The shadow aristocracy

The public for the last several months has been treated to a very educational experience. The Health Services Union(HSU) scandal is really a distilled event of what actually has taken place with regularity for decades and probably even longer. The Union movement and its political front the Labor party have been revealed to be a shadow aristocracy. A real aristocracy doesn’t hide, in fact it feels that privileges are its right and with that comes Noblesse oblige. There is an entire class of union functionaries and their corollary the civil servants in government who are to officially serve the people, but unofficially they are the ruling class, with that comes perks and privileges. The Union movement is perhaps the most openly feudalistic system in Australia, it is this system that has been under sustained assault by scandal after scandal, it is also the reason for Prime Minister Gillards inability to actually achieve anything. It is the very system itself that isn’t reformable because it was never designed to be reformed. In a sense the rapaciousness, mediocrity and sclerosis of the labor feudalism mirrors the Brezhnev period of the Soviet Union. There are no reformers, just everyone slyly gliding to the exit with silverware in their pants.

Craig Thomson was simply too greedy and unlucky for labor and the media, to cover up the entire scandal as a mere singularity of corruption. As Fair work Australia and other whistle-blowers have provided evidence of continuous corruption by previous and subsequent HSU bosses. The public feels outraged, that fact however is that these union bosses feel it’s a ‘right’ and a ‘privilege’ of the job, unofficially of course. Craig Thomson just happened to get caught, between Labor’s infernal minority government and Abbott’s ruthless campaign of destabilization.

And that is the real story here, its the public’s realisation that there is a full blown aristocracy that is unofficial, has different rules than the rest of the people. I call it a shadow aristocracy, a real aristocracy is at least more honest.

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2 Responses to The shadow aristocracy

  1. red shoemaker says:

    It’s a good post. Different rules for different classes of people – and now it is the socialist/ trade unionist/ left media rabble on the top. No elections will get rid of them.

  2. D Apion says:

    More and more frightening as the weeks pass.

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