june memories / 23


23rd June, 1925 : There is increasing alarm among foreign residents in China that the present chaotic situation may produce another revolt comparable to the blood-letting of the Boxer rebellion in the early years of the century. A three week strike by Chinese workers in Shanghai has paralysed the port. Constant rioting by students heightens the tension. So once again the Chinese are in the grip of a strong anti-foreigner movement; after the “Shanghai incident”, in which British police opened fire on the mob, anti-British feeling are running high. “Kill the English!” is a common war cry. Things are made worse by the lack of authority of the Government in Peking as regional warlords compete for power. Feng Yuhsiang, the ‘Christian’ General, has offered his troops to the Government for a war against the British. Meanwhile, the Yunnan army was driven from Canton by pro-Communist forces of the Kuomintang, officered by Russians.

[Chinese have never been out of the grip of a strong anti-foreigner movement; any hopes to the contrary are doomed]

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