Fraudulent food and Victuals Warfare

Paul Jacko

There is nothing wrong with food as such. In fact, it is necessary- people who do not eat food, die. This is not an urban myth, an old wives’ tale or a flannery’s prediction.

I am in favour of eating and eating healthy food at that and I strongly oppose eating sick food on the grounds of cruelty. Junk food supposedly fuels junk lives. Fast food then provides energy for fast lives and normal food should suffice for normal lives. The problem is in those post-modern definitions. Sausages, hamburgers, pizzas and other tasty food are invariably classed by the nutritional “experts” as junk food. Yet the nutritional value of a piece of beef remains the same whether you mince the steak in your mouth or get a machine to do the job for you for a hamburger. Some foods require a short time in preparation, say a steak, octopus or prawns, not to mention stir-fry. Other foods would be useless without cooking e.g. potatoes, as we can not digest raw starch; and some even poisonous e.g. red beans, which in a raw state contain toxic lectins.

All that brouhaha is nothing but a form of advertising for a section of food industry and has nothing to do with health, except the financial health of glorified cooks, producers of lucrative TV food shows and pushers of ephemeral produce. “Healthy”, “natural”, “organic” are adjectives which describe lucrative, fraudulent food and hardly ever survive an independent laboratory analysis. I have very low opinion of those self-opinionated spruikers of expensive, exotic, time-consuming recipes and their organically enhanced sea salt [Fog of Chaos-Salt of Earth] and other absolutely vital ingredients. I know that if I happen to be marooned on a deserted island with one of them I would starve to death, though I would not mind to do so with Nigella Lawson.

I have nothing against fresh food, in fact, I like it. A trout caught just in time, grapes of the vine, a carrot just out of soil or a coconut just down the palm are definitely preferable to the “Woolworth fresh” variety. Unfortunately, the natural way of the past became simply a mantra of the dreaming cooking classes, oft chanted, but hardly ever followed. “Fresh” is now a profitable gimmick. For urban population, which comprises the vast majority of Western world, it is not practical. Not many city-dwellers have a space, skills and time for growing their own vegetables. Of course, there are exceptions. Michelle Obama’s medially famous cabbage patch, lovingly tended by a bevy of Secret Service agents, refreshed by protecting her husband from Colombian prostitutes, springs to mind.

Obesity, another bête noire of social engineers, is easily solved by eating less, and in any case it will be soon eliminated by Obamanomic in US and by the Carbon Dioxide Tax (CDT) in Australia. [US High School fined $15,000 for selling carbonated beverages]

Salt, through no fault of its own, has got among certain misguided circles a bad reputation. If your kidney functions normally, salt does not cause high blood pressure. Reducing blood pressure by taking drugs reduces the incidence of strokes, but salt restriction is useless. Salt is, in fact, essential to life. The life itself developed in salt solution – oceans; and our ancestors spent millennia on sea shores. [Aquatic Ape theory even posits that hominids evolved in brackish waters] Our organisms know how to handle sodium chloride and get rid of superfluous NaCl via kidneys. Land-based mammals control their temperature by panting and sweating, which is impossible without salt. Wild animals seek naturally occurring salt licks and domesticated ones rely on humans to supply it. Roman legionaries were paid in salt – hence “salary”.

As can be expected, the politically correct Western governments happily join those misguided anti-salt circles. Government health authorities recommended maximum daily intake of salt is 6 grams, but if you get so ill that you have to be fed intravenously, doctors of medicine you will be dripping directly into your bloodstream 9 grams a day. Bureaucrats know better what is good for you. The inconvenient fact that a Japanese’s intake is about double of that amount and yet they live longer and have lower incidences of high blood pressure is ignored.

I do not think it is a coincidence that people who embrace those food fads almost always also believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming (climate change in gore-speak). They want us to be as miserable as they are. About the aggressive minority of vegetarians I already wrote in Vegetarian warfare.

The intensifying Victuals Warfare is the profitable scam for those charlatans who, mostly, do not have a string of letters behind their names, and thus missed the AWG gravy train, an expensive fetish for those born to follow and a gold mine for the purveyors of fraudulent food. [Fog of Chaos – Eat while you can] It also, with governmental connivance and encouragement, trains us to accept the control of yet another aspect of our lives by our enlightened ruling ‘elite’.

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Fraudulent adj/Fraud – 1 deception; the use of false representation to gain an unjust advantage. 2 dishonest artifice or trick. 3 a person or a thing not fulfilling what is claimed or expected of it.

About Paul Jacko

Jacko was born in Czechoslovakia not long before the communist putsch in February 1948. He studied industrial chemistry there and left in 1969 for Australia, where he became a lawyer and established his own practice. He has now retired and beside hunting, fishing, camping, prospecting and playing golf he amuses himself by writing.
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9 Responses to Fraudulent food and Victuals Warfare

  1. Zorro the Muscle says:

    Michelle Obama the US Obessity Kommissar (USOK) will interfere in all aspects of our lives if we let her. She hates America.

  2. michal reams says:

    Very funny. It is the power of advertising and the herd mentality which leads to the food fads.

  3. Globo says:

    Some of the better Chinese brands of cigarettes ($25 a packet) are labelled ‘organic’. Perhaps it is a health warning – China, after all, signed the World Health Organisation tobacco control treaty. (China makes 40% of the world’s cigarettes and the state industry enjoys a healthy grow – 3% p.a.)

  4. Selina says:

    I gave up looking for, as you write, normal food. Anything in small doses, changing brands, avoiding anything ‘organic’, ‘natural’ or ‘healthy’ (also saving $ that way) and hoping for the best.

  5. Hi Eatery says:

    Stupid and simple folks will be persuaded by ads and propaganda. That’s why we had Hitler and now Obama, Gore and Putin.

  6. Aceitera says:

    Charlatans always prospered and now they have government approved examples – Flannery, Gore, Koroly… If AGW, why not organic NaCl?

  7. Angelita says:

    You know and we know but some people don’t. It was really an interesting and informative article. Pretty cool post! Perhaps some ingnorant people would read this and change their mind.

  8. Cristine says:

    Write more often please.

  9. digestion guru says:

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