The Bonnie Blue Flag

Ludwig von Gress

 Since Fog of Chaos is not ABC, I will provide the other side of the story, [Fog of Chaos – “Dixie”] that is a song, which did not quite made it. The first verse of the song goes:

We are a band of brothers and native to the soil,
Fighting for our liberty with treasure, blood and toil;
And when our rights were threatened, the cry rose near and far,
Hurrah! for the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a single star.

The mention of “native” is particularly piquant in the context of the American War. Almost a half of Lincoln’s army were foreigners, promised to be welcomed as citizens after they had proven their loyalty. 216,000 Germans, 200,000 Irish, 90,000 Dutch and 20,000 Scandinavians fought in blue uniforms. Confederate Army had hardly any foreign mercenaries and the only Native American general, Cherokee Indian Degataga, better known as Stand Watie, fought for Confederacy.

Wikipedia – According to Schoenherr, the song sheet was first published in 1861 by A. E. Blackmar and Brother in New Orleans. When Major General Benjamin Butler captured New Orleans, he allegedly arrested Blackmar, fined Blackmar $500, destroyed all copies of the music, and ordered that anyone caught whistling or singing “The Bonnie Blue Flag” would be fined $25 (about $482 in 2005). Finkelstein and Conroy would love Butler.

About Ludwig von Gress

Born in communist Europe, interested in defence matters on a macro scale, with a cavalry “devil may care spirit” from his grandfather and cautious effectiveness of asymmetric warfare approach from his guerilla father. He sometimes despairs that he may be the only one taking the defence of Australia seriously.
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2 Responses to The Bonnie Blue Flag

  1. Globo says:

    The more one reads about US Civil War, the more mental readjustments are needed. Only an ignoramus or a PC educated simpleton would today believe that the war was about slavery, but that it was mostly foreigners fighting for the North was a surprise even to me. I’m going to whistle “Dixie” tonight.

  2. Evans says:

    Very good article, amusing. Still prefer Dixie…

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