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25th April, 1956 : Talks between the British Government and the Soviet leaders Bulganin and Khrushchev during their eight-day visit to Britain have ended ‘in a spirit of candour and realism’, according to an official communique. But officials on both sides did not try to hide that there has been no new agreement about European security. The Premier, Mr Bulganin, has been urbane and bland, while Mr Khrushchev has sometimes been truculent in off-the-cuff statements. Red-faced Labour Party chiefs admitted that George Brown, a shadow Cabinet Minister, and Mr Khrushchev exchanged some angry words during a boisterous and lengthy dinner party. Mr Khrushchev reportedly said afterwards that if he was a Briton he would vote Tory.

[If Lenin was alive today and able to vote in the next Australian Federal elections he would vote Abbott]

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