june memories / 22


22nd June, 1929 : The Prime Minister, Mr Bruce, played golf at Frankston today as unionists met to declare war on his decision to abolish the Commonwealth Arbitration Court. Union leaders representing 776,000 members, meeting in Melbourne, said the move was a political one, aimed at breaking up Federal organisations, and part of an attack by the Bruce Government on wages, hours of work and standards of living of Australian wage earners. The conference pledged an ongoing campaign against the Government’s attempt to “strangle and destroy the Federal Conciliation and Arbitration system”. Leader of the Australian Workers Union, Mr Grayndler, told the meeting that in the days before the Arbitration Court, the AWU won fights in the face of bayonets and Gatling guns.

[Better facing a golf ball then a machine gun, I feel. Does Abbott play golf? In any case, he is a gutless wonder, whose election is likely to be a great disappointment and disaster.]

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