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13th July, 1934 : A mild-mannered former chicken farmer with a streak of sadism has been appointed overlord of Nazi Germany’s notorious concentration camps. He is Heinrich Himmler, 33-year-old chief of Hitler’s black uniformed praetorian guard, the SS; he played a key role in last month’s “blood purge” in which many leading Storm troopers were summarily put to death. Until now the camps, which sprang into existence within weeks of Nazis taking power , have been run by SA. Himmler has put the day-to-day running of the camps in the hands of Theodor Eicke, commander of Dachau, outside Munich. The camps are to be organised to improve efficiency, and the elite Death’s Head units of the SS will take over guard duties. A women’s camp at Ravensbruck is planned. The Nazis claim the camps are mild reform centres for Germans who have not yet seen the light.

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While preparing the above snippet of old news for the new Fog of Chaos, there was the nagging feeling at the back of my mind telling me I heard something similar recently. Luckily, comrade Conroy, so far, doesn’t have his hands on internet (not for lack of trying) and some things still can be found there. Credibility of the information therein is a different matter altogether. One has to think and make up his own mind. For this purpose, we have bellow the excerpts from an article “New Nationwide FEMA Camps Should Raise Eyebrows” by Alan P. Halbert of 2nd January, 2012:

 “Of all the rumors flying around on the internet, one just refuses to die, and it concerns America’s FEMA camps.

In a nutshell, there seems to be a solicitation of bids occurring for the staffing of FEMA camps within 72 hours of implementation by an order from either Homeland Security or the president.  This situation begs to be investigated, with special consideration paid to the motives of the present administration.”

. . .

The required size of the camps was fluid, though they had the required capacity of 301 to two thousand, including security and camp cadre.

The staffing requirements or cadre for FEMA personnel for these camps — which are identified as being located in five (5) distinct regions throughout and within the borders of the USA, with camps located in each and every state — was three to fifteen each.  The size of these camps will vary around 5 acres per 1,000 inhabitants, though they will never be less than 3 acres for populations of 500 or fewer inhabitants within the camps’ boundaries.

This requirement also had a minimum square footage for each inhabitant: either the camp’s cadre and first responders of 63 square feet, or approximately 8 feet on each side.  This is slightly less than current Federal Court(s) requirements for housing prisoners, which is approximately 72 square feet.  Perimeter fencing or barricades is required to be six feet high, enclosing the camp, with all traffic in or out to be recorded on a daily log and with security restricting all traffic and access.  The contractor shall also provide fencing and barricades around areas which are “off limits” to occupants.  ID Badges are required and are either blue or red, depending on the carrier is temporary or considered an occupant of the camp.”

. . .

Another anomaly was the requirement that the “off limits” area was to be enclosed before anything else:

The contractor shall also provide fencing and barricades around areas which are “off limits” to occupants. Fencing and barricades are required within 36 hours for “phased” setup timeframes, and 72 hours for the rest of the initial setup timeframe.

Next question: just what is this “off limits” area to be used for, since the bid proposal specified only two (2) classes of occupants of the camp — temporary or occupant as first responder?  Furthermore, it indicates that there may be a camp within the camp, or an area that is to be utilized by another group that is not revealed in the bid solicitation…your guess is as good as mine.”

. . .

To sum up: the solicitation to bid for the staffing of FEMA camps within 72 hours is a curious proposition, since it appears to predict a calamity that will affect the entire nation simultaneously –completely unlike a location-specific natural disaster.”

. . .

As citizens, we need to know the exact purpose of these camps, given President Obama’s propensity to bend our constitutional republic to his own purposes!”

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