Church, State, Gay Marriage and Saurons Ring

Although I’m a traditionalist in many aspects I feel that gay marriage is a pointless battle. The same with the teaching of religion in state schools. The links above are merely to provide the flavour for this post.

The problem of gay marriage is a matter of perception, its not that gays should or shouldn’t get married, its question of who defines marriage. Both Christians and homosexuals are entering into folly. Whether there is gay marriage or not, the main benefactor is the state. Christians handed over the legitimacy and definition of marriage from their churches to the state many decades ago in exchange, one could say a fustian bargain, for tax relief and other such government inducements. When the government gives you money, it can taketh away. That’s the relationship of dependant it is one of master and slave. The government can then just as easily attach certain secular demands onto tax relief. That’s what you get when you play with the devil.

What has the government done with marriage over the last 60 years? It has trashed it beyond repair. There is simply not much of traditional marriage left. Its pointless to try and persuade the government, and by government I mean the permanent civil service and its family-legal-industrial complex.

It is exactly the same problem with the teaching of religion and creationism in public schools. The educational bureaucracy is thoroughly secular humanist, it is, its own religion. The teachers unions who run the public schools, operate them more like secular eco-humanist seminaries rather than institutions of critical thinking.

Do Christians really believe that upon sufficient flexing of their democratic power that these bureaucrats will simply relieve themselves of power, perks and privileges and make way for a foreign belief system. Will they beat their guns into plough-shears and call it a day.

Seizing government power, means trying to control the vast unwieldy and treacherous bureaucracy that is the essence of government power. Anybody who has lived under communism, understands this intuitively. The harder one strives to implement what ever grievance based policy of the day will be compromised. Is it any wonder that we elect principled passionate politicians who upon attaining power become ineffectual, corrupt.

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, a demon named Sauron forged a ring that provided its wearer with immortality and earthly power. However, The Ring having been forged with Saurons own essence was tremendously corrupting to any who shall were it. Tolkien wrote many of his books with a deliberate interwoven theology. The Ring symbolised the attempt for mortals to try and remake the world as they see fit, through worldly power whether for good or ill.

All the many grievance groups that exist to influence politics are all striving to wield the ring of power for their own particular cause. But it is the Ring, as is with government that always ends up wielding its user.

Homosexuals should consider carefully whether they really wish for the state to intervene in their relationships through Gay Marriage. Many are wrapped up in the emotions of the legitimacy of their relationships and feel a state seal of approval to be a human right. I’ll give you some much needed perspective; there is no such thing as human rights, human rights is whatever the state prerogative is at any one point in time. This is about homosexuals maintaining their individual freedoms and not being collectivezed by the states bureaucracy looking for more mission creep. I can just hear all the family lawyers and social workers licking their lips for more state sponsored extortion.

As for Christians, they should simply create a parallel civilisation and give up on government. Create their own schools and only recognise their own marriages.

The ring must be thrown into Mount Doom.

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2 Responses to Church, State, Gay Marriage and Saurons Ring

  1. Raisa says:

    Christians should but out of gay bedrooms.

  2. Certury says:

    Well written.

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