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31st May, 1916 : The two most powerful navies in the world were limping home tonight from Jutland after what sailors are already calling “the greatest naval battle in history”. Just who won is not clear, with the Royal Navy claiming it has routed the German Fleet and driven it off the seas, while in Berlin they are talking about “the destruction of British naval power”. Certainly the Germans ended up running back for the shelter of their coastal waters and the port of Wilhelmshafen but the Royal navy seems to have lost more men and ships. Altogether Britain has lost one battleship, one battle cruiser and five destroyers along with 6,907 men. The Germans for their part lost a battleship, a cruiser and a destroyer and suffered 2,545 dead. Now the Admiralty will be watching to see whether the Germans venture out into the North Sea again in force.

[They did not, at least not in that war.]

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