Dust of Afghanistan

Ludwig von Gress

 In another display of her statesmanship style (knee-jerk) Gillard reacted to the Haqqani spring series of coordinated, but unsuccessful attacks on 16th April, 2012 by announcing very next day that Australian military will abandon Americans before their Obama scheduled withdrawal in 2014. The decision itself may not have been that silly, for there may not be enough helicopters and the roofs of Kabul embassies were not built for them, but the timing was. Bar her own political survival, that person can’t get anything right.

 Uruzgan is a province for which Australian soldiers are nominally responsible. Since the begging of the war in 2001 thirty-two Australian soldiers died there. [Making the world safe for Islam] For comparison, the total Allied deaths are 2854 and amongst them are 37 Poles and 5 Czechs.

 A song from that forlorn and incorrigible place:

 Still the people can be gracious and they’re funny and they’re smart
And when the children look into your eyes they walk into your heart
They face each day with courage and each year without a plan
Beyond scratching for survival in the Dust of Uruzgan

But the Taliban are ruthless keep the people terrorized
With roadside bombs and hangings and leaving letters in the night
And they have no useful vision for the children of this land
But to keep them praying on their knees in the Dust of Uruzgan

About Ludwig von Gress

Born in communist Europe, interested in defence matters on a macro scale, with a cavalry “devil may care spirit” from his grandfather and cautious effectiveness of asymmetric warfare approach from his guerilla father. He sometimes despairs that he may be the only one taking the defence of Australia seriously.
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8 Responses to Dust of Afghanistan

  1. commander en france says:

    Australians will leave Uruzgan in the same mess as it was when they arrived. There was bad crop of poppies, so Aussie taxpayers will have to pay more. Heroin price likely to go up too…

  2. Dinosauras says:

    The sooner we get out of there the better. Let Chinese to bring peace to Afghanistan!

  3. Aneitoid says:


  4. Leny says:

    Instead of a yearly tribute’ the better expression, Herr von Gress, would be a dhmmi tax’ or maybe jizya’. However, in theory at least payment of the jizya obligated Muslim authorities to protect dhimmis in civil and military matters. Sura 9:29 stipulates that jizya be exacted from non-Muslims as a condition required for jihad to cease. Failure to pay the jizya could result in the pledge of protection of a dhimmi’s life and property becoming void, with the dhimmi facing the alternatives of conversion, enslavement or death. It seems that the payment is not high enough or, more likely, Afghanis either do not read Koran or have no intention to be bound by it.

  5. Mila says:

    Excellent article , cowers a lot of ground. Would US allow itself to be drawn into the civil war in Syria? It would weaken America, so Obama might do it. Hard to say if Israelis would be pleased.

  6. Lex says:

    Australians will leave Uruzgan in the same mess as it was when they arrived. There was bad crop of poippes, so Aussie taxpayers will have to pay more. Heroin price likely to go up too

  7. Tomi says:

    What do Muslim males, ages 16 – 22 years, do all day? Apparently they are not in school… or if they are, “schooling” amounts to rote memorizing of the Koran in Arabic, a language which 90% of them neither read nor speak. Productively employed? How could they be, when days go by with nothing but (how you say) “street action”. My guess is they are “clan supported”, directed as errand-boys by patriarchs who use and misuse their (ahem) services, as the Spirit moves Big Daddy.Think of it! In all the vast Islamosphere, from Morocco to the Philippines, there are no artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, writers– with the possible exception of virtual refugees, hiding out in civilized (i.e. non-Islamospheric) communities, this parasitic persuasion contributes nothing to anyone.Perhaps a thousand years ago, a mathematician or two, a couple of quasi-liberated poets or observational (vs. theoretical) astronomers, made syncretic additions to existing culture and knowledge. But those days are past.Beyond a certain point, no healthy community can afford to tolerate Brown Shirt battalions, armband-heavy Red Guards, or murderous “Street Arabs” (of whatever ethnicity, in any guise). Multi-culturalism is a nihilistic death-wish, with which (of course) the Disciples of Allah are fully in accord. Its cousin, “liberalism” as collectivist Statism, is merely an enabler of horrific self-destruction, always in the name of Tolerance and of Diversity except where freedom of any kind (cultural, economic, political, you name it) impinges on narcissistic elitist sensitivities.It is no exaggeration to say that dealing with indigenous Muslim arrogance and extremism is way-past overdue. In the nature of Prophetology, Wahabist adherents are never to be trusted, nor will they ever ameliorate their extraordinarily vicious urge to simply desecrate anything of beauty, interest, worth. The truly damning fact is, that over the years not one discrete Muslim community anywhere in the world has breathed a whisper against these raging bullies. No good to say, “They were repressed.” Unless these putative “moderates” are in the extrteme minority, why not rise as one to re-assert basic standards of humanity? The answer speaks for itself.Knowing nothing, caring less, about these chanting mobs’ child-molesting Prophet, we put it to all genuine liberal, democratic constituents of good-will (emphatically not the America-haters infesting Leftwing polities domestically): At what point does mass-expulsion become an option? Born here, you say?– we have changed our laws, designating you as a Muslim (that’s right: In profile) unworthy by nature of consideration for the honor of American citizenship. Back to your country of ethnic origin, where camel dung reigns as Fatwah du Jour. Until your polities demonstrably match ours, by (say) not burning Churches, murdering non-Muslims, addressing certain, ah, imbalances in civil rights and liberties– out you go. You are cheats and liars, whose Word means nothing. Show us; we alone will decide what evidence, if any, to respect.Maybe the glaciers will return to cover everything before then. But in the meantime, don’t think this tepid prescription is extreme. Extremism is what Muslims do– bless Adolf Hitler, torture and murder women and children first (others might defend themselves), assert God-given rights to take everyone down with you.Sooner or later, a Bismarck, a Cromwell, an Andrew Jackson, is going to stand up and say, “Enough.” When that happens, political and other environments will re-crystallize as if by magic. Guess who will then lead the charge– today’s multi-culti types, professing this was their intention all along. So push their craven little creeps face-forward, don’t bother to count the bodies afterward. There comes a time when life-and-death reality intrudes.

  8. Izuallah says:

    Well, look what they are accomplishing here in USA , scineking ,THE MUSLIM PRAYER OUTRAGE 5-6-04 The outrage situation is happening in the city of Hamtramck, state of Michigan. What happened is that the city council decided to approve the plan to allow Muslim prayer to be broadcast on loudspeakers 5 times a day. To top it off it’s going to be in the Arabic language happening between the hours of 6:00am and 10:00pm. The city’s Polish Catholic community is very upset behind all of this. I can totally understand that too. The Catholics feel that its violating their rights and forcing them to hear these prayers that they don’t want to hear. The Muslims are saying that it’s not as bad as the Catholic church bells they have to hear daily. This will become law on May 26th of this year. I think the whole thing is just wrong. Sure, everyone has the right to practice whatever religion they want but they should never go so far as to have Muslim prayer, in Arabic, going on over loudspeakers. This is the USA not the Middle East. We have our customs, ways and beliefs. Plus, it is also forcing others to hear prayer that they dont want to hear. This is the kind of garbage I’m talking about. When people come over here from other countries then they should try and fit into the American culture. This country should not be changed to fit other people cultures just to make them happy because that would be changing what our country is. This country is a large community of Christians. I honestly feel that if people, no matter what race/nationality they are, don’t like our ways, then they should just leave this country. This is a great country and if you are offended by our culture then that’s your problem. This country stands for a lot of very good things and is the best in the world. We arent out to offend anyone, but if it happens, thats not our problem. This country was not founded by Muslims and Muslims are not in the majority of our population. Why should they be able to put their prayer on over loudspeakers? If it was the Christians doing this then I guarantee that there would be an uproar. The Muslims that are comparing church bells to this loudspeaker prayer stuff are crazy. There is a huge difference. Bells are something that can be tuned out. Are bells ringing really the same as this prayer stuff? No way. Use some common sense instead of silly reasoning._________________Those who know nothing of Islam pretend that Islam counsels against war. Those who say this are witless. ~Ayatollah Khomeini

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