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 28th June, 1956 : Martial law has been imposed on the Polish city of Poznan after riots which have left 38 people dead. Some of the dead were the Communist officials caught by angry demonstrators after the police had opened fire. At one stage the rioters, led by rail workers, were in control of the secret police headquarters and the town hall. Tanks were brought in to put down the demonstration, and machine guns were used against the crowds in the streets near the Exhibition Hall where an international fair is being held. Bernard Buckham, a British exporter, said that on the way to the hall he saw hundreds of workers marching down the main street. “They were quite good humoured, chanting slogans about ‘Cheaper Bread’ and ‘Higher Wages’. When they saw my car was flying the Union Jack, they cheered and clapped,” he said. “But within minutes of the police opening fire, the mood changed. When they heard a child was on of those shot down the demonstrators, roaring with rage, converged on the secret police headquarters.”

[The tanks are the ultimate Marxist-Leninist argument]

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