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3rd April, 1979 : Gruesome evidence of the mass murders carried out by the Khmer Rouge regime of Pol Pot in Cambodia has been discovered near the town of Stung Treng in the north-east of this once beautiful, but now fearful country. The new Phnom Penh Administration, put into power by the invading Vietnamese, has announced that 2,000 skeletons, tied together with ropes and weighted with stones, has been found in a lake south of the town. More bones and piles of skulls have been found in shallow ditches dug in a nearby forest. Awful as these discoveries are, they are believed to represent only a small fraction of the hundreds of thousands of people who were murdered or worked to death on starvation rations by the Communist commissars.

[There were refugees from Cambodia before 1979, who said as much, but the West adopted Noam Chomsky’s (and other apologists of Communist atrocities) reasoning – Refugees run away because they are displeased, thus will exaggerate, especially over time, if not lie about “alleged atrocities” altogether.]

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