Campaigning Obama Style

Milan Skarka

Whether it is the homosexual issues, racism, bigotry, war on women/family or the whole host of other issues the opposition research hit-squads in and out of Obama’s campaign are desperately searching for subjects that are more emotional and divisive then substantive to the state of affairs of this Republic. The never-ending campaign by Obama jetting around the Country/World selling ‘indulgences’ and collecting his share of political bribes from all kinds of leftist groups and fellow travelers has become very destructive. He is desperately trying to build a coalition of minorities, public sector unions, ‘victimized’ groups and anyone willing to follow his blind socialist ambition. It is mind-boggling how easily his minions burrowed into the fabric of the Republic and its many levels of executive institutions. Blow by blow they are deconstructing the old and established entities and putting in place constrictive rules and regulations. For many Americans, the year 2012 (the end of Mayan calendar) has an ominous significance: change the course in November or…

To quote one political consultant from the past: “It’s the economy, stupid!” and it is the economy that should be on the table as the main course. All the insane policies and regulations of the Obama administration, designed to do more harm to our free market economy must be stopped. Doubling up on wasteful spending and absolutely no accountability is running wild in the streets of DC and this must change. The academicians are running the asylum and it is getting worse. This too must be defeated. The robustness of the United States economy, albeit hiding in the shadows for now, is surviving despite the Obama’s abject failures (or perhaps intended blows to Capitalism and freedom) and may even be poised for a healthy growth if runaway Government is put on some sort of leash soon.

A prominent historian summarized the situation very aptly: “we [the Americans] have not been so divided on the direction of our Country as anytime since the 1850s'”. We all know the significance of that time. In many ways this upcoming election is the most significant step the Country will take in our lifetime. If we cannot turn the tide of Socialism and despotism around–it will be good-bye freedom, opportunity and better future for our kids and grand kids. This more than anything is very worrisome to me personally. However, there is hope and to paraphrase Samuel Johnson: nothing focuses the mind like impending doom…

 From our Washington’s correspondent

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  1. The Republican National Convention will be very interesting indeed. Its still a close tie with Ron Paul and Mitt Romney depending on how you do the delegate mathematics and of course the 11th hour horse trading.

    My Prediction is that President Romney will be similar to Obama. I actually think Obama will make mince out of Romney especially with his ties to Bian capital.

    Ron Paul vs Obama will split the nation and radicalize large segments of the population.

    We must keep in mind Obama is a hard ball political street fighter, and not above using quite chaotic tactics.

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