The Men of the Open Spaces

…from the quills of the dead white poets

Will H. Ogilvie (1869 – 1863)

 These are the men with the sun-tanned faces

And the keen far-sighted eyes-

The men of the open spaces,

And the land where the mirage lies.

 The men who have learnt to master

The forces of fire and drought

And the demon Flood’s disaster

In the fields of furthest out.

 The men who have stood together

And shared in the fight with fate,

And known the strength of the tether

That holds a mate to his mate.

 Who ride with a gallant bearing

Where every saddle’s a throne

And each is an emperor sharing

An empire enough for his own.

They are strangers to airs and graces,

And scornful of power and pride-

The men of the Open Spaces

Who rule the world when they ride.



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