee of the Afghan parliament’s lower house, said: “Out of every US dollar spent by donors on Afghanistan ‘s reconstruction 80 cents finds its way out of the country“.

Afghanistan does not need our money. Afghanistan’s ruling elite does not deserve our blood.

*/ A moral point – apparently amongst the dead was a pregnant woman. US military added the foetus to the count, but the Afghanis refuse. They could and should be supported on this point by feminists, ethicists and the abortionists’ lobby, including President Obama.

**/ an Afghan is classified as an ‘unarmed’ if his AK-47 is further from his hands than one metre.

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About Ludwig von Gress

Born in communist Europe, interested in defence matters on a macro scale, with a cavalry “devil may care spirit” from his grandfather and cautious effectiveness of asymmetric warfare approach from his guerilla father. He sometimes despairs that he may be the only one taking the defence of Australia seriously.
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22 Responses to Afghanistan revisited

  1. Globo says:

    8 billion p.a.? We are hopeless dupes and rightly deserve Islam’s contempt.

  2. Ravenscroft says:

    Instead of ‘ a yearly tribute’ the better expression, Herr von Gress, would be ‘a dhmmi tax’ or maybe ‘jizya’. However, in theory at least payment of the jizya obligated Muslim authorities to protect dhimmis in civil and military matters. Sura 9:29 stipulates that jizya be exacted from non-Muslims as a condition required for jihad to cease. Failure to pay the jizya could result in the pledge of protection of a dhimmi’s life and property becoming void, with the dhimmi facing the alternatives of conversion, enslavement or death. It seems that the payment is not high enough or, more likely, Afghanis either do not read Koran or have no intention to be bound by it.

  3. Alberto says:

    Excellent article , covers a lot of ground. Would US allow itself to be drawn into the civil war in Syria? It would weaken America, so Obama might do it. Hard to say if Israelis would be pleased.

  4. Ciciantus says:

    If US Marines had to be disarmed for a visit by Panetta, what was done for Obama’s whistle stop? Were they castrated?

  5. Allen G says:

    Keep the good work. Many write about Afghanistan, but a few understand it so well. Have you served there?

  6. von Gress says:

    No, I did not. All my information is secondhand.

  7. Dennisa says:

    Nothing succeeds like a success. The crooks are getting away with this sort of behaviour for far too long – so what would you expect? Decency? Logic? Moderation? Congratulations for the work, btw.

  8. Agar agar says:

    Really nice blog, very informative. Don’t get discouraged by stupid people.

  9. Albert says:

    Quo usque tandem, Karzai? For how long would the West feed this and many other corrupt regimes? The taxpayers ought to know that money, squeezed out of them by the governments and going away as so called foreign aid, end up in Swiss banks of the ruling class before you could say ‘famine’.

  10. Bang says:

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  11. Joylene says:

    you are never wrong. How do you do it?

  12. Raisa says:

    I told you american are blaniress , slave of jew . they dont care what they do to the environment . depends on jews

  13. Jessica says:

    All troops out in 08, what a liar. Such stupid lies. We do forget, we forget you said out in 08 and you will get re-elected. It’s sad that he was’nt in the know b4 the election. None of us are in the know and it sucks, we’re all in the ass-umption of shit. We do KNOW LIES though, but that’s not enough. If blood is on our hands, then we have to KNOW.

  14. yardson says:

    I disagree.

  15. awake says:

    Humans were never meant to bring each other happiness. From the moment we are thrown into this world, we bring each other nothing but pain and misery. see Psycho Mantis AKA Barack Obama.

  16. Mordechai says:

    Total waste in wasteland.

  17. Dirk says:

    The place should be left to its rightful owners – Russians.

  18. Expeditor says:

    The post is actually the freshest on this laudable subject. I harmonize with your conclusions and will look forward to see your approaching updates.

  19. Carolinian says:

    Well done

  20. Carolinian says:

    Afghanistan will still surprise us. When the foreigners leave, it will be a peaceful country.

  21. Ahmmed Nuhaifi says:

    All troops out in 08, what a liar. We do forget, we forget you said out in 08 and you will get re-elected. It’s sad that he was’nt in the know b4 the election. None of us are in the know and it sucks, we’re all in the ass-umption of shit. We do KNOW LIES though, but that’s not enough. If blood is on your hands, then we have to KNOW.

  22. Puggs Sally says:

    Some things just have to be done, however distasteful.

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