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30th April, 1933 : Seven young Fascist, dressed in black and peddling anti-Semitic literature, were surrounded by an angry crowd of more than 6,000 in London’s Piccadilly Circus tonight. It was the latest violent, popular backlash against the emergence of Sir Oswald Mosley’s Fascists and the repression of Jews in Germany. Only two days ago supporters of Mosley broke up meetings of rival Fascists who had given only lukewarm support to the boycott in Berlin and other German cities of Jewish traders. The boycott was the inspiration of Hitler’s Minister for Propaganda, Dr Goebbels.

[Inspiration is everlasting. The Greens (Australia) are organising boycotts still – Senate Hansard 19-11-11 Senator ABETZ (Tasmania—Leader of the Opposition in the Senate) (17:00): I seek leave to move a motion in relation to the response from the ACCC….The response of the chairman of the ACCC to the Senate motion concerning the anti-Israel Boycott,Divestments & Sanctions campaign against Max Brenner chocolate cafes is, to say the least, disappointing. I also note that this motion was opposed by Greens senators. Since Greens leader Senator Bob Brown took his alleged robust line against Senator Rhiannon’s support for the boycott divestment and sanctions campaign, BDS, in the March New South Wales election, Senator Rhiannon has repeatedly needled him on this issue.After the backlash against the Greens at the March New South Wales election, particularly in the seat of Marrickville, Senator Bob Brown lambasted Senator-elect Rhiannon. Senator-elect Rhiannon’s first reaction had been to suggest that the Greens should have done more to explain this issue.”

And even closer to Germany – “Green Party (Great Britain) members voted in support of action against the Jewish National Fund (JNF) practices in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories and in support for calls to revoke its charity status in the UK, at the party’s spring conference on February 26, 2012.

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  1. Sad Fernando says:

    There is similarity between old GB nazis and the Greens. While in Germany support would come from the poor and unemployed, British fascists were from well-to-do families. Today’s totalitarians are spoiled brats but the anti-semitism is again another arrow.

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