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5th May, 1926 : The first general strike in British history began at midnight yesterday after the general council of the Trades Union Congress voted to back the coal miners following the breakdown of their negotiations with the mine owners. The critical talks with the TUC at Downing Street ended late on Sunday, after printers on the Daily Mail refused to print a leading article under a headline “For King and Country” written by the editor, Thomas Marlowe, which denounced the TUC’s plans as a revolutionary act aimed at destroying the Government. Mr Baldwin was persuaded, notably by Mr Winston Churchil and Mr Neville Chamberlain, to write immediately to the TUC denouncing this “gross interference with the freedom of the press” and insiting that the TUC repudiate the printers’ action and withdraw its strike notices.

 [Trade unions always loved the freedom of expression, but only their own. Now Conroy/Finkelstein continue the socialist tradition.]

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