‘Some Atheist…’

…from the quills of the dead white poets

 Michael Drayton (1563 – 1631)

 Some Atheist or vile Infidel in love,

When I do speak of thy divinity,

May blaspheme thus, and say I flatter thee,

And only write my skills in verse to prove.

See miracles, ye unbelieving! See

A dumb-born Muse, made to express the mind,

A cripple hand to write, yet lame by kind,

One by thy name, the other touching thee.

Blind were mine eyes, till they were seen of thine,

And mine ears deaf by thy fame healed be;

My vices cur’d by virtues sprung from thee,

My hopes reviv’d, which long in grave lain:

All unclean thoughts, foul spirits, cast out of me

By thy great power, and by strong faith in thee.

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